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  • History and origins of Venice
  • What to see in Venice
  • Where to eat in Venice

Homeland of cinema and the star-system, Los Angeles it is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for tourists visiting the West Coast of the United States. Multiethnic city with a thousand colors, it offers splendid coasts made up of enormous expanses of sand.

One of the most popular city districts is precisely Venice, commonly called Venice Beach for its crowded beaches.

Everything here has a decidedly bohemian and almost retro feel and a large number of attractions for all tastes. Colorful and youthful, Venice is the ideal solution for families with children, groups of friends or couples on their honeymoon.

Come and discover with us what are the things to see around Venice.

History and origins of Venice

Like Santa Monica, Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Venice is one of the most famous and important areas of Los Angeles. It is located in the western part of the city, between Santa Monica and Playa del Rey.

The neighborhood was built in 1905 at the behest of the entrepreneur abbot kinney, who wished to give life to his Venice of America. He succeeded by building a system of artificial canals with gondolas and gondoliers that created a typically Spanish atmosphere.

The idea was to make it a meeting point for tourism and entertainment. Especially in the XNUMXs a very lively and cheerful atmosphere was perceived.

With the Great Depression and the spread of cars and canals remains very little and over time most of them are filled up to make roads. In addition, a huge fire destroys the pier, marking the beginning of the decline of the suburb.

Only in the eighties did the city administration decide to start a decisive recovery of the area, which soon transformed into a coveted and trendy neighborhood.

The same beach as Venice Beach is remembered as the place where i The Doors they founded the band in 1965.

Today Venice is one of the most characteristic tourist centers of Los Angeles, where the streets are always full of people and people have fun on the beach and doing water sports.

The sunsets on the waterfront are spectacular, as are the many murals by the artist Rip Cronk which certainly do not go unnoticed.

Impossible not to be fascinated by the copy of Van Gogh's Starry Night or by the portraits of Jim Morrison and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Near Skate Park then there are concrete walls full of street-art and murals nearing completion.

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What to see in Venice

Walking through the streets of Venice you can breathe an air of greatness freedom and carefree. There is never a shortage of musicians, artists, people running on the beach or skateboarding. There are so many things to do, as are the attractions to admire.

Ocean Front Walk

The Ocean Front Walk, also known as Venice Beach Broadwalk, is the neighborhood's waterfront and is a long promenade with a pedestrian boulevard made of lush palm trees and a cycle path.

It is the meeting point for tourists and citizens of Los Angeles and there are so many here restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, shops and stalls. Street vendors, artists, singers and jugglers always cross the street.

Really picturesque is also the Gingerbread Court which you can find at 571 Ocean Front Walk. It is a series of red brick buildings that house a number of very nice little shops and restaurants.

Along the Ocean Front Walk you can see many skaters and bikers, who gather above all in Venice Beach Skate Park to perform tricks and stunts to leave passers-by open-mouthed.

At one end of the promenade there is also the fishing pier, a pier where you can relax to stroll and observe the evolution of surfers or fishermen in action.

Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach is the main beach and is not far from Skate Park. Its name derives from the fact that it often welcomes bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts who do exercises and workouts, sometimes even in particular and acrobatic ways.

You can see famous bodybuilders and there is one just off the beach Walk of Fame with plaques in honor of personalities who have contributed to the health and fitness industry.

There is also a chain gym near the beach Gold's Gym, the most coveted in Los Angeles. It is frequented by many VIPs and body building champions and it often happens to meet some of them.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

It is a long avenue surrounded by tall palm trees. Its name wants to celebrate the founder of Venice and you can easily come across it actors and directors as this part of Los Angeles is often used to shoot commercials and TV series.

There are many boutiques and shops for shopping, while for contemporary art enthusiasts there is the gallery LA Louver.

Every first Friday of the month the street is filled with trucks and stalls starting from 17 pm The premises stay open late and you can buy many specialties of the American street-food.

Venice Canal Historic District

This area is what remains of the old Venice built by Abbot Kinney in 1905. It is a splendid residential area full of thick vegetation made up of palm trees, vines and colorful flowers.

In addition to a main channel, there is a pedestrian area where many expensive houses with different architectural styles have been built. To go from one bank to the other there are beautiful ones white bridges arch-shaped that allow the transit of small boats.

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Where to eat in Venice

In Venice there will be no difficulty in finding a place to eat, as there are so many bars, restaurants and clubs where you can taste the most varied cuisines of the world.

At 300's Ocean Front Walk you can eat from Perry’s at the Beach. Calling it a restaurant is really an understatement as in addition to being able to enjoy sandwiches, pizzas, snacks, cocktails and so on, customers have the opportunity to rent skates, bicycles, deckchairs, umbrellas and surfing equipment.

Open every day, it is also the ideal place for those who want to organize parties and events.

Those who prefer a more refined and refined gastronomy can focus on the chef's restaurants Travis Lett. The first is the Right, a restaurant-bakery where salads, soups, pizzas, desserts and much more are offered.

The second restaurant is the Gjelina, perfect for those who love vegetarian cuisine and organic products. The menus, in fact, include dishes based on fish, seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit.

Finally, for Tex-Mex lovers there is Tito's Tacos, a place open since 1959 and known among the locals for its large selection of tacos and burritos. The menus are well priced, but the quality of the ingredients is first choice.

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