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    Welcome to Twin Peaks: itinerary and map of locations from the series (1990-2017)

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    “Welcome to Twin Peaks. My name is Margareth Lanterman. I live in Twin Peaks. They know me as Mrs. Log. There is a story behind this. There are many stories in Twin Peaks. Some are sad, some are funny. Some are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary, yet they have a sense of inherent mystery. The mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the forest, the forest that surrounds Twin Peaks. To introduce this story, let me say that it incorporates everything. It is beyond fire, although few would know what it means. It's a story of many, but it begins with one person. And I knew her. The one driving many is Laura Palmer. Laura is the chosen one. ".

    In the first episode broadcast on April 8, 1990 by the US television channel ABC, one of the most bizarre characters in the series, Mrs. Log, introduces with these words the events that would soon have glued millions of people to the screen. Among the spectators from all over the world there was only one question: "Who killed Laura Palmer?”.

    It is useless to dwell on what this masterful work, created by David Lynch e Mark Frost, marked an era and forever influenced television. It was a real craze. The series was broadcast in two seasons, between 1990 and 1991. A year later, the film "Fire Walk With Me", a prequel to the series, was released. Twenty-five years after the events narrated in the last episode, the FBI special agent, Dale cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), returns to Twin Peaks for season three; televised, the most anticipated event of 2017.


    • Where was Twin Peaks filmed?
    • Location map
    • The Poulsbo location
    • Laura Palmer's House (Monroe and Everett)
    • La Roadhouse e la Bookhouse
    • Big Ed’s Gas Farm
    • The Location of Snoqualmie
    • Le Location di North Bend
    • Le Location dell’Olallie State Park
    • The Californian locations
    • Where to sleep according to the itinerary

    Where was Twin Peaks filmed?

    Alert: Spoiler! Most likely if you are reading this article you have already seen Twin Peaks but, if not, keep in mind that by continuing to read the article you could encounter very important spoilers!

    The intrigues and mysteries that surround the town are mainly set in the State of Washington, almost on the border with Canada. In these ghostly places, the high ones mountain ranges covered with dense forests of sycamores and Douglas firs characterize the sublime landscape. Michael Horse, the actor who plays the role of Deputy Sheriff Hawk, describes the locations that framed the famous sequences as follows:

    “The setting sometimes becomes a character itself. There are many holy places here, many holy places. I don't know how to describe them. They touch something in the psyche. It's almost like being in a moving painting ”.

    The images of the places that in the fiction correspond to Twin Peaks, actually belong to several towns and different locations; as already mentioned, the most suggestive and characterizing ones are found in the state of Washington, precisely, in the counties around the dynamic and productive Seattle. However, numerous sequences were shot in California; despite the use of more southern locations and far from the mountain range of Cascades, the production still managed to convey to photography the same disturbing and spiritual mood that only the immense forests of North America, with the leaves moved by constant winds and the large trunks with a primitive flavor, they know how to infuse.

    Location map

    The Poulsbo location

    The central story begins with the discovery of the body of the young and handsome Laura palmer (Sheryl Lynn Lee). One morning, the naive Pete Martell (Jack Nance), husband of the more diabolical Catherine Packard (Piper Laurie), leaving his house for a quiet fishing trip, glimpses on the beach next to the (1) large tree trunk a corpse wrapped in a plastic sheet.

    I'm the good sheriff Harry Truman (Michael Ontkean) and town doctor Will Hayward (Warren Frost) to recognize the unmistakable face of the Twin Peaks queen and daughter of the respectable lawyer Leland Palmer (Ray Wise). We are a Poulsbo, on the property of the pleasant resort Kiana Lodge. This hotel, in addition to having lent the stretch of the waterfront for the opening scene, also offered its own interiors to represent those of the (2) Great Northern Hotel and (3) Packard home, Blue Pine Lodge.

    Over the years, the resort has been partially refurbished, but the indigenous character still fully survives. The murals on the wooden walls in stile Native Coastal Art, created by the local artist Duane Pasco, are perhaps the most easily recognizable elements. Even the stone fireplaces, the reception, the tribal totem and other particular wooden furnishings that are the background to the many scenes shot in the Great Northern Hotel, are still present.

