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    West Coast Tour in 20 Days: Cities and Parks - DIY trip

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    Why choose this itinerary?

    If you have 20 days and want to explore all the most famous destinations on the West Coast then this itinerary is for you. In the packaging we have in fact included all the classic attractions of California, Arizona and Utah, including both the essential parks (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, etc.) and the main cities (San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego). A combination able to give you an unforgettable on the road holiday!

    Travel Info

    • Best time: Spring and Summer
    • Duration: 20 days
    • Distance to cover: about 3200 km
    • Total driving hours: about 32 hours
    • Average daily driving: About 1 hour and a half
    • Home: San Francisco
    • end: The Angels

    How to book this tour?

    This is a "do it yourself" tour, and can be built step by step by following all the information and resources entered for each stage and below, however it is also possible to request a travel quote directly from this page by selecting the "Fly & Drive ”or“ Personalized Private Tours ”.

    * NB: For climatic reasons, some parts of this itinerary are not passable at certain times of the season (usually from November to April the Tioga Road is closed making it impossible to cross Yosemite in winter). In such cases, we recommend a change of itinerary that includes Morro Bay (passing through Big Sur) and Sequoia National Park (and from there return to Death Valley following the original itinerary).

    If you are looking for a shorter “do it yourself trip” you can take a look at our West Coast Tour 15 days, suitable for all seasons and with stops that include California cities, national parks, Indian reservations, Route 66 and western cities.

    Do you need a tested and ready-to-use itinerary for your itinerary? Take a look at our ebooks American Dream Routes, available on computer, tablet and smartphone, and complete with day by day itinerary, interactive maps, suggestions on where to stay and much more!


    • Travel map
    • Travel stages
    • Travel calendar and resources
    • you have to request the quote

    West Coast Tour 20 Days: Map of the trip

    Here is a map of the individual stages, with tips and resources to enjoy them to the fullest.

    How to use this map?

    Each stage on the map represents a destination of the journey, to have more clarity on the order of the stages consult the list below. In each stage there are various links that refer to advice for organizing visits, resources for booking various activities or hotels and other various information. The scan of the days and distances of the entire itinerary can be found under the heading "Travel Calendar". Have a good "do-it-yourself trip"!

    Travel Stages

    San Francisco

    San Francisco

    Stop in the most fascinating city in California. We have a few days to visit it and you will soon realize that San Francisco is a city full of surprises and activities to do.


    • Things to see
    • Accomodation
    • Where to eat
    • Pass for San Francisco? Which one to choose?


    • Cheap hotels in San Francisco
    • All the activities to be carried out in the city
    • All the articles on the site about San Francisco
    Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park

    The beautiful Yosemite National Park is characterized by towering monoliths, sheer rock faces and thundering waterfalls. We will explore it by entering from the West (Arch Rock Entrance) to exit from the opposite end (Tioga Pass). It is really worth exploring this wonder of nature by crossing the whole park on the road and maybe doing some excursions!

    • What to see in Yosemite National Park
    • Where to sleep in Yosemite National Park
    • Tours, excursions and activities at Yosemite Park
    • Our section dedicated to Yosemite
    Death Valley

    Death Valley National Park

    Visiting the Death Valley with its arid and desert landscape, so much so that it seems to come from another world, is a unique experience: ancient lakes now evaporated, with their reflections of iridescent rainbows, undulating mountains with unlikely designs, conformations and layers surprising rocks, this and much more you will find in Death Valley.

    • What to see in Death Valley National Park
    • Where to sleep in Death Valley
    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    Sin City, the city of gambling and unbridled excess. At least one day of rest is a must!


    • What to see in Las Vegas
    • Where to sleep in Las Vegas
    • Recommended hotels in town
    • Luxury hotels
    • Las Vegas Power Pass: Discounted access with priority admission to 20 attractions

    Excursions and tours:

    • From Las Vegas to the parks
    • Grand Canyon helicopter tour


    • All articles about Las Vegas
    • All the activities to do in Las Vegas
    Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon National Park

    An impressive natural amphitheater that offers jaw-dropping views, with its unique rocky pinnacles known as hoodoos.

    • What to see in Bryce Canyon
    • Where to sleep at Bryce Canyon
    • Day tour from Las Vegas
    Antelope Canyon

    Antelope Canyon

    The most famous Slot Canyon in the world, where you can enter the whirling tunnels. The play of light is wonderful, the ideal place to take unforgettable photos!

    • Guida all’Antelope Canyon
    • Where to sleep in Page
    Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

    The three large red sand monoliths that stand out on the horizon have now become one of the most representative symbols of the American Far West. This wonderful valley is one of the unmissable destinations of a West Coast vacation!


    • How to visit Monument Valley
    • Where sleeping in Monument Valley
    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    The largest and most famous Canyon in the world. No West Coast vacation is a vacation without visiting the Grand Canyon. Here are our tips to enjoy it to the fullest!


    • How to visit Grand Canyon in 1 day
    • Where to find accommodation in the area
    • Excursions and activities at the Grand Canyon
    • Our section dedicated to the Grand Canyon


    Strategic stage of passage from the Grand Canyon to California, located right on the legendary Route 66, the most famous street in America.


