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When you think of Los Angeles, the main attractions that immediately come to mind are Universal Studios, Disneyland and the Walk of Fame. However, lovers of cinema and the world of entertainment will know well that there are more than 1 film studios to visit and will try not to miss the Warner Bros. Studios which, with their productions, have made and continue to make Hollywood history. .

There are many films, TV series and shows that every day see well-known faces of the American cinema and entertainment world engaged. If you are lucky you can also meet someone who takes a break between one production and another. So let's find out what to expect from the visit of the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles.


  • How to get to Warner Bros. Studios
    • Parking
  • What is there to see
    • The exhibits present at Warner Bros. Studios
    • Will there be a chance to meet any celebrities?
  • Tickets and tours available
    • Studio Tour: what to expect
    • Tickets with hotel pickup
    • VIP houses tour
    • Deluxe Tour
    • Los Angeles Pass
  • Differences with Universal Studios
  • Where to sleep in the area

How to get to Warner Bros. Studios

If you want to use the By public transport to reach the Warner Bros. Studios there is a consideration: there is no dedicated metro stop, not even in the immediate vicinity. One of the possibilities that you have available is to combine the use of the subway with that of buses. Based on the frequency of passage of the latter, the best solution could be to reach the subway stop North Hollywood Station, served by the Metro Red Line, and then take advantage of the bus 501 which leaves on average every 15 minutes.

Whether or not to consider this advice, however, depends mainly on your starting position. In fact, there may be better solutions that only involve using the bus. You can check it by consulting the official website of public transport in Los Angeles and, by entering your starting point, you will know the most convenient solution for your needs.

Given the difficulty of moving with public transport you can consider the possibility of buying a ticket that has the transfer to and from the hotel included in the price.


If you prefer to use your car (what we recommend, as you can read in our article on how to get around Los Angeles), the Warner Bros. Studios facility offers a large parking lot where you can leave your vehicle for the price of $ 15 per vehicle. The address is 3400 Warner Blvd. Burbank.

What is there to see

As we also said in our article dedicated to Hollywood attractions, Warner Bros. Studios are not the classic cinematic theme park but real recording studios constantly changing according to the needs of the shows and television series that are shooting there at the moment.

The tours available will make you visit not only the backlot (the buildings or constructions suitable for a particular shoot) of popular productions such as Casablanca, Batman and the TV series Friends and Big Bang Theory, but will also allow you to explore the behind the scenes of the hit production currently being recorded in the studios.

Visiting it Stage 48 Script to Screen moreover, through an interactive path, you will be guided to discover the various phases of the making of a successful film or series. You will then have the opportunity to closely observe the most varied costumes and props used during filming at the Prop Department, which can be defined as a real museum of the Studios.

The tours therefore do not always remain similar to themselves but they vary often, even from month to month, depending on the availability of the structures to visit and above all on what is happening at the moment. For this it is highly recommended visit the official website to find out what you can see during your tour.

Photographs are not always allowed in all areas you visit but you will always be shown where you can use your camera. Videos, on the other hand, are never allowed.

The exhibits present at Warner Bros. Studios

The exhibitions housed in a part of the complex can be particularly interesting. Superhero aficionados will find something for their teeth by visiting the interactive exhibit DC Universe in which you can admire, among other things, the legendary first numbers of the comics (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) that have made the history of the publishing house. Still on the subject of superheroes, the exhibition dedicated to Batmobili used for the filming of the famous superhero films.

Again the advice is to use the Official site to find out which temporary exhibition will be set up during the period of your visit.

Will there be a chance to meet any celebrities?

Given the particular characteristic of Warner Bros. Studios to host television programs and series that are currently in production there is a possibility, but obviously it is not insured, to be able to meet some celebrities involved in filming.

Tickets and tours available

To visit the Warner Bros. Studios are available two types of tours which have different prices and, in part, different times. Before going to see them in detail, I remind you that the only day the Studios are closed is for Christmas day.

The general advice is to arrive at least 15 minutes before the booking time. Note: children under eight are not allowed to enter.

