What are the best printed tourist guides?

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Technology has accustomed us to having an app for everything: from booking a flight to booking a hotel, from choosing a restaurant to a museum. But having a paper guide in hand allows you to save the battery of your smartphone during trips and trips and to keep a tangible memory of the experience forever.
There is no better printed travel guide than another in absolute terms, but the appropriate guide for each different type of traveler.


  1. Traveler National Geographic
  2. Lonely Planet
  3. Rough
  4. Lonely Planet Dating
  5. The backpacker
  6. Chat @ Win
  7. Marco Polo
  8. Mondadori
  9. Touring Club Italiano
  10. City Notebook Moleskine
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Traveler National Geographic

The National Geographic guides seem to be small school books: each monument or characteristic place is told explaining its history and insertion within its specific culture. Also, the guides are full of photos and they will immediately give you an idea of ​​what you will find.

  • Recommended for: curious travelers
  • Prices: starting from € 9,90 - search

2 - Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet guides are full of tips on where to eat and where to sleep but have few photos. They are therefore ideal for travelers who want immerse yourself in the local culture, living almost like locals. They also always offer interesting things to do around the city you are visiting.

  • Recommended for: passionate travelers
  • Prices: starting from € 14,40 - search

3 - Rough

Rough guides are a cross between Lonely Planet and National Geographic. They have interesting historical and artistic information but also advice on places to go to. They have many photos and small maps for each neighborhood: if you love wandering aimlessly through the alleys of the city that is hosting you, with these you will always know how to go back. Cultural information is always integrated with testimonies of those who really live the place.

  • Recommended for: travelers who like to get lost
  • Prices: starting from € 13,53 - search

4 - Lonely Planet Dating

The Lonely Planet Meetings are an abridged edition of the Lonely Planet print guide and are perfect for those short on time. If you are traveling for a weekend or so, with these pocket guides you will be sure not to miss the main points of interest and visit what is really worth seeing. They usually come with one small removable map.

  • Recommended for: hit and run travelers
  • Prices: starting from € 13,53 - search

5 - Le Routard

Routards are the best printed travel guides for travel organizers lowcost, on the road and backpackers. Full of useful tips on how to face the journey, they are truly excellent for those who have respect for cultures and a spirit of adventure in their heart.

  • Recommended for: backpackers
  • Prices: starting from € 16,91 - search

6 - Chat @ Win

Chat @ Win guides are perfect for travelers who return to visit an already known destination and for those who want to get out of the usual tourist paths. They are divided into two parts: the first suggests a series of itineraries in which the most famous places often do not appear, the second lists the monuments and main attractions in alphabetical order. There are also short descriptions and addresses of restaurants and hotels.

  • Recommended for: serial travelers
  • Prices: starting from € 8,41 - search

7 - Marco Polo

The Marco Polo guides are small in size even if they are not paperbacks, and are ideal for those who choose to visit a single city, while they are a bit too hasty when dedicated to an entire country. Inside you will find addresses of trendy clubs and museums, as well as short but comprehensive descriptions of what to see. The plus is that are written by those who live on site.

  • Recommended for: travelers with a single destination
  • Prices: starting from € 10,62 - search

8 - Mondadori

Mondadori guides "show what other guides talk about": they are rich in images and 3D reconstructions and poor in descriptions. If you don't want to waste time reading, these guides are for you. In most cases, they also offer itineraries.

  • Recommended for: travelers who do not want to waste time
  • Prices: starting from € 18,74 - search

9 - Italian Touring Club

Although they do not stop at the Italian borders, the guides of the Italian Touring Club offer green booklets dedicated to each single Italian region. Insights, curiosities and news on the most beautiful places in Italy, told directly by those who know and live them: the Italians. Surely the best travel companions for those who want to visit this beautiful land.

  • Recommended for: travelers in the Bel Paese
  • Prices: starting from € 12,75 - search

10 - Moleskine City Notebook

The one proposed by Moleskine is a very special tourist guide: in addition to a map and information on public transport, contains blank pages that will be up to you fills with your stories, addresses and itineraries that have captured your heart. They leave a more vivid memory than any souvenir and are perfect to browse again if you choose to return to visit the same place many years later, both to remember what to see or where to eat, and to remember what it was like.

  • Recommended for: adventurous travelers
  • Prices: starting from € 11,17 - search

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