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St. Moritz is one of the favorite Swiss tourist destinations for many Italians, both during summer and in winter: in summer it offers wonderful nature walks, while in winter it makes available numerous ski slopes, bobsleds and sleds. There is also thehomonymous lake, much appreciated. There official language is German, even if in any case almost the entire population (about 5.100 inhabitants) understands and is able to express themselves in Italian.


  1. Where is it and how to get there?
  2. What see? Here are the attractions not to be missed:
  3. What to do: here's how to have fun!
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Where is it and how to get there?

St. Moritz is located in Canton of Grisons, in Switzerland. It is 57 km from Tirano and 124 from Lugano. Here are the various possibilities to get there:

  • Train: Railway line Zurich - Chur, then from Chur you take the Rhaetian Railway;
  • Car or bus: once verified the good conditions of the alpine roads, it is possible to arrive easily from various locations in Inner Switzerland, Ticino, Italy and Austria;
  • Plane: from Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Munich it is possible to land at Samedan / St. Mortiz airport, the highest in Europe. There are also many connections by air-taxis from different European locations.

What see? Here are the attractions not to be missed:

St. Moritz is known for nature, walks, ski slopes and sport: but in reality there are many attractions to see and visit, also from the point of view culinary e cultural. Let's see together a list of the 10 attractions of St. Moritz not to be missed.

1. Lake St. Moritz

Despite the area of ​​less than 1 square km, the St. Moritz lake it is very suggestive and is the destination of various sports activities throughout the year, especially in the winter when it freezes. For example, in February you can watch the famous horse races, which have lasted for over 100 years.

2. Piz Nair

Fantastic location with stunning views, the Piz Nair it has hosted many alpine skiing competitions, including at the Olympic level. This locality is easily reachable by cable car which leaves from the town center.

3. Hanselmann café

Famous St. Moritz café with a wide offering of Swiss chocolates, delicious coffee, tasty breakfasts and hot meals. The view is excellent: the windows overlook the lake and the surrounding mountains. In short, an excellent break to be granted during the day!

4. Corviglia funicular

Funicular that starts from St. Moritz Dorf and goes up to Corviglia (2.486 masl), with an intermediate stage a Chantarella (2.005 masl). The panorama is truly incredible, with alpine views that remain etched in the memory! From Corviglia in summer it is possible to continue by cableway up to Piz Nair, over 3.000 meters high, with an even wider view.

5. St. Moritz Design Gallery

How to embellish a covered parking if not transforming it into an art gallery? From the walkway at Badrutt's Palace down towards the lake they were placed 35 illuminated shop windows, in which different exhibitions are set up every year. The target? Show passersby current topics in poster form. The gallery is open all year round, 24 hours a day.

6. The leaning tower

Not only Pisa: St. Moritz also has its leaning tower! Dating from the th century, this tower is high 33 meters and it is all that remains of the ancient church of S. Maurizio, demolished just over 100 years ago. Her slope is 5,5 degrees, more than those of the tower of Pisa: every few years it must be straightened using the appropriate instrumentation.

7. Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is one of the best known railways in the world. The journey is made towards Zermatt, and the route is truly incredible, with spectacular views, breathtaking valleys and the passage of over 300 bridges. There is also a dining car, which offers typical dishes prepared with care.

8. Segantini Museum

The famous realistic painter lived for many years in the Engadine area, portraying a wide variety of alpine landscapes. The museum, built about 100 years ago to honor the Swiss artist, contains the largest Segantinian collection in the world. Really worth a visit!

9. Piz Corvatsch

Located at 3.300 meters high, it is a real paradise for skiers, with a magnificent run of over 8 km. The shelters offer delicious lunches. The mountain also has ahuge ice cavemaking this a very pleasant place for a summer visit as well.

10. Diavolezza

Diavolezza .. the name says it all! With his red and black slopes, this is a really .. diabolical mountain! It offers truly breathtaking panoramic views, with impressive views of the glaciers.

What to do: here's how to have fun!

St. Moritz is not just nature and skiing: it also offers many opportunities for fun, often taking advantage of the potential given by the landscapes and temperatures, pleasant in summer and extremely cold in winter. So let's see some tips to spend a holiday in St. Moritiz that is truly unforgettable

1. Bobsleigh ride at Olympia Bob Run in St Moritz-Celerina

The Olympia Bob Run in St. Moritz - Celerina is the oldest bobsleigh track in the world, in which international competitions are still held. The maximum speed that can be reached is 130 km / h. From mid-December to early March it is possible to book a race and relive the emotions of the great Olympic champions; to book, refer to the site (attention, the site is in German, it is advisable to use the Google automatic translator if you are not familiar with the language).

2. Shopping between shops and markets: here's what to buy!

St. Moritz boasts the highest shopping street in Europe: it is the Via Serlas, where there is a very high density of top quality brands and famous fashion houses. But that's not all: there are also many souvenir shops, sports shops and shops selling exclusive gastronomy products. If you are a ski enthusiast, here you can find some of the most famous and important brands in the world: it is worth taking advantage of it!

3. Taste local specialties: here's where to eat!

If you go to St. Moritz you cannot miss the main typical dishes including pizzoccheri, capnus (meat and vegetable rolls wrapped in a chard leaf) e maluns (grated potatoes roasted in butter with flour and accompanied by an apleggio cheese): El Paradiso e Hauser they offer lunches and dinners at affordable prices.

4. Spend an evening at the disco: the best clubs

St. Moritiz is a very active place in terms of nightlife: many clubs and discos offering fun until late hours. Among the most renowned discos, we mention Diamond, Dracula Club, Heminghway Club, Kings Club e Nurseries.

5. Have fun at the St. Moritz Casino

For those who want to experience the thrill of the Casino, St. Moritz is also equipped: the Casino of St. Moritz offers rather classic games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, or regular poker tournaments. To access it you must be at least 18 years old.

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