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    Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the most iconic train in the world

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    It is the most iconic train in the world and, already this summer, it is back on the tracks. Let's talk about the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express where the well-known businesswoman has the honor of taking a trip - documented on her social networks Chiara Ferragni, who called this experience "my lifelong dream".

    And there is no blame, this wonderful convoy allows you to take a step back in time, in an era of nostalgic and timeless charm and truly limitless glamor.

    The story of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    Il Simplon East began his travels in 1906 when the London-Calais-Paris-Lausanne-Milan connection was inaugurated through the new Simplon tunnel, with terminus a Venezia.

    An alternative route to the original one, which included the transit through Strasbourg, Vienna, Romania and Bulgaria up to ancient Constantinople with the last stretch by ferry.

    The golden age of the Orient Express refers to the XNUMXs, which saw three connections in operation at the same time: the third is theArlberg-Orient Express via Innsbruck, Vienna, Budapest and Athens.

    A truly legendary train that seems to have stood still over time. In fact, what is particularly striking about this exceptional means of transport is that the original splendor emerges from every detail: the precious inlays, the glass panels and the lacquer wax decorations particularly embellish the three dining carriages, where you can enjoy refined cuisine amidst period furnishings. Not one is missing bar carriage complete with a pianist to make the stay more sophisticated.

    All the elegance of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    It is enough to open the doors of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to return to the roaring Twenties, when in the wagons covered in silk and velvets, jeweled ladies paraded in their long and refined dresses, and gentlemen in tuxedos to toast with rivers of champagne and play cards until dawn.

    The piano bar of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    A mythical train that has returned to make fans from everywhere dream, offering a journey that is highly different from the usual schemes. A rail experience that leads to crossing not only countries and borders, but also eras and styles.

    After all, it is a real one Icona dell'Art Deco, with its shiny woods, antique elegant upholstery and original crystal chandeliers. A path to be lived with emotion and at a slow pace, but also a path that accompanies walking on the most scenic tracks of the continent, giving guests an experience with the most authentic charm: the timeless one.

    I servizi del Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    An adventure, among other things, characterized by a unsurpassed service, unforgettable structures rich in culture, wonders of nature and genuine attention to passengers. After all, here the art of travel has reached its peak.

    The double cabins, equipped with comfortable seats from which to admire the landscape, for the night are transformed into attractive bedrooms with soft lighting and fresh sheets. Emblem of luxury, the spacious Suite cabins are ideal for relaxing.

    The Grand Suite Istanbul

    Made up of 17 original sleeping cars from the 1920s and 1930s, each with its own unique history and mysterious atmosphere, he Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in this 2021 proposes an offer of unpublished itineraries to discover hidden Europe and a number of new Grand Suites on board.

    The classic route runs between London and Venice, crossing France and Switzerland. Alternatively, it is possible to limit the itinerary to Paris-London or Venice-Paris, as the Italian Chiara Ferragni is doing.

    Chiara Ferragni's path and the other itineraries

    The Venice-Paris route includes boarding at the station of Venice Santa Lucia. Once inside, guests are served a three-course lunch in one of the beautifully restored dining cars, as well as a selection of desserts in the cabin in the afternoon. There is certainly no shortage of a pleasant four-course dinner, prepared directly on the train by skilled French chefs.

    On the second day, however, breakfast is served in the cabin at the time you prefer, and then wait for the train to enter the Gare de l'Est in Paris, where the journey ends.

    But this is not the only possible itinerary. As mentioned earlier there are several and one more exceptional than the other. From Verona to Paris and from Verona itself to London. But also from Venice to London, from Venice to Vienna and even Hungary to Budapest. Clearly, there is no shortage of multi-day trips such as those departing from Venice to go to Vienna and end this out of the ordinary experience in the infamous London.

    Services in the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    In short, picturesque paths that cross Northern Italy crossing the Alps to walk at high altitude climbing steep peaks and steep slopes, and running on tracks suspended between heaven and earth. Routes that offer lucky travelers one gallery of enchanted landscapes, from green valleys to dense woods, bordering snow-covered ridges and mountain lakes.

    Among these splendid panoramas you arrive first in Austria and then in Switzerland, and travel through France to Paris. You can choose whether to get off here (like Chiara Ferragni), or continue to the United Kingdom. For those who prefer this option: from Paris the train goes straight to Calais passing under the Channel with the tunnel and then touches English land.

    Traveling the length and breadth of Southern England, the train takes its guests through prairies, flower fields, tiny hamlets and flawless villages, before arriving in the capital, London, where it ends at Victoria Station in the city center. exciting journey.

    How much does a trip on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express cost?

    The prices of a trip aboard the elegant Venice Simplon-Orient-Express vary according to the chosen destination and the duration of the trip. What is certain is that, unfortunately, it is not an experience for all budgets. For example, those who opt for the Venice-London itinerary, which lasts four days, must prepare to spend 6.800 pounds, which is about 8000 euros.

    In short, it's not really a cheap tour. In return, however, you have the opportunity to live not alone an adventure to discover Europe, but also the irresistible magic of an experience through distant eras and styles. One of those events that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

    Before booking your journey on the most iconic train that exists, it is good to know that this marvel it operates only during the months from March to November, as during the winter the convoy is refurbished and prepared for the following season.

    The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express route

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