    In these rooms FBI agent Cooper stays during his entire stay in the city. Summarizing his first day to Diane (the colleague to whom he turns for all the audio recordings) he confides that inside his room: “There is a great scent of fir in the air.”. Also, every morning at breakfast, he usually enjoys a cup of hot black coffee, who, as he himself confides to a waitress: “This is, allow me, an authentic cup of coffee. You don't know how many coffees I have drunk in my life; this is one of the best! ”.

    Laura Palmer's House (Monroe and Everett)

    A Monroe and to Everett there are the two stately homes used to externally represent the villa of the Palmer family: in the first two seasons the (4) house near Monroe at 534 S. Lewis Street. In the third season and in the prequel "Fire walk with me", the (5) house in the town of Everett at 708 33rd Street.

    The latter was the scene of every internal sequence that appeared over the course of all seasons. In fact, it is here that you could relive thedistressing experience of Laura Palmer's Mom, Sarah (Grace Zabriskie), as she observes the sinister stairs leading to the sleeping quarters and the Laura's bedroom or when she surprises the evil being supernatural Bob (Frank Silva) crawling into his living room grimly. As with all the private properties that will be mentioned below, it is useful to remember how extremely inconvenient it is to disturb the residents, even if, as in this case, now used to tolerating tourists who steal fleeting snaps of the most infamous house in the series.

    La Roadhouse e la Bookhouse

    Il Bang Bang Bar, known more commonly to the inhabitants of Twin Peaks only as road house, is a very popular venue for motorcyclists, couples in love and live music lovers. In the first episode of the series, disobeying the curfew, Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle) sneaks into the Roadhouse Bar and unwittingly causes a fight between some patrons, including Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) and Mike Nelson (Gary Hershberger). The exterior of the town's favorite bar is from (6) Fall City Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn, at 4200 Preston-Fall City Road. Today this place is in full swing, and, in addition to offering some rooms for overnight stays, it serves succulent meat dishes.

    The interiors, shot in multiple scenes, have been recreated ad hoc and filmed mainly at the Raisbeck Performance Hall of Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts (1000 Lenora Street, Seattle). Among the many live performances that often close the episodes, stands out the one interrupted by the Giant (Carel Struycken) who appears in a vision to agent Cooper, warning him that: “It's happening again. It's happening again. ”. Introduced under his real name, Edward Louis Severson, also Eddie Vedder, in an episode of the 2017 series, gives a performance from the Roadhouse stage which also witnesses the revived Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), before entertaining the audience with his persuasive dance on the notes of the instrumental track composed by Angelo Badalamenti (“Audrey's Dance”), for the original series.

    When Dale Cooper is made aware of the existence of the Twin Peaks secret society, “The Bookhouse Boys”, his members, including among others "Big" Ed Hurley (Everett McGill) and Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean), take him to their hideout, simply called the Bookhouse, "where men are real men. and owls are not at all what they seem. ”. While the exterior of the shelter is the decorated version of the (7) small building adjacent to the Fall City Roadhouse, the interiors were shot at the popular bar and restaurant (28) The Old Place, at 29983 Mulholland Hwy, Agoura Hills, Cornell California (part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area). In this place, an ancient counter in the center of the restaurant acts as a giant dining table. Seats at the bar are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and the restaurant writes about itself that: "The soul of our kitchen is our grill, which burns the local red oak."

    Big Ed’s Gas Farm

    The couple formed by Big Ed e Nadine Hurley (Wendy Robie) has as its only glue the guilt of the man who, years earlier, during her honeymoon, caused her an accident that forced her to permanently wear a patch on her left eye. You and you are the owner of a garage that also supplies gasoline, the (8) Big Ed’s Gas Farm, which is located in Preston, at 8606 Preston-Fall City Road, today unfortunately replaced by other commercial activity. Right next door, at 31002 86th Street, is the (9) Ed and Nadine's house. Unlike the gas station, this cottage has remained completely identical to how it was immortalized in the XNUMXs. Looking at the window facing the south side, it is not difficult to imagine the gigantic owner of the house intent on pulling madly her own curtains in the living room in an attempt to examine the actual noise.

