Vienna is the most liveable city in the world

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For the second consecutive year, Vienna wins the title of the most liveable city in the world, according to the now traditional ranking drawn up byEconomist Intelligence Unit. This is a very important recognition, which pays tribute to a city that has so much to offer, both to tourists and to residents.

Il Global Liveability Index 2019, which awarded the first position in Vienna, takes into account 30 fundamental factors such as safety, crime rate, culture and education, access to health care, care for the environment and climate. This year 140 cities around the world were surveyed, and once again the Austrian capital wins the gold medal. In second place again Melbourne, as in 2018, when he had given way to Vienna after 7 consecutive years of undisputed domination at the top of the rankings.

The top ten of the most liveable cities in the world then continues with Sydney, Osaka e Calgary. No Italians at the top of the ranking, and the only other European city is Copenhagen, which has been awarded the ninth position. For the most part, the list consists of some of the most beautiful locations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It is certainly no secret that in these regions there are cities where the quality of life is the distinguishing criterion. Now we can add the beautiful city of Vienna to the list as well.

The Austrian capital is one of the main cultural centers of Europe. Home to major museums and libraries, theaters and universities, the city stands out for its high level of education. It is no coincidence that a few steps from the historic center stands the Museum District, one of the ten largest museum complexes in the world, as well as splendid example of Baroque architecture. Inside it is possible to admire an infinite number of works of art, including the famous ZOOM children's museum.

But Vienna is the perfect city too for those looking for contact with nature. In fact, about half of its territory is characterized by green areas, including the area where the Danube flows, which it includes the artificial island used as a public park. Gardens and woods are not a rarity as happens in many other big cities around the world, but they represent a perfect alternation to the more urbanized areas.

Finally, the historic center of Vienna, which for years has been included in the list of Unesco world heritage sites. Historic buildings, a perfect example of Renaissance architecture, blend with structures dating back to the Middle Ages. While, in the area to the west of the city, it is possible to admire the Schönbrunn Palace, the imperial palace seat of the Habsburgs until 1918.

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