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Mirabilandia is the amusement park on the Romagna Riviera, is located between Ravenna and Cervia and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year. It is the largest and most popular in the area thanks to its thrilling attractions, which allow the whole family to spend fun and exciting days.
Inside there is a theme park, a water park called "Mirabeach", several parking lots, green areas and dining areas. The attractions can be divided into three groups: extreme - moderate - quiet. For families and children there are many attractions, such as the Rio Bravo route, on rubber boats or the Niagara, and all the classic rides for the little ones.

If you are planning one visit to the Mirabilandia amusement park, here is the useful information to enjoy a perfect day.


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Opening time
  3. Cost of tickets
  4. Where to sleep: Mirabilandia Hotels and Resorts
  5. Where to sleep nearby
  6. Useful tips for visiting Mirabilandia
  7. The attractions and shows of Mirabilandia
  8. Where to eat at Mirabilandia
  9. Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief
  10. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

Mirabilandia is located in Savio in the province of Ravenna.
The nearest airport is that of Rimini, about 60 km away, but does not carry out national flights; Bologna airport is instead about 100 km away. From the main seaside resorts of the Adriatic Riviera, the park can be reached by various means. The park has a large car park (around € 5,00 per entry).

  • By car: via the E45 highway towards Ravenna, exit "Mirabilandia" - Get directions
  • By train: the station closest to the park is Lido di Savio / Lido di Classe, connected by a shuttle (€ 1,50 per person) with connections with the departure and arrival times of the main trains
  • By bus: line 176 and the shuttle leave from Lido di Savio (€ 1,50); from Ravenna or Milan line 4 + line 176 (depending on the distance from € 2,80 to € 6,00); the Bonelli Bus leaves from the main tourist resorts of the Riviera (€ 6,00 round trip)
  • By plane: from Bologna airport reach Bologna central station with the Marconi Express in about 7 minutes (€ 8,70) from here, by train (€ 8,00, duration 1h and 23 min) reach Lido di Savio, and with the shuttle (€ 1,50) takes you to the park - Compare flights to Bologna - from € 79,00

Opening time

The park it is open regularly from April to November, except for extraordinary openings.
The times are based on the season and the calendar changes from year to year:

There is also Mirabilandia Mirabeach, a second only water park which is located right next to the main park and is only open in the summer months (June to September).

Cost of tickets

* The reductions are for children up to 10 years and with a height up to 140 cm

Where to sleep: Mirabilandia Hotels and Resorts

There is a wide variety of hotels, resort and bed and breakfast in the immediate vicinity of the park. In the low season, the park itself offers advantageous offers with a ticket that includes park + hotel.

Those looking for comfort can choose to stay overnight within a kilometer or two of the park, which can also be easily reached on foot. On the other hand, those on a higher budget can take advantage of more luxurious resorts and treat themselves to a short vacation.

  • Bella Romagna Bed and Breakfast: prices starting from € 30,00 per person
  • Villa Alessia: prices starting from € 35,00 per person
  • Park View Farmhouse: prices starting from € 75,00 per person
  • Hotel Adriatico: prices starting from € 84,00 per person
  • Other solutions: Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -

Where to sleep nearby

The proximity to the Riviera Romagnola it's a big plus for anyone planning to visit the park and stay in the area. The abundance of accommodation facilities allows you to have a wide choice both as regards the location, both as regards the type and price.
You can choose to stay at Ravenna (find here hotels and b & b from € 42,00 per room), Rimini (find here hotels and b & b from € 49,00 per room), Milano Marittima (find here hotels and b & b from € 39,00 per room).

Useful tips for visiting Mirabilandia

For a perfect visit the advice is to choose the day carefully: from Monday to Friday the park is quieter, usually without long queues for attractions.
Easter bridges or the months of July and August are to be avoided, are chaotic times.

Entering in the evening is a useful trick to avoid long lines, especially in high season: in the late afternoon, in fact, many visitors (especially families with children and groups) leave the park.

By purchasing the ticket online from the official website, you can save money, especially for a family: lo special package dedicated to families with children up to 10 years and with a maximum height of 140 cm, it is valid for the entry of 2 children accompanied by 2 adults and costs € 89,00, saving € 35,00!

