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It is the King theme park of the Disney house, almost a parallel universe where an imaginary world of fun and joy comes to life and where the bad guys are always defeated.

What to do at Walt Disney World

within the Walt Disney World there are 4 different parks, each of which offers different shows and parades, attractions dedicated to films and cartoons, and classic settings capable of making everyone become children.

To get a complete overview of the park, a ride on the style train is very nice Far West, while for shopping the ideal is the Snow White castle transformed into a rich shopping center. Do not miss a tour in the Small World, a path to take along an artificial river that leads to the discovery of ethnic groups and countries from all over the world, obviously declined in a Disney version!

Official website: disneyworld.disney.go.com

How to reach us

Taking the lynx bus you can get off at different stops in the Park, for example. Magic Kingdom theme park or Disney's contemporary Resort.

Bus timetables: Click here

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