Visit to the Grand Canal of Venice: timetables, prices and advice

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Who has never dreamed of visiting Venice? One of the most beautiful cities in Italy which attracts countless visitors every year thanks to the undisputed beauty of its picturesque buildings and the particularity given to it by its famous lagoon, which makes it suggestive and unique.

Visiting Venice, between alleys and canals, is always a real adventure! An excellent way to discover the city is undoubtedly to enter the Grand Canal, the "S" -shaped canal that crosses it entirely, leading visitors to discover the most beautiful, ancient and significant Venetian structures. Surely one of the most suggestive experiences is enjoying the navigation aboard the traditional gondola that allows you to experience the magic of Venice at 360 °.
But how do you make a tour on the Grand Canal? Find out below how to get there, prices and tips!


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  3. What to see and how to visit the Grand Canal
  4. Where is it and how to get there
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Hours and prices

The channel It does not have opening and closing times, nor does it require an entrance ticket but it can only be visited by boat. Whether you choose the gondola or the panoramic vaporetto (line 1), here is some useful information on timetables and prices!

  • vaporetto 5: 01-00: 39 / gondola 24 hours a day
  • the single trip of 75 minutes by vaporetto costs € 7,50. A 30-minute shared gondola ride costs around € 25,00, from € 80,00 if private
  • Reductions: only on the vaporetto for holders of the City Pass or Venezia pass for vaporetto and land bus

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

What to see and how to visit the Grand Canal

During the tour of the Grand Canal you will come across several historical, noble and religious buildings, each of indisputable and fascinating beauty. Churches, palaces, bridges, towers and houses with remarkable architecture and colors, overlook the canal and amaze visitors. Naming them all would be impossible as they are really numerous, so we limited ourselves to listing the 10 most interesting stages of a tour on the Grand Canal.

1 - Ponte di Calatrava or the Constitution

It is certainly the first of the many beauties that you will encounter once you arrive in Venice, as the bridge crosses the Grand Canal connecting Piazzale Roma to the railway station. Its structure is made of steel and glass, making it so different from the historic bridges of Venice and giving it its modern touch.

2 - Papadopoli Gardens

It is a small ed elegant public park of Venice located on the banks of the Grand Canal, in the Santa Croce district. Inside there is a thick vegetation among which several larches, firs, oaks, cypresses, lime trees and much more appear.

3 - Emo Diedo Palace

Also in Santa Croce and in front of the station, this is located seventeenth-century palace with neoclassical architecture which took its name from the two families to which it was destined, while today it is the seat of the Sisters of Charity.

4 - Church of San Simeon Piccolo

One of the most renowned churches of Venice and the first Italian building in the neoclassical style. The church was dedicated to Saints Simeon and Judas even if only San Simeon is present in the name, and the adjective "small" refers to the building to differentiate it from the other Church of San Simeon which has instead been defined "large".

5 - Accademia Galleries

It is a vast complex that includes the church of Santa Maria della Carità, the convent of the Lateran Canons and the Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Carità, which houses, among the many works, one of the most important works of Leonardo da Vinci: "The Vitruvian Man".

6 - Church of the Scalzi

It is located in the Cannaregio district one of the most beautiful religious buildings. The church is dedicated to Santa Maria di Nazareth. Its structure has columns, decorations and carvings among which there are multiple statues depicting different religious figures, while inside there are frescoes, paintings and many other statues.

7 - Fontego (Fondaco) dei Turchi

This can be seen directly on the waters of the Grand Canal beautiful and particular historic building, dating back to 1225. Since then there have been several renovations that have improved and embellished it more and more, giving it its facade full of arches and battlements, characteristic of Venetian buildings.

8 - Ca 'da Mosto

Near the famous Rialto Bridge you can see this very ancient Venetian palace, also located directly on the waters of the Grand Canal. Ca 'da Mosto is a building built in Byzantine style, but renovated and raised several times over the years. The house took the name of the family who ordered its construction and lived there.

9 - Rialto Bridge

Along the path of the Grand Canal you will find yourself in front of the imposing and important Rialto Bridge. It is in fact one of the four bridges that cross the canal, but specifically it is also the oldest. What leaves you speechless, however, is undoubtedly his charming structure and its elegant decorations.

10 - Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

You will surely have seen the basilica in every postcard, as the famous dome stands out in the beautiful scenery offered by the last of the four bridges of the Grand Canal. During your tour, however, you will observe it from much closer and you will certainly be amazed by its Baroque architecture.

Where is it and how to get there

  • By vaporetto: Line 1 is the most suitable for a tourist route because it makes all the stops in the most characteristic places. The route goes from piazzale Roma to Venice Lido. You can embark from the Ferrovia S.Lucia, Riva De Biasio, San Marcuola, S.Stae, Ca 'D'oro, Rialto Mercato, San Silvestro, S.Angelo, S.Tomà, Cà Rezzonico, Accademia, Giglio, Salute docks. , San Marco Vallaresso, San Marco - San Zaccaria Danieli, Arsenale, Giardini, S. Elena, Lido of Venice.
  • By gondola: the typical Venetian boat is not part of public transport, but offers certainly more suggestive private tours, with a romantic atmosphere that will take you along the Grand Canal and through secondary canals following an itinerary to be agreed with the gondolier. The tour usually starts from the Rialto, Bacino Orseolo, Danieli, Dogana, Ferrovia, Piazzale Roma, Santa Maria del Giglio, San Marco, Santa Sofia, San Tomà and Trinità docks, and can be booked in advance through a travel agency or from book online.
  • On foot: there is no road that runs along the entire Grand Canal, but the Accademia Bridge is the most panoramic point of the canal, in about 20 minutes on foot from piazzale Roma. - Get directions

Useful tips for visiting the attraction

  1. Choose the best time: early in the morning (around 7:00) the canal will be less crowded, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere. In addition, you can also negotiate a lower price. At sunset, however, it is the most romantic moment, but also the most crowded and expensive
  2. Save with the shared gondola: if you don't want to give up the gondola ride but don't want to spend too much, you can opt for the shared gondola ride, starting from around € 25,00
  3. In the mood for romance? Choose the serenade tour: folklore and romance together. The gondola tour on the Grand Canal with music and singer is an unforgettable experience, nice and romantic at the same time! But be careful, it costs a little more, about € 50,00 each
  4. Buy the city card: if you are also happy to take a ride on the vaporetto, you can buy the transport pass (including the vaporetto) or, if you are also interested in visiting museums and attractions, the City Pass
  5. Book in advance: if you have opted for the gondola ride rather than the visit by ferry, book your tour in advance so as not to waste time when you arrive in the city - book online
  6. Minimum time: the tour in a tourist gondola lasts about half an hour. If, on the other hand, you want to have a complete overview of the canal, you can also navigate it by vaporetto for at least an hour

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

As you will have understood the Grand Canal it is the main canal of Venice, which crosses the entire historic center of the city recreating a real historical, artistic and cultural itinerary. The canal has incredible dimensions, in fact we speak of one length of 3.800 meters and a depth of about 5 meters, while the width varies from 30 to 70 meters. However, the Grand Canal is not only the best way to observe all the Venetian beauty, but also the place where important traditions recur such as the Historical Regatta, an ancient sporting and historical event that takes place on board the typical boats.

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