Visit to Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm: how to get there, prices and tips

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Anyone wishing to visit Stockholm cannot fail to include a visit to residence of the royal family. Don't be fooled by the fact that Drottningholm Palace is located far from the heart of the city because thanks to the impeccable Swedish organization it won't be difficult to reach it. Here is all the information you need for a visit to Drottningholm Palace!


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Hours and prices
  3. Tours, guided tours and tickets online
  4. What to see and how to visit Drottningholm Palace
  5. Useful tips for visiting the attraction
  6. Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief
  7. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

The Castle is 12 km from the center of Stockholm, so to reach it you need to rely on vehicles or bikes.

  • By bike: there is a long cycle path connecting Stockholm to Drottningholm - Get directions
  • By metro: from Stockholm to Brommaplan, then continue by bus
  • By bus: Lines 176, 177, 301 and 323 pass from Brommaplan to the Drottningholm stop
  • By boat: from City Hall pier (Stockholm City Hall) to Drottningholm

Hours and prices

Drottningholm Palace is open all year round with no exceptions on public holidays but with a weekly closing day which is Monday. All other days it is open from 10:00 to 16:00 and can be visited by opting for the normal entrance ticket, to be purchased online or at the Castle's cash desk, or by choosing one of the guided tours offered directly on site which provide for an increase price based on the tour chosen. The park, on the other hand, provides a free visit, unless you prefer to discover it with a guide who explains everything.

  • all year 10: 00-16: 00, closed on Mondays
  • Best time to avoid queues: the least crowded times are the opening and closing times
  • 130 SEK (€ 12,50)
  • Reductions: students and children aged 7 to 17 65 SEK (€ 6,25)
  • Free: children under 7 and Stockholm Pass holders (from € 70,00)

Tours, guided tours and tickets online

What to see and how to visit Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is there residence of the Swedish royal family, declared a World Heritage Site in 1991 together with the large park that flanks it. It is therefore an entire complex and the visit is not limited only to the royal building, but includes the gardens and the various structures that are part of it such as the Court Theater and the Chinese Pavilion. But let's find out in more detail what they are the best things to see inside the Drottningholm Palace complex!

1 - Baroque Garden

Let's start from the park, precisely from the area of ​​the Baroque Garden which is the oldest. This part of the park was neglected for a long time until the 50s during which it was finally restored and enriched with statues by the artist Adrian de Vries that are found scattered here and there.

2 - English Garden

Further north of the Baroque Garden is another well-kept green area. It is the English Garden enriched by two ponds from which canals, bridges and avenues branch off, around which there are groups of trees and ancient marble statues purchased from Italy.

3 - The Fountain

Always remaining in the royal park, between one avenue and the other you arrive at the Fountain. It is simply a large, low-level tub with a simple style with central water features that generate high jets.

4 - The Chinese Pavilion

One of the most beautiful structures in the royal park is the Chinese Pavilion, an eighteenth-century gazebo inspired by the Chinese style favored by the European nobles of the time. This pavilion was built as a birthday surprise for Lovisa Ulrika, the queen consort of those years.

5 - The Court Theater

Speaking of Lovisa Ulrika, here is another splendid structure that concerns her, the Court Theater, whose construction was ordered by the queen. Inside, the theater maintains its original state with antique decorations and machinery and is today the venue for the Swedish Opera Company.

6 - The Castle Church

Now we move to the castle itself and we begin to get to know its interior starting from the ancient Church of 1746. The Church still preserves the first organ introduced by the royal family and is now used every Sunday by the people of the parish of Lovon to celebrate Holy Mass.

7 - The Monumental Staircase

It goes without saying that this is the imposing royal staircase present in every noteworthy castle and palace. This staircase features decorations and stuccos by the Italian artist Giovanni Carove and is flanked by statues depicting 9 muses.

8 - The Bedroom

Queen Hedwig Elizabeth's bedroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in Drottningholm Palace with its entirely Baroque-style furnishings and decor.

9 - The Green Room

The Green Room is comparable to an atrium before entering the representative rooms and takes its name from the green walls and furnishings. The walls are covered with decorated silk but the golden details, such as the frames of the many paintings present, give a beautiful contrast.

10 - The State Room

The State Room is another beautiful Baroque room. This was used for the celebrations of important events such as weddings and birthdays during which rich royal banquets were set up.

Useful tips for visiting the attraction

  1. Get up early: the ideal would be to reach the entrance by 10:00
  2. Buy the city card: if you are interested in visiting other museums or attractions in the city you can buy the Stockholm Pass city card and save on admissions. For example, to visit Drottningholm Castle the entrance is free and also the boat ride to reach it
  3. Online ticket: as an alternative to the city card, you can buy the ticket directly on the Drottningholm Palace website to avoid waiting at the cash desk
  4. Watch out for restrictions: as in every monument there is a regulation to be respected and in this case bags and backpacks must be worn on the front, photos and filming are allowed but without flash, finally the prams cannot be brought inside
  5. Minimum time: we recommend that you consider at least 1 hour of time for the visit, although the ideal would be 1 hour and a half to visit the complex at your leisure

Historical notes, curiosities and practical info: what to know in brief

Drottningholm Palace has a long and complex history behind it. Its construction was ordered in 1500 by King John III in honor of his wife, but the first building was a simple Renaissance stone palace which was almost completely destroyed a hundred years later by a fire.
Queen Hedvige Eleonora ordered its rebuilding but this time inspired by the most beautiful French models. So it was, but in the following period the whole complex was neglected and ruined only to be taken over and revived by King Oscar I, thanks to whom in 1991 the whole complex was declared a World Heritage Site.

Given the vastness of the park, the points to access it are different. The castle is reached via the Ekerovagen road, while the gardens are entered from the Kantongatan road to the south and west and from road 261 to the north.

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