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Il Vermont it is one of the smallest of all the United States of America and is located in the northeastern part of the federation, precisely in the region of New England. The name of the country is of French origin, for the first European explorers who settled there and means Monte Verde.

In fact, it is no coincidence that Vermont is a state that is characterized by its natural landscape rich in vegetation and is crossed by Green Mountains from North to south; the mountains almost entirely identify the territory of Vermont and are rich in lakes and forests. The latter cover about 50% of the state of Vermont.

The capital of Vermont is Montpelier, a name that strongly recalls the French city of Montpellier which supported the War of Independence alongside the Americans. The city has fewer than ten thousand inhabitants and is the general characteristic of all cities in Vermont. In fact, the State has small urban agglomerations, mostly towns and villages surrounded by greenery and in which the inhabitants still proudly preserve the traditions and the authentic independence spirit, without suffering too much from the globalizing contamination of the other States of America.

Vermont can be visited very easily by car thanks to the wide roads that connect the main cities, as well as the famous winter tourist resorts, so you can easily admire the natural landscape which, to the east, is bordered almost in its entirety by the Connecticut River and , to the west, from Lake Champlain. The numerous historic houses parks of Vermont are home to moose, bears, deer, wild turkeys and other animals accustomed to the cold continental climates and are interspersed with rural villages that retain many of the architectural features still linked to the traditional life of the past centuries.

Traveling around Vermont by car you also have the opportunity to slip into the famous covered bridges, which are scattered throughout the state road, there are more than a hundred and are protected and preserved by the government of Vermont through special legislation.

Covered bridges date back to the state's golden age, when Vermont experienced its greatest development, generally date back to the late 1800s and were built to protect communication routes especially during the winter period, as well as giving a chance as a refuge for travelers in extreme climatic conditions.

The covered bridge called slaughterhouse (Slaughterhouse) has never been structurally altered, while the three bridges that are in the best state of conservation are the Northfield,Upper Cox and Lower Cox Covered Bridge.

Among the different states that make up New England, that of Vermont is also distinguished by its peculiar gastronomic production linked to Maple syrup pure. Vermont was also the first to enact laws protecting maple. Crossing the territory, it is possible to visit some farms that produce this sugary liquid obtained by boiling the sap of the maple and which has properties of natural sweetener without exceeding in calories.

La Sugarbush Farm for example, it is a farm immersed in the green hills, in the center of Vermont. The farm was born in the mid-1900s and is family-run. Every year hundreds of visitors and customers go to the Sugarbush Farm to buy the products of the territory and the animals raised by the same owners, above all these are different varieties of cheeses and the famous maple syrup.

The best time to visit the farm is between September and October when, immersed in the surrounding vegetation, you can witness the phenomenon of foliage and admire all the shades of nature painted on the leaves of the trees. Immersed in the forest, a few hundred meters from the farm, the owners of the farm also have one private chapel, which is available for the celebration of weddings. Sugarbush Farm products are also packaged in the form of gift boxes, to give healthy and wholesome food.

The farm can be visited every weekday from 8 to 17 and on weekends from 9 to 17 with free admission. You can watch the syrup and cheese being processed, as well as being in contact with nature and the farm animals, taking advantage of picnic areas and the quiet of the greenery all around.

Breathtaking natural landscapes extend almost everywhere but also around the most populous city in Vermont, which is not the capital, but Burlington, located along Lake Champlain and bordered by the Winooski River. Rich in activities related to the extraction of marble and granite, the city is home to theUniversity of Vermont, where, not surprisingly, the agricultural address is very important and formative. In the city you can visit many buildings dating back to the Victorian era.

In general, however, Vermont is a tourist attraction that reserves the possibility of dedicating oneself to nature and to sports, with numerous national parks and centers for skiing, hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, etc ...

There are several possibilities to stay, from hotels to B & Bs at average economic prices, considering that Vermont is characterized by warm and discreet hospitality, between villages with pedestrian areas, family-run pubs and antique dealers' kiosks, enjoying the pleasures of intellect and good food immersed in the peaceful beauty of nature, at a never frenetic pace; it is also the only state that bans roadside advertising signs.

The two most beloved colleges in America for their intellectual freedom, it is no coincidence that they are located in Vermont which has never abandoned ideals that still struggle to survive and are brought by those who, especially in the 60s and 70s, fled the chaos of the metropolis to rebuild a new habitat among these green hills, under the banner of craftsmanship that wants to survive industrial chains and to the soulless products of large-scale distribution, with prices that respect the quality and possibilities of the population.

Indian objects, made-to-measure shoes, the classic porcelain, still maintain modest costs, while respecting the creativity, work and principles that make the inhabitants of this region unique.

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