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    Venetian Pool in Miami: The coolest pool in the city is in Coral Gables!

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    The district of Coral Gables it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and characteristic of Miami, and a visit to the city cannot be considered complete if it does not include at least half a day to discover its best views. I am so convinced of this that, after an in-depth visit, I decided to dedicate an entire article to this neighborhood (which in terms of size and structure is a town within the city), which you can find here.

    The historic swimming pool known as Venetian pool it is one of the iconic attractions of Coral Gables for a rather particular reason: it is one of the few public places of the neighborhood in the strict sense, at least among those of some tourist interest. Reading my article, you will have noticed that much of the charm of this residential neighborhood lies in looking from the outside at the splendid private homes and gardens, driving along Coral Way and the other tree-lined avenues (banyan line) that cross it. Sure, there are the public buildings, shops, museums and theaters of the معجزه مسیر,en, but the Venetian Pool - also for history and tradition - remains the most representative place of the great urban, social and architectural idea of George Merrick, the founding father of Coral Gables.


    • History of the Venetian Pool
    • How to reach us
    • What to expect
    • Times and prices of the Venetian Pool
    • Other things to know
    • Where to sleep?
    • Photo gallery

    History of the Venetian Pool

    Perhaps at first glance it is not easy to imagine such a thing, but who had gone there between 1921 and 1923 would have seen only oneancient coral rock mine abandoned, from which tons of mineral suitable for building the buildings in the neighborhood had been extracted until recently. It was Merrick himself who, again with a view to a redevelopment of Coral Gables, decided to transform the mine into a splendid swimming pool that could bring further luster to the neighborhood and, in some way, follow its Mediterranean Revival architectural style.

    The pool was designed under the supervision of the architect Phineas Paist, while the design of the pool was entrusted to the artist Denman Fink. In 1924 the grandiose public swimming pool was inaugurated with the name of Venetian pool, in honor of our city, the Serenissima. Indeed the buildings and decorations of the pool had numerous architectural references to the Venetian style, but the most striking feature of the pool was that some gondola they could detach themselves from a small dock and navigate it. Today it is no longer possible to do so, but the reconstruction of Venice nevertheless remains of a certain effect. The Venetian Pool is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

    How to reach us

    The address of the Venetian Pool is 2701 De Soto Boulevard.

    The best way to reach it is in auto: as soon as you arrive in the area, if you can't find a place in the parking lot adjacent to the swimming pool, park your vehicle in the spaces provided in the nearby De Soto Plaza (where the de Soto Fountain, to be understood). The entrance to the swimming pool is perfectly visible from the street. Those who travel by public transport will be able to reach this area with a little more difficulty. The closest stop of the bus 24 (Coral Way Limited) from Downtown is on Coral Way (SW 24 St & S Greenway), and from there you need to walk for 5 minutes. It's not much, but it's the bus trip that wastes a lot of time (about 50 minutes, traffic permitting). Instead, the Coral Gables Trolley free does not reach the vicinity of the swimming pool.

    What to expect

    As anticipated in the brief historical notes I have provided, the Venetian pool it is not a normal public swimming pool. What makes it unique is the context in which it is located: the elegant pool edges shaded by webbed and tropical plants, the waterfall that gushes from the top of a cliff of coral rock, the graceful jumper, the multicolored mooring poles (in Venice they are called palini) adorned with street lamps, the turrets panoramas, the loggias and the arcade with brightly colored ladders and railings, the caves of coral rock where you can stay in the shade to enjoy the coolness of the water ...

    Another feature concerns the water: just think that the pool contains over 3 million liters of spring water coming from one craft skirt, and no chlorine! The natural spring supplies the Venetian Pool in the spring and summer months, supplying it daily with fresh and clean emerald-colored water. In the spaces around the pool, in addition to the shady lawn with a few tables, there is also one expanse of sand where it is possible to lay down the towel for sunbathing.

    Times and prices of the Venetian Pool

    Pay close attention to pool schedules, because they change according to the season and the current year, and can also change further without notice. For this reason, always stick to those listed on the official website.

    Below is some information on opening days and times, which you can refer to for the current year (2019) and, indicatively, for the following years.
    • The swimming pool is accessible from April to October. This should be roughly the seasonal opening period for each year, even if the pool has closed at in the past September.
    • Il Saturday and Sunday the pool is open from the 10 16.30 for the entire period the swimming pool is open.
    • The following should instead be the times of the weekdays:
      • From early April to late May: Tuesday to Friday, 11am - 17.30pm
      • From the end of May to the middle of August: Monday to Friday, 11 am - 18.30 pm
      • From mid-August to early September: Monday to Friday, 11 am - 17.30 pm
      • From early September to late October: Tuesday to Friday, 11am - 17.30pm

    The site also reports the following closing days during the year: “New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day”.

    here are the prices entrance tickets, to be purchased on site:
    • Adults (13 years and older): $ 20.00
    • Kids (3 to 12 years old): $ 15.00

    Other things to know

    Here are some tips and other rules to follow:

    • The pool is very popular and quite crowded, plus why residents have discounted rates. Don't arrive too late as the Venetian Pool's capacity is limited and you may be refused entry.
    • The swimming pool is supervised by lifeguards.
    • There are some deckchair (not many) e benches.
    • THEheight of the pool stands at around 1.20 meters. but there are also points where the water is even higher.
    • We point out that there is also one swimming pool for children, with the lowest water.
    • Clean changing rooms and bathrooms are available. On request, at the entrance it is possible to rent a locker.
    • In the spaces around the pool it is not possible to smoke.
    • You can do a picnic at the tables available bringing food from outside.
    • It is not possible exit and re-enter without a ticket. They are very loyal to this rule!
    • If the pool has reached the maximum capacity of people, they probably won't let you back in if you decide to leave.
    • A bar-restaurant, il “Venetian Pool Cafe”.
    • At the entrance there are some photos of how the pool used to be. Among the illustrious patrons of the past you will also see Johnny Weissmuller, the actor who played Tarzan.

    Where to sleep?

    A solution that matches the beauty of the Coral Gables-style swimming pool would be the nearby, luxurious Biltmore Hotel, but it is actually not a solution for all budgets. Coral Gables doesn't have many lodgings or hotels other than in the area معجزه مسیر,en, but in our article dedicated to the neighborhood we have indicated some good structures. Below, instead, an overview of all the other neighborhoods indicated to look for accommodation in Miami.

    Recommended neighborhoods for overnight stays in Miami

    Photo gallery

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