Studio Tour: what to expect

Taking part in the Studio Tour during this period (June 2017) will allow you to see, through a guided tour, the most significant sets used in Warner Bros productions, the behind the scenes in the sheds where the shows are recorded, the exhibition on Batmobili and the one dedicated to DC Universe. A visit to the Prop Department, a real museum of props. In addition, you can visit it independently Stage 48 Script to Screen. So take into account at least three hours to fully enjoy your experience.

Ticket prices and timetables

  • Adults: $ 69
  • Children (ages 8 to 12): $ 59
  • Opening Hours: Studio Tours depart from 9:00 am to 15:30 pm every day of the week

These prices refer only to online purchases, if bought on the spot (in addition to the risk of not finding a place) you will have to pay an additional $ 3.

Check availability for tickets

Tickets with hotel pickup

If you don't want to waste too much time looking for the best solution to get to Warner Bros. Studios by public transport, or you want to avoid taking the car for a day, you can consider the option of buying tickets that also include the a transfer from major Los Angeles hotels.

Book your Warner Bros Studios ticket with hotel pickup

VIP houses tour

If you want to add an extra touch of character to your visit to Warner Bros. Studios, you can consider the option that allows you to take a tour of the locations of the main villas of famous people. Once your visit to the Studios is finished, a tour of approx two hours which will take you along the streets of Hollywood where the homes of many American celebrities are located. Obviously you can only observe them from a distance but you will still have an idea of ​​how a celebrity lives!

Along the road of  Sunset Strip you will see the Hollywood sign. You will also pass along the famous Hollywood Boulevard where the Walk of Fame is located, one of the most photographed attractions in the city.

This tour includes transportation to and from major Los Angeles hotels.

Check availability for the Celebrity Studios and Homes Tour

Deluxe Tour

This tour is more challenging because it will occupy you at least 5 or 6 hours (so practically all day). The starting time is only 10 am (Monday to Friday) and you will be offered both breakfast at the Starbucks on the property and lunch at the Studios restaurant.

You will make a very thorough visit to the behind the scenes, to the post-production studios to those of special effects and stage costumes. You will therefore have a more direct and complete access to the secrets of these Studios and all the successes they have produced throughout their history. In contrast to the price is quite challenging: we are talking about $ 295 per person.

Los Angeles Pass

If you want to combine the visit to Warner Bros. Studios with the many other attractions in the city, it is certainly convenient to take advantage of the Los Angeles Pass. In particular, the Go Los Angeles Card includes the Warner Bros. Studios tour.

Differences with Universal Studios

Inside the Warner Bros. Studios there are no real spectacular attractions (rides, shows etc ...) but, as mentioned, the main part of your visit will be concentrated in a tour inside real sets used for the filming of films and television series. Compared to Universal's Studio Tours, you won't always be on board a van but in some areas you will have the option to get off and explore the sets more closely.

The guide who will be with you will be in flesh and blood, unlike Universal Studios where a recorded voice will guide you along the various stages on a van. This will allow you to do any questions to satisfy your curiosity. There are also different conditions in which you will be placed to participate in the tour: while for Universal Studios you will share your visit with hundreds of people, for Warner Bros. Studios you will be divided into groups of 12-13 people.

Another important factor to consider is the time. While in fact to visit Universal Studios you will have to plan to spend a whole day, Warner Bros. Studios can be visited comfortably in half a morning, thus allowing you to dedicate the second part to other activities.

In summary we can say that if you are truly interested in understanding how filming and all the work behind making a Hollywood hit, be it a movie or a television series, you should seriously consider a visit to Warner Bros. Studios. If, on the other hand, for you the action is the one that has the most importance, and you prefer to live an experience more similar to that of a spectacular one theme park, then Universal Studios are more suitable.

Where to sleep in the area

The recommended areas are those of West Hollywood and Pasadena (as in the case of Universal Studios due to the proximity of the two structures). If, on the other hand, you are interested in having a general picture of the nearby structures, click the link below.

Find a hotel near Warner Bros. Studios

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