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A few kilometers from Rome there is a real jewel, so fascinating that it is included in the Unesco list as a World Heritage Site: Villa d'Este. It is located in the town of TiFlights, in an extraordinary landscape context that sees other important works, such as Villa Adriana.

Villa d'Este will leave you speechless for the beauty of its rooms and its magnificent garden, which contemplates an impressive concentration of fountains, caves, water features, waterfalls and caves immersed in a lush nature.
So let's see all the useful information for one visit to Villa d'Este in TiFlights.


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Hours and prices
  3. Tours, guided tours and tickets online
  4. How to visit Villa d'Este
  5. Useful tips for visiting the attraction
  6. Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief
  7. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

Villa d'Este is located in TiFlights, a town 30/40 km from Rome. The villa is in a pedestrian area, so if you arrive by car, leave it in the paid parking lots. It is better to use the bus than the train, as it will leave you closer to the villa and, in general, is less delayed.

  • By bus: Cotral Rome-TiFlights line. The bus leaves from Rome, from Ponte Mammolo station (metro stop B) and stops in TiFlights, in Piazzale delle Nazioni Unite (a 4-minute walk from the Villa).
  • By train: Rome-Pescara line, TiFlights station (9 minutes walk from the Villa)
  • By car: from Rome it can be reached in 40 minutes via the A24 motorway, TiFlights exit - Get directions
  • On foot: if you are staying in TiFlights, you can easily take a walk in its historic center and you will find it immediately - Get directions

Hours and prices

  • from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 to 19:45 for the Cloister, the Palace and the external Vialone. On Mondays it opens at 14 pm Last admission up to one hour before closing time.
    The closing time of the garden follows the sunset: January 16:45 pm, February 17:15 pm, March 18:00 pm (with summer time 19:00 pm), April 19:15 pm, from May to August 19:30 pm, September 19:00, October 18:15 (with standard time 17:15), November and December 16:45.
  • Closing days: Monday morning, May st and Christmas.
  • Best time to avoid queues: on opening and closing
  • € 10,00 (It may be subject to increases in the case of temporary exhibitions).
  • Reductions: € 5,00 for young people aged 18 to 25
  • Free: under 18 and first Sunday of each month

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

How to visit Villa d'Este

Villa d'Este is a large sixteenth-century complex composed of palazzo, in which the noble apartment and the lower floor can be visited and from garden, which represents its flagship.
Designed by Pirro Ligorio with its 250 jets, over 200 waterfalls and 100 pools, 50 fountains, 150 tall trees, 9.000 square meters of avenues, paths and ramps. Here you can admire the avenue, the Grand Loggia, the Cave of Diana, the Rotonda dei Cipressi and of course the Fountains.

What to see in the Palace:

Nell 'noble apartment of the villa you can see a beautiful fresco by Federico Zuccari, while in Downstairs there is the Salone della Fontanina (or of the Council of the Gods), with a painting by Ercole Sassano on the ceiling, which depicts the building still under construction, basically the design of the villa.

What to see in the Garden:

  • il Vialone: it is the first and largest avenue that extends for about two hundred meters parallel to the facade of the building. From here you can enjoy the fantastic view of the garden;
  • la Grand Lodge: built between 1568 and 1569, it has a wonderful landscape behind it overlooking the Tiburtine countryside;
  • la Cave of Diana: it is decorated with stone mosaics, relief stuccoes and bas-reliefs, enamel decorations and colorful majolica on the floor. In the past there were elegant statues inside the cave, now housed in the Capitoline Museum;
  • la Rotonda dei Cipressi: it is an enchanting square in the shape of a circular exedra studded with enormous secular cypress trees;
  • le fountains: they are the absolute protagonists of the villa. The ones to be absolutely seen, among others, are the Bicchierone Fountain, the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and composed of two superimposed serrated goblets supported by a shell, the waterfall of the Organ Fountain which has a powerful water mechanism capable of making hear the sound of an organ. The Ovato Fountain, one of the most spectacular with an oval exedra shape and a large basin in the center, into which the gushing waters of the fountain flow. The Fountain of the Dragons or Pinwheel which, according to legend, was built in one night by Pirro Ligorio and, in the past, had a particular device that made it possible to reproduce a series of very fast bursts with water. The spectacular Viale delle Cento Fontane, flanked by a hundred jets that, in the evening, make everything more suggestive. Finally, the Fountain of Neptune, the most imposing and sumptuous with its jets that project high. Below, it is surrounded by the Peschiere, three basins in which the waters end and perfectly inserted in this breathtaking panorama.

Useful tips for visiting the attraction

  1. Get up early: the ideal would be to reach the entrance at the opening time, at 8:30.
  2. Book an excursion: Booking an excursion or an organized tour is the most convenient way to visit Villa d'Este, as it usually includes a shuttle service to / from the hotel, a guide and the entrance ticket.
  3. Minimum time: consider a minimum of 2 hours for the visit. The ideal would be to be able to dedicate at least half a day.
  4. Last entry: access is allowed up to one hour before opening.
  5. Purchase the audio guide: it is possible to rent an audio guide in 5 different languages ​​at a cost of € 4,00.
  6. For 4-legged friends: access is allowed to dogs only with a leash. If they are large in size, they must have a muzzle.

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

Villa d'Este was commissioned by cardinal Ippolito d'Este in the sixteenth century. He received the territories of TiFlights from Pope Julius III and, when he arrived there, he found that he should have lived in a convent. Accustomed to luxury, he decided to transform the uncomfortable convent into a sumptuous villa, entrusting the project to the skilled hands of Pirro Ligorio. Its construction could take many years and the structure was inaugurated in September 1572, but Ippolito d'Este was able to enjoy it only for a few months since he died in December of the same year.

The visit to Villa d'Este in TiFlights is a splendid experience, which I recommend starting from the apartments of the building. Once out, take some time to explore the giant garden, starting from the main avenue. Follow it all and admire the spectacle in front of you: the waterfalls, the many fountains, the caves and all the luxuriant nature that surrounds it and integrates harmoniously.

Remember that in order to watch the sound of the Organ Fountain, this is activated starting at 10:30 every two hours, instead on Friday and Saturday, during the evening openings, at 21:00 and 22:00. In fact, evening openings which are communicated on the official website of Villa d'Este.
If you want to enjoy the tranquility and take pictures without "queuing", try to arrive as soon as possible at the opening, or at least two hours before closing.
If you are staying in Rome, Villa d'Este can be considered agreat excursion or maybe one pleasant trip out of town.

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