    • Where to sleep in Kingman
    Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    An unlikely oasis dotted with palm trees in the desert, very characteristic and full of charm. The ideal base for visiting nearby Joshua Tree National Park (a forty minute drive away).


    • Tips for visiting Joshua Tree
    • Tips for visiting Palm Springs
    • Where to sleep in Palm Springs
    • All the activities to do in the city and its surroundings
    San Diego

    San Diego

    Welcome to one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in all of California. Splendid beaches, beautiful parks, social life and elegant neighborhoods ... in short, a city where it is really difficult to get bored!


    • What to see in San Diego
    • Where to sleep in San Diego
    • San Diego Pass and Card: Free access to 45 activities or tours


    • All the activities to do in San Diego
    • Cheap hotels in San Diego
    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    One of the great metropolises of the USA, known all over the world for Hollywood, beautiful beaches and social life. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the city to the fullest.


    • Things to see
    • Accomodation
    • Where to eat
    • Los Angeles Pass: the best cards to visit the city

    Theme Parks:

    • Universal Studios
    • Disneyland


    • Near a Hotel to Los Angeles
    • All the activities to be carried out in the city
    • All articles about Los Angeles

    Travel calendar and resources

    • Day 1: Arrival in San Francisco
    • Days 2-3: Visit San Francisco
    • Day 4: San Francisco - Yosemite Park (Arch Rock Entrance) (3 1/2 hours)
    • Day 5: Yosemite (Tioga Pass) – Death Valley (4 ore)
    • Day 6: Death Valley – Las Vegas (2 ore e 20)
    • Day 7-8: Las Vegas – Bryce Canyon (4 ore)
    • Day 9: Bryce Canyon – Antelope Canyon (2 ore e 1/2)
    • Day 10: Antelope Canyon – Monument Valley (2 ore)
    • Day 11: Monument Valley – Grand Canyon (3 ore)
    • Day 12: Grand Canyon – Kingman (2 ore e 40)
    • Day 13: Kingman – Palm Springs (3 ore e 40)
    • Day 14: Palm Springs – San Diego (2 ore)
    • Days 15-16: San Diego
    • Day 17: San Diego – Los Angeles (2 hours)
    • Day 18-20: Visit Los Angeles

    Recommended Accommodations

    San Francisco

    Argonaut Hotel

    In the Fisherman's Wharf area, this property has just what it takes to breathe the harbor area and marine atmosphere of the area, with striking nautical décor.

    Parco Yosemite

    Double Eagle Resort & Spa, June Lake

    Located in a strategic area, just 35 minutes from the Tioga Pass, it allows you to stay in comfort after crossing the park from West to East, just as outlined in this itinerary. A real hut set in the natural green of the area. Rustic setting but full of services, including SPA, restaurant, gym and Business Center.

    Death Valley

    Furnace Creek Inn

    The most beautiful place to stay in the Death Valley. 20s adobe hotel with palm trees, springs, gardens and more. Unique atmosphere.

    Las Vegas


    There are some particular hotels in Las Vegas, but how about a magnificent structure where you can relive the glories of ancient Venice? Here, in addition to services and comforts of any kind, you will also find scale reconstructions of the most important monuments of the city.

    Bryce Canyon

    Ruby’s Inn

    Country Western style hotel with a typical atmosphere. Great for the proximity to the park (about 10 minutes), the service (with many rooms with attached whirlpool) and the many surrounding cowboy-style attractions, sometimes a little kitschy but still fun.

    Antelope Canyon

    Lake Powell Resort

    This hotel is the ideal choice for those who love contact with nature and want to enjoy a structure overlooking one of the most famous lakes in the American West. Looking out over the lake in a room with a view or from the beautiful restaurant gives a magnificent feeling.

    Monument Valley

    The View

    Also in this case it is the view that makes the difference. Do you dream of sleeping right in front of the famous red monoliths of Monument Valley? Then this is the hotel you are looking for.

    Grand Canyon


    Another hotel where you can enjoy a unique panorama, that of the Grand Canyon, with rustic and elegant rooms, the ideal mountain retreat in the area.


    Best Western Plus King’s Inn and Suites

    Kingman is best known for being traversed by Route 66 and this fine hotel is no exception, with constant references to the legendary road in the main rooms.

    Palm Springs

    Parker Palm Springs

    Hotel famous for providing the set for famous TV series, it is characterized by an extravagant and refined decor, a luxurious spa and all the services and comforts you may need.

    San Diego

    The Pearl Hotel

    Lively hotel in a 50s modernist style with a sea-themed theme. It includes 2 swimming pools, a restaurant and many other services.

    Los Angeles

    Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive

    The location of this boutique hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive makes all the difference. Inside it houses designer stores.

    Recommended Activities

    • Disneyland a Los Angeles
    • Universal Studios to Los Angeles
    • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
    • SeaWorld of San Diego
    • Tour in jeep del Parco Joshua Tree
    • Hollywood helicopter tour

    Voli a / r

    • Spain San Francisco
    • Los Angeles Spain

    Noleggio auto

    • Car rental from San Francisco to Los Angeles

    you have to request the quote

    If instead of booking this trip independently you prefer to rely on a tour operator specializing in the USA can request a quote without obligationThis Page selecting the “Fly & Drive” or “Custom Private Tours” option.

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