Visit to the Belvedere Castle in Vienna: How to get there, prices and advice

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The Belvedere Castle is famous for being the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy and it is undoubtedly one of the main and most beautiful attractions of Vienna, a city rich in art, history, beauty and music. We have collected all the information and advice you need to visit it for you!


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Hours and prices
  3. Tours, guided tours and tickets online
  4. What to see and how to visit the Belvedere Castle
  5. Useful tips for visiting the attraction
  6. Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief
  7. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

The Belvedere Castle is located in the south of Vienna, precisely in the Landstrasse district, e it can be reached by the main means of the city but also on foot. Being a very large complex, there are several access points, so it is possible to choose between different bus stops based on where you want to start your visit.

  • On foot: in about 30 minutes first along Weihburggasse, then Parkring until you reach Schubertring, continue on Schwarzenbergpl and finally walk on Prinz Eugen-Straße until you reach the entrance - Get directions
  • By bus: N71 stopping at Unteres Belvedere
  • By metro: line U1 to Südtirolerplatz
  • By tram: line D to the Schloss Belvedere station or Schwarzenbergplatz, lines S18 and O to the Quartier Belvedere station, line 71 to the Lower Belvedere station

Hours and prices

The Belvedere Castle consists of two large buildings, the Upper Belvedere and the Lower Belvedere, with the addition of a third building in which exhibitions and events are held, the Belvedere 21. The types and prices of tickets are different based on what you intend to visit and can be purchased individually or combined. The times are the same for all buildings, every day from morning to evening, but we advise you to visit everything during opening hours or in the late afternoon, moments during which there are no excessive queues. An excellent solution to avoid having to go to the cashier is to buy the ticket online and go directly to the entrance.

  • every day 9: 00-18: 00, Friday 9: 00-21: 00
  • Best time to avoid queues: early in the morning at opening hours and in the late afternoon
  • Upper Belvedere € 15,00 - Lower Belvedere € 13,00 - Belvedere € 21,00 - All together € 25,00 - buy online
  • Reductions: the price is reduced for seniors over 65, students up to 26, groups of at least 10 people and anyone in possession of the Vienna City Card
  • Free: children and young people up to 18 years enter for free

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

What to see and how to visit the Belvedere Castle

As we have already said, the Belvedere Castle consists of three main buildings plus the whole area of ​​the gardens that surround it. Belvedere 21 is mostly an exhibition space used for exhibitions and artistic events of various kinds, so before visiting it it would be better to consult the official website of the Belvedere Castle to know the current proposals. The other two buildings instead, the Upper Belvedere and the Lower Belvedere house the Austrian Gallery in Vienna, an artistic collection from the Middle Ages to today which constitutes one of the main museums of the city.
Here are the main attractions not to be missed during a visit to the Belvedere Castle!

1 - The Gardens

Entering the area of ​​the Belvedere Castle you will be presented with a green expanse dotted with swimming pools, fountains, statues and colorful flowers. You are in the area of ​​the French gardens. They surround the buildings recreating a real corner of paradise and tranquility. Do not exclude, before or after the visit of the buildings, a nice walk through the paths to explore them at their best.

2 - The Sala Terrena

Starting the visit from the Upper Belvedere, you will find this particular room dominated by the white color and by four large supports that support the ceiling. The whole room is perfectly decorated and carved and also offers a wide view over the gardens.

3 - The Grand Staircase

From the ground room you enter the room that houses this long expanse of small steps, known precisely as the great staircase. Also in this room the walls are perfectly white and carved with depictions of the triumph of Alexander the Great over Darius. Following the staircase you will reach the upper floor, the main one of the building.

4 - The Marble Room

This is the first room you meet after the grand staircase and also the most sumptuous of all the Upper Belvedere. The room is dominated by marble and precious golden decorations, as well as two imposing fireplaces, luxurious chandeliers and various frescoes and paintings.

5 - The Carlonesaal

Also in the Upper Belvedere we find this hall, also known as the painted room, which has been given the name of its main artist, Carlo Innocenzo Carlone, and designer of the remarkable fresco on the ceiling, the Triumph of the Dawn.

6 - The Castle Chapel

To finish with the Upper Belvedere, you cannot miss a visit to the Chapel, considered one of the main points of the whole complex. It is also one of the best preserved environments over the years and in fact still has its original state.

7 - The Marble Room (Lower Belvedere)

Moving to the Lower Belvedere you will also find a sumptuous marble room there. This room extends over two floors, originally it was used for welcoming guests, while today it houses war trophies, large statues, plaster medallions and a large fresco on the ceiling, all depicting some scenes from the life of Apollo.

8 - The Marble Gallery

This gallery comes immediately after the marble room. It houses three large statues by the baroque sculptor Domenico Parodi and countless war trophies referring to the carvings on the walls that depict the prince's military successes.

9 - The Grotesque Room

This room takes its name from the paintings it contains. The walls and ceiling are entirely covered with grotesque works depicting the four seasons and the four elements. The rest of the decorations are mainly in terracotta and everything is mostly original despite the years that have passed.

10 - The Golden Cabinet

This is a surprising gilded room decorated with mirrors, large frames, furniture and porcelain ornaments. Initially it was to be a room for conversation, which later became the palace bathroom for the preparation of royalty.

Useful tips for visiting the attraction

  1. Get up early: the ideal would be to reach the entrance before opening hours, then around 8:00 in the morning, in order to immediately queue to get the tickets.
  2. Buy the city card: if you are interested in visiting other museums or attractions in the city, buy the Vienna City Card thanks to which you will enter for free or with reductions in the various attractions of Vienna
  3. Online ticket: buy your ticket online in order to access directly and avoid long waits at the cash desk
  4. Watch out for restrictions: in some attractions and museums it is not allowed to bring water and food or take photographs, so at the entrance take a look at the signs of the regulation
  5. Minimum time: we advise you to consider at least 1 hour and a half for the visit, even if the ideal would be 2 hours or more

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

The Belvedere Castle dates back to the early 700th century, precisely built between 1712 and 1723. It is an architectural work by Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt for Prince Eugene of Savoy who wanted to create his own residence.
Today the whole complex is among the best Baroque works in Europe and the most beautiful princely residence declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As great the Belvedere Castle has more access points:

  • Via Rennweg, in front of the Lower Belvedere - Get directions
  • Prinz Eugen-Strasse, lateral to the Upper Belvedere - Get directions
  • Landstrasser Gurtel, behind the gardens of the Upper Belvedere - Get directions
  • Arsenalstrasse, near Belvedere 21 - Get directions

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