    The Location of Snoqualmie

    Snoqualmie Falls

    This town of about 7000 inhabitants is perhaps the one with the largest number of settings in the series. The urban center is famous above all for the (10) Snoqualmie Falls, a majestic waterfall 82 meters high which appears permanently in the initials showing all its magnificence. The best way for observation is to take the short path that starts from the lower part and goes up to the upper observation deck. From here you can enjoy the best view of both the rapids and the (11) Salish Lodge & Spa, a spectacular hotel that lent its profile to represent the exterior of the Great Northern Hotel, owned by Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) e Jerry Horne (David Patrick Kelly).

    Book a room at Salish Lodge (Great Northern Hotel)

    Today the upscale resort, located at 6501 Railroad Avenue, remains the reference point for luxury hotels across the Pacific Northwest. Inside the Railroad Community Park, you can find it (12) Snoqualmie Centennial Log, the large tree trunk that appears in the opening theme of the program. Today the wood is protected by a permanent structure to preserve its state and to prevent any fanatic tourist from climbing over it for a souvenir photo.

    In a deleted scene from the first episode, Cooper and Sheriff Truman, speak in front of the (13) gazebo which can still be found in the southern part of the park.The gazebo that appears in the first two seasons of the series, is instead the one found at Malibou Lake Mountain Club in Agoura Hills, California. Unfortunately, the structure used as a set to represent the sequence in which Cooper spends a day of leisure with Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham) or the one in which Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle), Laura's cousin (Sheryl Lee) and James Hurley (James Marshall) set a trap for Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), she was destroyed in a fire in November 2018.

    Right next to the Snoqualmie gazebo, at 38600 SE King Street, stands the (14) Smokey Joe’s Tavern, real name of the pub called Elk’s Point Bar #9 in the third season of Twin Peaks. In this venue, one of the key sequences of the plot takes place starring the now elderly Sarah Palmer. While enjoying a Bloody Mary at the counter, Laura's mother encounters a rude and offensive truck driver who upsets her peace of mind. Smokey Joe represents the classic American Dive Bar at its best: small, old-fashioned, cheap drinks, soft lighting, dated decor, pool room, neon beer signs, cash only, and indigenous clientele.

    The banks of the town of Snoqualmie, crossed by the river of the same name, are joined by numerous connections. In Twin Peaks appear the (15) Meadowbrook Bridge and the pedestrian one of (16) Clean Bridgen. The first is well portrayed in the last episode broadcast, when the agent Cooper, in an emblematic night, in reference to the story told so far, returns to the city. The second bridge, on the other hand, is much more famous, because, suspended at about thirty meters high, Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine), dirty and stunned, struggles to make her way home by following the train tracks in complete shock. In fact, Ronette was the only direct witness to the murder of Laura Palmer and, together with her friend, suffered terrible violence in the night just passed.

    Beyond the Reinig Bridgen bridge, you will find the famous crossroads (17) Sparkwood & 21, a place where Laura, a few hours before losing her life, takes leave of James already jumping from her Harley Davidson. In reality, the intersection well portrayed in the film "Fuoco Walk with me", is formed by the streets SE Reining Road with the 396 Drive SE.

    Sheriff's Department
    Sheriff's car

    Following this last road in a northerly direction, you will find the (18) Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, the police station where most of the investigations are carried out and where, every morning, the district officers are enticed in the presence of a hundred donuts lovingly arranged by the sweet receptionist, Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson), on the large meeting table . This building actually belongs to Dirt Fish, a school for rally drivers.

    A little further from the building, just beyond the parking lot, you can find the ruins of the (19) Weyerhaeuser Mill, an old sawmill also used in Twin Peaks to represent the Packard company owned by Josie (Joan Chen), ex-wife of the late Andrew Packard. Those who pass by these parts cannot fail to collect a photo with the "twin peaks" as a background frame where the famous sign once stood (20) “Welcome to Twin Peaks”. Exclusively for filming, the clearing on which the road sign announcing the entrance to the city has been placed is located at 41433-41699 SE Reinig Rd.

    A little further out of the city, towards the south, at 8304 372nd Place SE, the house used for the exterior of the (21) home of Leo and Shelly Johnson. Along the lush road it is not difficult to relive the fear of Bobby and Shelly (Mädchen Amick), secret lovers, in unexpectedly seeing the truck of the tough and aggressive Leo (Eric Da Re), one of the main suspects for the murder, parked next to the house. by Laura Palmer.

