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Travel the world ? one of my favorite things, I like it cos? so much so that sometimes, for the desire to go far, I have lost sight of what is beautiful just a few steps from my home, in beautiful Tuscany .. but I'm here to recover!

A few weeks ago, taking advantage of the favorable spring climate, I decided to spend a weekend around the Garfagnana, a geographical area of ​​the province of Lucca, which stretches from the Apuan Alps to the Tuscan - Emilian Apennines.
My base for the night? it was a fabulous farmhouse in the heart of nature, in Pieve Fosciana, which I had previously booked on Booking.com .. but let's start from the beginning.

1 day

DAY 1: Devil's Bridge, Chain Bridge, Barga, Calomini hermitage and Grotta del Vento

I set off early, but without exaggerating, after all the Garfagnana is not? very far from my home. As a first stop I reach the famous Ponte del Diavolo (which would actually be called Ponte della Maddalena). Here the rest? mandatory but short, the bridge? the only real attraction in the area, cos? after some photos and some research on what? the legend linked to its name I decide to keep moving.
My program would tell me to proceed towards Barga, but a sign along the road convinces me to take a detour to another bridge: the Ponte delle Catene. Perhaps less known, at least by me, but the bridge that resembles the most? famous of Budapest? just as beautiful.

At this point I go back to the starting floor and, with my tummy rumbling, I head towards Barga (Note of the Unicorn: the distances are all very short in this area, so visiting many places in a single weekend is not difficult). Barga, with its approximately 10.000 inhabitants,? the center pi? populous in the Middle Serchio Valley and? it has also been recognized among the "most beautiful villages in Italy". In addition to beauty, I recognize good food. Arriving in the city? for lunch I in fact had the honor of eating a delicious fresh pasta with truffles that I will hardly forget.

With a full stomach and rested legs, I set out for the Grotta del Vento. The temperature ? really high outside and at the moment the 10.7 degrees expected in the cave seem ideal to me. But you know, I love to improvise, and therefore along the way I let myself be convinced by another sign to reach the Hermitage of Calomini. I can say nothing more than to try to convince you too to take a detour along the road and go and visit this wonder.
Visit carried out I decide that the time of the detours? concluded and I head towards the Grotta del Vento. Its beauty ? difficult to explain both in words and with photographs that never do it enough justice.
Ah, don't forget a nice sweater before going to visit the cave!

At this point the sun begins to set and my day comes to an end in the fabulous farmhouse of Pieve Fosciana.

2 day

DAY 2: Lake of Vagli and Vagli Sotto

In some garden near my room the rooster is crowing and I decide what? breakfast time. So I get up, get my things back and hit the road. As a first (and very short) stop, I stop in Castiglione di Garfagnana, where I take a stroll up to a pastry shop that offers truly fabulous sweets. Refreshed, I immediately set off and reach Lake Vagli. Here I visit the park with its fauna, the amusing Park of Honor and Disgrace and the Suspended Bridge; the ghost town instead? in this moment submerged by the water of the lake and therefore not visible, but the only knowing that there? under c '? still a city? makes everything very suggestive.

After the visit around the lake, I also stop in Vagli Sotto, a town located on the promontory of the lake. The village? small and strongly characteristic, cos? I take a short ride before returning to my car.
The afternoon ? rather hot and then I decide to take this day calmly, I look for a cool place surrounded by nature where I stop and relax for a couple of hours before returning home rested and satisfied.

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