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Capital of the largest Caribbean island

The Atlantic Ocean on one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other. 1200 kilometers long and 30 to 210 kilometers wide. Make no mistake: Cuba is indeed the largest island in the Caribbean. And if this last name irremediably reminds you of the famous pirates, fear not: today, Cuba is no longer a haunt of filibusters, but a true paradise for tourists!

The most grumpy will say that tourists have distorted Cuba: of course, the island has yielded to certain Western temptations. But it would be wrong to say that it has lost all of its original characteristics. Rum, old American cars and cigars are some of the stereotypes inherent in Cuban culture. But Cuba is also a capital, Havana, which is enough on its own to make this long trip from Europe.

The wonders of Havana

The historic center of Havana is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It must be said that the heritage of the Spanish settlers is very present there, with many buildings with Andalusian influence and very colorful facades. Here, you can't miss the Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja or Plaza de Armas. On the heights of the city, the Christ of Havana offers a breathtaking panorama… and makes Havana look like Rio de Janeiro.
The Christopher Columbus cemetery, the Hemingway museum, the Vedado district and the Paseo del Prado are just some of the other places that make a trip to Cuba unforgettable.

3 must-see places to visit in Havana

As you can see, the best thing is to stroll through the heart of the city to discover its riches. But here are 3 addresses that you shouldn't miss during your visit.

The Museum of the Revolution
  • The Museum of the Revolution
    Otherwise called the Granma Memorial, the Museum of the Revolution bears witness to the struggles of the Cubans to obtain their sovereignty. During your visit, you will see, among other things, a tank and the yacht Granma.
  • The Ernest Hemingway Museum
    Ernest Hemingway, Nobel Prize for Literature, lived for a long time in a Cuban farmhouse today visited by many tourists. You will evolve in the middle of his personal objects and his library.
  • The National Botanical Garden
    On approximately 600 hectares are arranged nearly 4000 plant species coming naturally from the tropics, but also from Australia and America.

2 places to go out in Havana

If the reputation of Cuban nights has faded a bit since the American embargo, the island is nonetheless alive with unparalleled nocturnal energy. Places to go out to party abound in Havana: here is a small selection of 2 unmissable places ...

  • Cabaret Tropicana
    With original shows and a restaurant whose delicacy of dishes has no equal in Havana, this open-air cabaret welcomes you for a magnificent evening. Please note: it is safer to book before coming to the Tropicana, as the place is very popular.
  • La Bodeguita del medio
    If Ernest Hemingway has made you dream, then take a trip to the Bodeguita del Medio restaurant, the one where the author of The Old Man and the Sea visited. Cuban cuisine is yours!

But Cuba is also ...

Nevertheless, despite all its charms, it would be a shame to limit yourself to Havana on a trip to Cuba. The list of things to discover there is almost endless: the coastal town of Gibara, the valley of Viñales, Santa Clara (the town of Che), the Zapata peninsula, the islets of Jardines del Rey, the ancient city colonial Trinidad ...

Travel to Cuba: where to go and what to visit on the island?

To make sure you don't miss out on the Cuban wonders, the easiest way is naturally to turn to a tour operator who knows the place perfectly. For example, you can book a tour in Cuba: the variety of stays offered will allow you to discover this magnificent island in all its facets!

The old colonial city of Trinidad
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