Even though there are several bars and restaurants in the park, they can be quite expensive it is worth making sandwiches and snacks to be consumed in one of the many green areas of the park.

  1. Best time: from April to early June, during the week there is a rather low turnout with waits between 5 and 25 minutes; it is the best time to enjoy the park, its attractions and shows.
  2. Better times and days: during the week and in the evening to find less crowds, to avoid weekends especially in July and August.
  3. Minimum recommended time: the time needed to try most of the attractions, and perhaps enjoy more rides on your favorite ones, is a full day (about 8 hours).
  4. Download the official app: it is available for Apple and Android devices and offers the interactive map of the park to know the position of attractions, itineraries, shows, restaurants, shops and services. You can receive notifications to be always updated on show times and on the best personalized "offers of the day".
  5. Skip the line: the Flash Pass that can be purchased on the official website, is a "time-saving" system that allows you to shorten waiting times to access the main attractions
  6. Other useful tips: the essential accessory for those who visit the park in the evening or in spring is the raincoat (you could splash yourself with water in some attractions)! Comfortable shoes and spare clothes are also recommended, especially for children.

The attractions and shows of Mirabilandia

The entrance to the park is unique and well signposted, it is located near the parking lot. The thematic areas are six: Ducati World, Far West Valley, Bimbopoli, Dinoland, Route 66 and Adventureland.
The attractions are many and are divided into three categories: extreme, moderate and quiet.

Extreme attractions:

  • iSpeed: a modern and very fast roller coaster, with a very intense 5 second firing start
  • Katun: another flagship of the park, it is a world-class excellence in the field of "inverted" roller coasters, that is with the track at the top and free legs
  • Divertical: the tallest water coaster in the world is a large slide preceded by an elevator that loads the boat and then drops it. The anxiety of the climb anticipates the sensations of the descent and the rest of the route

Moderate attractions:

  • Max Adventures Master Thai: A family-friendly roller coaster with a double course that runs almost parallel to the other train
  • Rexplorer: a journey through time in Dinoland aboard a convoy that whizzes fast between canyons and caves, an adrenaline rush but also suitable for the little ones
  • El Dorado Falls: the boats go up a long climb and, after a single curve, come down causing a gigantic wave

Quiet attractions:

  • Santa Fè Express: a comfortable monorail that allows you to take a tourist-panoramic tour of the park
  • Monosaur: monorataia with cars decorated in the shape of dinosaur eggs that run in a prehistoric setting
  • Mini rapids: an aquatic path of ascents and descents aboard a log


The selection of park shows it is good and varied and changes every season. The main one is called Police School and involves stunt revolutions with cars, motorcycles and trucks. It takes place in a dedicated area of ​​the park and often also involves volunteers from the public.
In theaters, musicals are staged aimed mainly at children but not only.

The complete detailed timetable is available on the website at the beginning of each season and can also be collected at the entrance, along with the map.

Where to eat at Mirabilandia

Mirabilandia is not the most popular amusement park only for attractions and shows, but also for the possibility of enjoying good food. In fact, in the park there is plenty of choice at any time of the day, the offer varies from Italian cuisine to typical Romagna cuisine, passing through pizza, kebabs and the classic McDonald's, as well as other goodies for snacks and snacks.

Among the places to eat is the Dino's Pizza Time, a dinosaur-themed fast food restaurant offering pizza, hot dogs, chips and more. There Macé fruit shop instead it offers fresh organic snacks based on fresh fruit, smoothies and freshly prepared juices.

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

Mirabilandia was inaugurated on 8 July 1992, from a project conceived in the s. The first mascot was a character named Mirabilio, an anthropomorphic version of a large, smiling, plump face.

The stuntmen of the show Scuola di Polizia also participated in the making of some television series such as the Police District and Carabinieri, with acrobatic numbers involving cars and motorcycles.
The park was also the location of Italian films such as "A perfect love" (2001) and "... e se futuro" (2005).
In 2013, the VI Italian Bowl was played inside the park, the final match of the A2 series of American football, won by the Grizzlies Roma against the Bergamo Lions.

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