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This bridge of the saints and the first weekend of November have given way to various events in the various Umbrian towns, from Giano dell? Umbria, Assisi, to Spello, to return to Spoleto, Campello del Clitunno. There was a lot of affluence of people who populated the small Umbrian villages, savoring the various typical products of the area and beyond, looking for the first scents of autumn such as DOP oil, chestnuts, truffles and many others.

on November 1st the? Mangiaunta? in Giano dell? Umbria,? Unto? (Unesco, Nature, Territory, Oil) in Assisi. Many events and days that have moved the two historic centers and the neighboring areas of the area,? Frantoi Aperti? the great event that encompasses these events has organized brunch tours and many other beautiful experiences to discover nature, municipalities and new oil in the participating centers and in the various mills in the area.

Even if the good weather gave way to clouds and a few drops of rain, they were days marked by the celebrations of the new DOP olive oil of Umbria. In Assisi in the context of? Unto ?, yes? open the market exhibition in the town square, with the typical products of the town of San Francesco and the surrounding areas, during the various days there were excursions in the green, in the various areas of historical and religious interest, such as the dominated Roman forum at the time from the Temple of Minerva, the two domus of Larario and? Properzio ?; Furthermore, among the other guided tours, in the country of the holy master of Italy, the guided visits to the sacred places of the area, such as the Giardino dei Semplici at? Assisi Nature Council ?, or the Fonti di Sant? Ildebrando, as at the Wood of San
Francesco, to the Terzo Paradiso (work of Land Art by Michelangelo Pistoletto) and to the abbey of San Pietro, the basilica of San Francesco.

1 day

Arrived in Assisi, in the early morning;

the weekend yes? open at 10:00 with a guided tour inside the town, fascinating and full of history, among glimpses of narrow alleys, stone and bell towers, and then ending at the most? high in the town, at the Torretta della Rocca minor with brunch.

In a unique place, with a breathtaking view, we arrive at the Torretta, where we can admire Assisi from above with its bell tower and behind us, the Rocca Minore; we arrive in this land, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and the history of these walls,? It was fantastic to feel the freshly rained air that smelled of countryside and dew as in an explosion of flavors of nature, all accompanied by good food, the delicious bruschetta made on the grill and seasoned with the good oil of these areas and various soups cooked at the moment in the classic earthenware terrines.

To brighten up the day in time with Gypsy / Swing the musical group Djangology.

in the afternoon we take a tour of oil mills, between Assisi and Spello, to discover new oil and pressing, at the mill? The old millstones? and at the? Frantoio di Spello ?,? it was nice and interesting to see all the machines at work select, clean and grind the olives, some more? green and other pi? dark and then come out, fluid, green and dense, the green Umbrian gold.

Have we discovered and seen the various stages of pressing, the differences between cold-ground and hot-ground oil, filtered and unfiltered oil?

2 day

On Sunday we continue our tour of oil mills arrived in Campello sul Clitunno, first by visiting the? Marfuga? just shortly after exiting the ring road, then the oil mill? Gradassi? perched on the hill above the village of Campello, two mills with the same vocation, both with a historic mill but at the same time different and with two opposing images, the first with a modern and bright style that with its tasting room, welcomed us in a white and heated environment with its fireplace always on. IS? it was nice why? in their room with the glass wall overlooking the oil mill,? like being in a museum where you can see the various machinery at work inside a display case.

The second, however, with a more style? rustic and warm that brings you closer? the visitor or the customer to a direct contact with the processing of olives, closely approaching the machines. Detached from the oil mill by making a slight descent, you enter as if to discover the doors of a cellar, a dining room, welcomed in a warm room, it immediately gave us the impression of family, of warmth with its kitchen and the great fireplace next to it. , where we tasted different types of own production oil, the Leccino with a more? light and the Muraiolo with a more? strong.

At lunchtime, we go up on the road Sp 458/1 up to Campello alto, an Umbrian favor in the hill above Campello del clitunno, in the valley of the homonymous river, almost uninhabited in which we deguster? Sunday brunch, in a unique, panoramic and hidden location, in the prison tower of the castle of Campello Alto.

As soon as we arrive, as well as being amazed by the beauty of the town, we arrive at the curtain of the castle where we are enveloped by a scent of mint and wild aromatic herbs that envelops us in an uncontaminated atmosphere; look below and see the whole valley dominate? a breathtaking view. The all? for? accompanied by some beautiful blues music from the House Band.

IS? It was nice to participate this weekend in the event? Frantoi Aperto? and rediscover the simple cuisine and culture of yesteryear in the pressing, brunch.

We advise you to go, even just for a walk, among the Umbrian villages and countryside, flooded with autumn colors. The next weekend and the others following until the end of November.

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