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In British Columbia, it must have been hard to choose in which of the countless panoramically enchanting locations the capital should be located.

The difficult choice finally fell on Victoria: the splendid natural harbor, fronted by the clear and turquoise ocean waters, made even more splendid by the extraordinary nature that surrounds it, is the best landing place in what has later become a city symbol of refinement and elegance.

The large space left to the green, to the detriment of impersonal high-rises, will be the best business card of the city: when you get here, let yourself be involved in the quiet elegance of the city. The care and dedication to the smallest details, the flowers that soften the balconies, as well as the city streets, the not at all frenetic rhythms have contributed to making a place, already appreciated by nature, even more refined.

What to see in Vittoria

Wandering around these pretty streets, you will come across one of the most elegant buildings you will ever find in British Columbia: the Royal BC Museum.

Royal BC Museum

Completed in the 60s, it still retains a unique charm due to the simplicity of the architectural lines that transmit the right mix of grandeur and lightness. Inside, a tribute to the natural history of the country will involve you tout court: films, music and fragrances are proposed here to masterfully reconstruct the inimitable landscape that has made this region famous in the world. Particular attention also to the cultures of the natives, in the overview First People Gallery, and realistic reconstructions of the city in the past: from arriving at the train station to the chaotic streets of Chinatown, resting in the luxurious interior of a first-class hotel.

Parliament Buildings e Empress Hotel

Parliament Buildings illuminated

Walking through these streets, it will not be difficult to grasp the British side of the city in the ways of the people and in the rhythm of life, but certainly a confirmation that Victoria is a very English city, it will be captured by the architecture of its buildings more famous, the Parliament buildings andEmpress Hotel.

Both designed by the genius of the architect Francis Rattenbury these two buildings are majestically and imposingly extraordinary. The first, seat of the legislative assembly, will not fail to fascinate you with its turrets, domes and colorful windows that will expertly convey a sense of royalty and magnificence, especially with the superb (and perhaps excessive) evening lighting.

The second - with good reason - has won the title of must see in Victoria: located in front of the port, it enchants with its chateau style, typical of the noble residences of the past. Imperious - inside and out - conveys a sense of wealth and luxury, albeit modest and without ostentation.
Completing the picture of buildings absolutely not to be missed Craigdarroch castle, an imposing turreted style castle, which exudes opulence in the interior and theAnne’s Schoolhouse, one of the oldest in the city, which was the home of a pioneer doctor and dates back to 1852.

Natural landscapes of Victoria

Here, you can appreciate the magnificent landscapes of the painter Emily Carr atArt Gallery of Greater Victoria and visit his birthplace, an ideal opportunity to see the original interior of a Victorian house.

No less interesting are the naturalistic attractions of Victoria: it is inevitable zoo, but don't expect the usual carousel of lions, giraffes and zebras, a whirlwind of insects awaits you here. You will appreciate the industriousness and power of the small and often underestimated pets as loved as they are hated by most. Do not hesitate to allow yourself a few hours of meditation and instructive observation of the fauna: get on board a ship that will take you to the open sea and commit yourself to seeing whales, lions and sea elephants.

On the way back, go to the Beacon Hill Park, spread a towel on the lawn and, during a nice picnic, compare your impressions and emotions, surrounded by the highest totem poles in the world and the 0km milestone of Hwy1.

Victoria, the simple and refined capital of British Columbia, awaits you with its extraordinary architecture, cultures and postcard landscapes immersed in the most elegant mood possible.

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