Visit to the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid: How to get there, prices and advice

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The history of its construction is long, controversial and fascinating. Its architectural style is a mixture of currents, with references ranging from neoclassical to Arabic. The complex beauty of the Almudena Cathedral, in the charming Madrid, has always been the subject of heated discussions among the inhabitants of the Spanish capital, clearly divided between the love for this religious building and the "rejection" for what, by some, is even considered an architectural disgrace.
There is no doubt, however, that this monumental cathedral, which extends for 4.800 square meters, deserves an in-depth visit.


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  2. Costs and timetables
  3. Visit the Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena: Useful tips
  4. History, curiosities and practical info: what to know about the Almudena Cathedral in brief
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How to reach us

Located in the neighborhood of Madrid of the Austrias, the Almudena Cathedral is just over a kilometer from the center of Madrid, a distance that can be easily traveled by public transport, on foot or by bicycle.

  • On foot: proceeding west on Plaza Puerta del Sol towards Calle del Correo, the Cathedral will be reached in just 11 minutes
  • By bus: buses number 3, 25, 39 and 148 allow you to reach the attraction in about 25 minutes
  • By metro: lines L2, L5, R stop at Opera station, less than 10 minutes from the Almudena Cathedral. In total it will take 15 minutes to reach the attraction
  • Directions: Google Maps

Costs and timetables

Access to the Almudena Cathedral is possible practically every day, but visits cannot be made during the days of liturgical celebrations. It is possible to visit the Crypt and the Cathedral Museum, which require different entrance tickets.

  • from 30st September to 09th June, Mon-Sun 00:20 - 30:31; from 10st July to 00st August, Mon-Sun 21:00 - 10:00. Museum opening hours: Mon-Sat 14:30 am - : pm
  • Full ticket: admission to the Cathedral costs just € 1,00. It is possible to take guided tours of the Crypt for € 3,00 (at noon). The entrance ticket to the Museum costs € 6,00
  • Reductions: Disabled people, pensioners, students and groups of parishioners with identification documents pay € 4,00. School groups who have booked a visit to the attraction pay € 2,50 per pupil
  • Free access: access to the Museum is free for priests and religious, with a document; it is also possible to visit the Crypt for free following the opening hours of the Cathedral, without a guided tour.

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

  • Madrid: city bike tour: from € 35,00 - see the offer
  • City tour by bus for 3 hours: from € 29,00 - see the offer
  • Best of Madrid: 2-hour guided walking tour: from € 29,00 - see the offer

Visit the Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena: Useful tips

Being a religious building, it is necessary respect peace and silence of the Cathedral of the Almudena, in order to fully enjoy its beauty. The entrance to the Cathedral Museum, in particular, is regulated by safety rules which, however, can also extend to the Cathedral itself and to the Crypt.

  1. Get up early: reaching the attraction at least half an hour before its opening is ideal for enjoying the beauty of the building without incurring the risk of crowds;
  2. Keep your Museum ticket: at any time the staff could ask to view the ticket;
  3. Use mobile phones in moderation: it would be advisable to activate the silent mode, so as not to disturb visitors;
  4. Watch out for restrictions: the Museum is very strict in matters of safety and the possibility of taking photographs inside its rooms. In this regard, it is strictly forbidden to take photos or make videos inside the Museum. It is also forbidden to enter the building with sharp or pointed objects and it is not allowed to eat or drink inside the Museum, the Crypt and the Cathedral. During the days of celebration inside the Royal Palace, during the changing of the guard (first Wednesday of the month) or other military stops in the Plaza de la Armería it is not possible to look out on the balcony of the Cathedral;
  5. Minimum time: the visit of the Cathedral will take at least a couple of hours of your time;
  6. Access for the disabled is guaranteed, thanks to the presence of special lifts, platforms and ramps. Access to guide dogs is also allowed.

History, curiosities and practical info: what to know about the Almudena Cathedral in brief

It is dedicated to the Madonna of the Almudena, patron saint of Madrid, the construction of this imposing Cathedral whose genesis, however, was characterized by rather complex moments. The desire to erect a cathedral in Madrid, which had been evident since the 1883th century, found its initial realization only in , with the laying of the first stone. From that fateful date, it will take about a century to admire the Almudena Cathedral in all its ambiguous splendor.

Ambiguity accentuated, in spite of itself, by the melting pot of architectural styles that distinguish it, the result of years of reconstructions, rethinking, alterations, artistic influences. The entrance to the building is built in style neoclassic, while the Crypt, inaugurated in 1911, was built in style neo-Romanesque. The interior of the Cathedral, with Latin cross plant, triggers the most heated discussions among the Madrilenians, due to the mixture of styles ranging from neo-Gothic to Arabic. Mosaics and stained glass windows give chromatic variety to white marbles with which the interiors of the attraction are made.

Inside the Cathedral we also find the statue of the Madonna of the Almudena, As well as the large pipe organ built by the German Gerhard Grenzing, a true masterpiece.

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