Week end in Umbria: what to see and where to sleep

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We asked 4 Italian bloggers to tell us theirs Umbria, one of the smaller regions, perhaps best known by tourists, and they led us to discover 3 little-known villages with two special gems:


  1. Civitella del Lago
  2. The Ovo Pinto Museum in Civitella del Lago
  3. Orvieto and the Well of San Patrizio
  4. Montecchio
  5. The first glamping in Umbria: Villa Eleiva
  6. User questions and comments
  • a truly unusual museum, the Ovo Pinto Museum in Civitella del Lago
  • il glamping, halfway between camping and glamor, in short, sleeping in nature but in a cool way in Montecchio

Civitella del Lago

Curated by Laura Teso from "My corner of Italy"

Maybe you have already toured Umbria several times and you have also read three different guides to prepare yourself! Yet you don't know Civitella del Lago, Right?
Very bad, because Civitella del Lago is a crazy village. Lowercase. Charming. With an original and cheerful museum, the Ovo Pinto Museum and the smallest barbershop in the world.
You will find stone houses waiting for you, cats that doze in the sun, flowered balconies, ancient games that decorate the tiny squares and the elderly of the village sitting and chatting while observing the tourists.
Already for these reasons Civitella del Lago deserves a visit.
But no, this village hides an unexpected treasure that fills the heart, a terrace from which you can enjoy the sweetest and most romantic view imaginable: rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, the silhouettes of some nearby village, olive trees, downy oaks, chestnuts and him, Lake Corbara , sinuous and placid.
A unique and spectacular panorama that deserves to be seen in two, holding hands and smiling at the nature that knows how to give us so much wonder.

The Ovo Pinto Museum in Civitella del Lago

Edited by Lisa Zattarin from "Blog di Padova"

Who has never colored eggs during Easter? Painted eggs for the Easter Monday picnic or to decorate the Easter tree or to create colorful centerpieces.
Latradition of painting eggs is very ancient, the egg contains the meanings of life and rebirth and has in fact become the symbol of Easter.
In Civitella del Lago this tradition has become a competition, launched every year since 1982 by the Ovo Pinto Cultural Association and open to anyone who wants to express their creativity by painting eggs.
And from all this material, a museum could only be born, a little gem that contains a part of the material collected in all these years: the Museo dell'Ovo Pinto.
In the museum you can see the most significant works of art, divided by themes.
Periodically the exhibition is changed, giving life to ever new exhibitions. The eggs are of every variety and size, from canary to ostrich, and the techniques used are many both for painting and sculpture.
There is to be enchanted by the quantity of original ideas and meticulous achievements.
If you are in those parts you must absolutely take a tour.

Orvieto and the Well of San Patrizio

Edited by Erika Francola from "The travels of the notebook"

Ancient Vesna, today Orvieto, lived its period of maximum splendor in the Middle Ages and it is precisely in the thirteenth century that construction began the magnificent Duomo with its splendid Gothic facade that stands out among the alleys of the medieval city.
The dispassionate advice is to experience Orvieto by strolling through its romantic alleys and squares, browsing the artisan shops and those of typical products. Superlative delicatessens and cheese and salami shops.
If you love art you cannot fail enter its churches, those of Sant'Andrea e San Domenico and in its palaces.
Don't forget to also visit the Well of San Patrizio, built in 1527 on a project by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.
It is 53 meters deep. Go down the 248 steps until you reach the bottom and toss your dime to grab some good luck.
And be ready to redo 248 steps to be able to return to the surface where the nearby belvedere awaits you from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding Umbrian countryside.
If you have enough time, I also recommend a tour to discover underground Orvieto by contacting the tourist office located on the Piazza del Duomo.


Edited by Cristiana Pedrali from "Traveling"

200 inhabitants living in a medieval village on top of a hill among olive trees, vines and ancient stone buildings loaded with the history of the centuries.
Lose yourself in the narrow alleys, enter the small shops, observe every corner of this village where time seems to have stopped and where you come across ladies busy arranging the flowers of their garden elegantly in the vase of the chapel along the road, in elderly gentlemen who tell you about the theft of the Madonnina symbol of the central church recovered, certainly by a miracle, in a van along the Appian Way ("they wanted to sell it to collectors, you know?") and where you can't really start the day without having taken the coffee at the bar in the square and greeted everyone.

The first glamping in Umbria: Villa Eleiva

Edited by Cristiana Pedrali from "Traveling"

You can now sleep anywhere: old convents, ancient manors, B & Bs in historic centers, elegant hotels, in private homes or even on a sofa of perfect strangers who offer it.
Ma have you ever slept in a glamping site?
Umbria also offers this possibility at Villa Eleiva.
Imagine sleeping in a structure halfway between a camping and something more … Glamorous, precisely a glamping.
On the one hand the possibility of sleeping among the olive trees, in the silence interrupted only by the rustling of the olive branches in the wind and the distant toll of the bell tower of the village, on the other the convenience of being in a warm and welcoming wooden house in which every detail is designed to be comfortable for the guest but also eco-friendly.
But above all, discover what makes this glamping special and that allows you to live a unique experience:

  • pick the olives by hand
  • enjoy the "real" bruschetta that you will have to completely immerse in the oil
  • learn to cook the "tortello del prete" while admiring the two cooks of the Villa

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