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    Veneto Blue Flags 2021: the awarded beaches in Veneto

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    New Blue Flags fly on the beaches of the Veneto region.
    Honorable mention to the city of Jesolo confirming the title for 16 consecutive years: the much sought after Blue Flag has in fact been waving on the coast since 2004.

    The recognition from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), now in its 33rd edition, evaluates 32 strict parameters in order to reward the places that stand out not only for the quality of bathing water (confirmed by the ARPAV), but also for the services provided to tourists: waste management, water purification efficiency, promotion of sustainable mobility and of usability, environmental protection, enhancement of naturalistic areas, passing through rescue services and the use of the beach by people with disabilities.

    Here the list of blue flag beaches 2021 in Veneto.


    1. Blue flag beaches in Rovigo and its province
    2. Blue flag beaches in Venice and its province
    3. User questions and comments

    Blue flag beaches in Rovigo and its province

    • Rosolina: Rosolina Mare (Get directions), Albarella Centro Sportivo (Get directions), Albarella Capo Nord (Get directions)

    Blue flag beaches in Venice and its province

    • Jesolo: Lido (Get directions)
    • Cavallino Treporti: Lido (Get directions)
    • San Michele al Tagliamento: Bibione (Get directions)
    • Venezia: Lido di Venezia (Get directions)
    • Chioggia: Sottomarina (Get directions)
    • eraclea: Eraclea Mare (Get directions)
    • Caorle: Brussa (Get directions), Duna verde (Get directions), Levante (Get directions), Ponente (Get directions), Porto Santa Margherita (Get directions)

    The criteria for awarding the Blue Flag

    It is one of the most important awards for beaches and bathing places. But how are they evaluated? It is not at all easy to get the blue flag. To do this, you need to have the program requirements.
    In general, we can say that there are two types of requirements: the imperative ones and the guiding ones.
    Those imperatives must all be respected. For those driving, the more there are, the more likely you are to get recognition.
    The requirements concern the following 4 thematic areas:

    1. Environmental education and information: for example, information on water quality, local ecosystems, a code of conduct, ...
    2. Water quality: for example, the beach must fully comply with the sampling and analysis requirements of bathing water, must comply with the directives on waste water treatment, ...
    3. Environmental management: for example, the beach must be clean, there must be bins for recycling, toilets and changing rooms, ...
    4. Services and security: for example, there must be an adequate number of lifeguards, first aid equipment, ...
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