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Salt Lake City or the "city of the salt lake" is the capital of Utah and extends to the north of the state, in a valley between two mountain ranges, which even reach 3500 meters high, to the east that of the Wasatch and to the west the Oquirrhs mountains. The city offers numerous surprises for those who wish to visit it, it is a place surrounded by often harsh and wild nature that offers breathtaking views and, at the same time, it is also a large urban center immersed in history, art, various forms of culture and thought, with a prosperous economy and very warm hospitality.

Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by the pioneers who had to escape religious persecution and today it has become the world center of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is gods Mormon. In Temple Square Salt Lake City is home to the temple of the Mormons and the Tabernacle with the famous choir, universal hubs for their faith.

The city offers attractions throughout the year, in the winter season the mountains around are filled with snow and, especially as a result of 2002 Olympic Games, the ski resorts and the accommodation possibilities of the hotels have multiplied, both in Salt Lake City and in the adjacent towns, where many inhabitants have always had double holiday homes.

Suffice it to say that just 40 minutes from the city center you can reach the Olympic park, with ski, snowboard and skating slopes. Being able to cross the canyons with the snow board on your feet is undoubtedly an emotion that leaves its mark on the most exciting memories for a lover of sport and the most archaic mountain tones.

When the snow melts, the spectacle of nature and the possibility of enjoying it does not fade but rather continues and transforms itself. The prairies of the valley are filled with flowers and the canyons continue to attract thousands of tourists but this time for walks with a western panorama, between the prevailing rocky walls, or it is a matter of climbers who challenge the walls in climbing or meet cyclists who, with their mountain bikes, go up the paths of the natural parks.

After living the outdoor life of Salt Lake City and its surroundings, the city itself can be an outlet for fun, for the lively nightlife, between clubs, restaurants, pubs and the numerous shows that see the most famous artists in the field of music, ballet and theater as protagonists.

There is also no shortage of Art gallery but also the great ones shopping centers and luxury hotel to accommodate all the needs of different customers visiting Salt Lake City.

THEinternational Airport it provides for the stopover of all the major airlines in the USA. In addition, the two main highways of North America intersect near the city. In about two and a half hours of flight, you can reach all the other major cities in which most Americans live.

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