    Last location of Snoqualmie, lo (22) Snoqualmie Point Park, a splendid place used as a setting for the picnic in which friends James, Donna and Laura participate, a few weeks before the latter's death. The motorcyclist, equipped with a camera, films his friends having fun and dancing on the hill overlooking the splendid valley.

    Le Location di North Bend

    Twedes Cafe / Double R Diner

    The absolute attraction of North bend and the (23) Second's Cafe/Double R Diner, the restaurant and bar owned by the beautiful Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton). The protagonists of the series alternate incessantly on the stools and tables of this diner, enjoying the delicious cups of coffee and fresh fruit tarts. The greedy agent Cooper, after having tasted the first cherry tart, orders the waitress: "Two more slices of this tart", because "this one comes straight from cake heaven!". Twede's cafe, located at 137 North Bend Way, was used for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

    Between the first and last seasons of 2017, a notable restyling can be observed in the furnishings, but the delicacies offered by the kitchen have remained unchanged. The tart has been renamed “Twin Peaks cherry pie” and the coffee as “A damn fine cup o 'coffee!”, The famous phrase of the charismatic protagonist. THE (24) traffic lights that regulate the traffic on the intersection on which the venue stands, are the ones that Lynch most often uses allegorically in the transition between the succession of sequences.

    Le Location dell’Olallie State Park

    “253 yards east of Jack Rabbit's building. Before leaving Jack Rabbit's palace, put some land in that area in your pocket… ". Alone l’agente Bobby Briggs he can decipher the riddle written twenty-five years earlier by his father, Major Briggs (Don S. Davis), to guide the agents in finding Cooper. The strange place described on a tiny piece of paper, the (25) Jack Rabbit’s Palace, it is in fact the place where he and his father used to spend time together during his childhood.

    The severed tree trunk, to which the mysterious note refers, is located along the path Weeks Falls Trail (47 ° 26'09.6 ″ N 121 ° 39'12.7 ″ W), at the large Olallie State Park on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains. The park offers many other hiking trails and can offer a landscape full of mighty waterfalls, lush forests, sweeping views and close contact with the relentless and impetuous motion of the Snoqualmie River (South Fork). On the banks of the river itself, not far from Jack Rabbit's Palace, we can find the exact point (47 ° 26'12.0 ″ N 121 ° 39'14.7 ″ W) where the murderer lays the (26) Lifeless body of Laura Palmer donating it to the current of the river. This terrifying scene is shown in the prequel to the series "Fire Walk With Me".

    The Californian locations

    The Owl Caves

    The main sacred and symbolic places that came out of the brilliant minds of Lynch and Frost, curiously, are located in California, several miles away from the settings that most characterize the narrated legend.
    In the second season, a decisive step forward in the mysterious investigation conducted by agent Cooper, occurs thanks to the discovery of the (27) Owl Cave, the ancient cave ruled by owls and significant for the Native American rock carvings carved into the stone walls. Owl Cave is actually there Bronson Cave located in the Canyon of the same name at 3200 Canyon Drive in Los Angeles. The cave is located in the southwest section of Griffith Park, and is easily accessible from Hollywood.

    Dwarves, giants, spirits, doppelgänger and devils pass in succession in the mysterious and kaleidoscopic black loggia, whose access of red drapes is revealed only when the stars of Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined. The entry point is in the fictitious (28) Glastonbury Grove, a place in the woods around Twin Peaks, marked by a circular pool containing a thick, black substance similar to burnt oil and surrounded by twelve sycamores. In reality this metaphysical point is located near the Franklin Canyon Park, Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (34°07’18.5″N 118°24’35.5″W), sulle colline a nord di Beverly Hills.

    Where to sleep according to the itinerary

    The main city according to the itinerary is Seattle, which is generally no more than a half hour drive from the main destinations in Washington State, with the exception of Poulsbo that being on the other side of the bay it will take you about an hour and a quarter to get there (and taking the ferry will not shorten the time significantly). Poulsbo can be a good choice to stay overnight if, after having seen all the locations, you don't want to go back to Seattle but move for example to the Olympic National Park or the Pacific coast.

    Our tips on where to sleep in Seattle

    As for the locations in California, the reference city is Los Angeles, since all the locations in the series were shot within the county of the same name. To find accommodation in the city, I refer you to our specific advice:

    Our tips on where to sleep in Los Angeles

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