Visit to the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona: How to get there, prices and advice

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Il Citadel Park o Ciutadella park it is one of the most loved parks by tourists and inhabitants of Barcelona. Its name derives from the great military citadel, which Philip V ordered to build in 1715 and whose lands were later donated by General Prim to the city, provided that a green space was built there.


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Hours and prices
  3. Tours, guided tours and tickets online
  4. What to see and how to visit the Ciutadella Park
  5. Useful tips for visiting the attraction
  6. Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief
  7. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

  • Walk from Plaça de Catalunya take Carrer de Fontanella, proceed for about 200 meters. Take Plaça d'Urquinaona and proceed for about 60 meters, then turn slightly right. Continue on Carrer de Trafalgar, after about 600 meters turn right towards Carrer Destillers and go straight on. After three hundred meters you will skirt the park. Distance: 1,6 km (about 18 minutes on foot). Get directions
  • By bus: lines 39, 40, 41, 42, 51, 120, 141 and tourist bus
  • By metro: the nearest metro stop is "Arc De Triomf" on the red line L1 (5 minutes from the park); or Barceloneta / Villa Olimpica on the yellow line L4 (13 minutes from the park)

Hours and prices

  • every day from 10 to 22:30
  • Best time to avoid queues: there are no particular queues
  • admission to the park is free. The costs of tickets for access to the Zoo located inside it are as follows: € 21,40 for adults - € 12,95 for children between 3 and 12 years - € 10,50 for over 65s - free for children under 3 years old.

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

What to see and how to visit the Ciutadella Park

visit Ciutadella Park it means admiring a historical and cultural heritage in complete relaxation. Inside its gardens, in fact, there are a series of attractions, reachable thanks to the numerous maps present, which facilitate the journey thanks to the classic indication "you are here". Among the unmissable attractions we find:

  1. The Monumental Waterfall: designed and engineered by Josep Fontseré, who delegated the realization of some decorative details to a young Gaudì. The main motif of the sculpture is the Nacimiento de Venus by the Catalan sculptor Venanci Vallmitjana. Every day, in front of the waterfall, it is also possible to admire the "Bollaio del Parco", that is the one who with his giant soap bubbles makes young and old go crazy.
  2. The Castle of the three dragons: modernist building designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner who had been entrusted with the task of building a café and restaurant, which could accommodate large traders and visitors, on the occasion of the universal exhibition in Barcelona. The building is currently closed to the public.
  3. The Umbraculo: huge shed of bricks, iron and wooden plates, which houses a greenhouse of subtropical plants
  4. Homenatge to Picasso by Antoni Tàpies: work of art that Tàpies created to pay homage to Picasso, located outside the park gates, on Passeig de Picasso: it is a large glass cube, containing old pieces of furniture, steel beams and water, which runs along the walls.
  5. Parliament of Catalunya: ex-arsenal of the Citadel. Closed during the Franco period, its parliamentary functions were returned to it in 1980. Designed by the engineer Florido Prosper di Verboom. The entire Parliament building is surrounded by 28 busts representing sculptors. On the Parliament wall facing the Zoo we find a marble medallion dedicated to the memory of the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dar. A dedication to the Catalans who died for freedom is instead present at the entrance of the Parliament that gives to the library (right side entrance) while, on the wall, it is possible to see the stele dedicated to Josep Maria Subirachs.
  6. The Pond: it is located in front of the Parliament, and boasts at its center the sculpture of Desconsol, symbol of Catalan Modernism. The lake is accessible thanks to small boats, which allow you to observe the particular plants that surround it from a different point of view. This is in fact surrounded by the "cypresses of the marshes", which can reach gigantic dimensions and grow exclusively inside the lake. 'water. Following the road that goes from the lake to the waterfall, all duly marked, you come across the giant reconstruction of a mammoth in stone, placed there on the initiative of the scientist Norbert Font
  7. The Lady with the Umbrella: o Dama del Paraguas is a small sculpture located in the small enclosed square of the zoo, and is a representative image of the city, the work of Joan Roig i Suolai (1884).
  8. The Zoo: it opened its doors in 1892, following the donation of a private collection of animals, inserted within the Park: from that moment on it has never stopped growing. At the moment the structure hosts animals of all kinds, including bison, kangaroos, zebras, elephants, bears, panthers, lions, lynxes, hippos, giraffes, vultures and ostriches and the Aquarama section, where you can admire the dolphins. Further information on timetables, prices and shows can be found on the official website of the Barcelona Zoo.
  9. events: evenings and not, certainly not lacking in the Parc de la Ciutadella, considered the main meeting point for citizens. The calendar is very rich and, since it is an outdoor venue, subject to variations. For this reason, before going to visit the Park it is good to consult the official website where you can find information on the matter.

Useful tips for visiting the attraction

  1. When to go: the park has a thousand facets, which are well suited to all time slots of the day, and above all to the needs of those who visit it. If after visiting the city you are looking for relaxation, but you don't want to waste "precious time", a walk in the park could be the right choice. The same is true in the presence of particular events.
  2. Buy the city card: The Barcelona Pass includes a 20% discount on the admission ticket to the zoo
  3. Minimum visit time: varies according to everyone's needs. The advice is to carve out as much time as possible, especially in good weather.

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

The Citadel park was for years the only park in Barcelona. It is located in the district of Old City, in the triangle between the Estació de França, the Arc de Triomphe and the Villa Olímpica, and was built in the image and likeness of the gardens of the Luxembourg to Paris. It has ten entrances, which are the same as walking, and covers an area of ​​17,42 hectares: Barcelona zoo excluded. Unfortunately, the park is also popular with snatchers - always keep an eye out for bags, backpacks and other valuables.

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