What are the most beautiful cruises in the world

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The most beautiful panoramic cruises in the world

Drive along the Galapagos Islands is considered the finest cruise in the world, according to travelers from Travel and Leisure. These uncontaminated territories allow you to observe unique animal species in the world, in a spectacular panorama. This trip is recommended at any time of the year. The cruise that passes by the red and white cliffs of Australia's Northwest coast, the region of Kimberly, is equally exclusive, and is considered the second most beautiful ship trip in the world, to be done in the period between April and October. Third, but no less exciting, the cruise that crosses the internal passages of the coast ofAlaska, a surprising labyrinth of fjords, islands and canals (recommended from May to September).

In the ranking still follow the cruises that cross breathtaking natural landscapes: in Antartide and in the South of the Shetland Islands (November to February), in Borneo (from September to January) and in Madagascar (from December to March). The Greek islands instead they are the first Mediterranean destination in the ranking of the most beautiful cruises in the world, in particular the one that passes through Santorini (from May to September). 

Eighth wonder of the world, according to Rudyard Kipling, the area of Mylford Sound in New Zealand, it is a fjord that stretches for 15 kilometers from the Tasman Sea, inland, and is surrounded on both sides by cliffs over 1200 meters high, the cruise deserves to be done all year round. Trips by ship along the state follow New England (from September to October), in Norwegian fjords (from May to August) and in Gulf of California (from December to March).

The list of the most scenic cruises in the world also includes navigations along rivers and navigable canals: Amazon River (all the year), Reindeer (from March to December), canals of Burgundy (from May to November), Panama Canal (from September to April) e Yangtzè (March to December), the so-called Blue River that flows between northern China and southern China. 

Warm trips to do at any time of the year are two cruises: the first between the islands of the French Polynesia and the second in the midst of the natural scenery of the Hawaii From spring to autumn, however, it is advisable to take a tour at Hebridean Islands and only in summer along the Glacial Artic Sea.

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