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Vancouver, located in British Columbia, has been classified as the most liveable city on the planet for several consecutive years, based on 30 parameters including health protection, culture, education, the environment and personal safety.

Third largest city in Canada, located between lush mountains and beautiful beaches on the blue Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan and pleasant city to visit, thanks to its mild climate. In fact, nicknamed the “Hawaii of Canada”, average temperatures are around 10 ° C in winter, with snow in the mountains but rarely in the city and 23 ° C in summer. In the winter season, however, it tends to rain often, so it is advisable to consult the weather forecast and bring an umbrella with you.

Culture and nature, sports and mosaics of cultures from around the world are the main aspects that characterize Vancouver.

What to see in Vancouver

Vancouver lookout

The magnificent view from the Vancouver Lookout

The best place to get the most extraordinary view of the city is - without a doubt - its superb observation tower, the Vancouver lookout, 169 m high and placed in the center of the same. A 360 ° panorama will give you only a taste of what Vancouver has to offer, and the oceanic expanse of deep blue water will be an image that you will not forget very easily.

Naval Building

Like any maritime city, Vancouver has developed a visceral relationship with the ocean, co-star of the city's intense history: the interesting maritime story is told in the enchanting Naval Building, a 22-storey deco-style building that will not fail to leave you breathless for the extraordinary decorations of shells and ships that adorn it externally. Immense and literally astonishing, it was completed in 1930, taking the record for height over all buildings in the British Empire. Another interactive exhibition - again dedicated to maritime history - is held at the Port Authority Interpretation Center.

Like a true metropolis of the third millennium, Vancouver will be able to offer you the right combination of skyscrapers and commercial buildings with enormous green lungs and entertainment of various kinds.

Stanley Park

Il Vancouver Lions Gate Bridge

Not to be missed is a walk on the embankment that runs alongside the rainforest it fills Stanley Park. In addition to the usual quiet and serenity, here you can also appreciate a variety of 9.000 marine species (from jellyfish to belugas) to Vancouver Aquarium and, at the end of a long day, sit on a log bench a Third Beach and let yourself be fascinated by the amazing sunset.

Art and sport

If you love art, maybe you will be lucky enough to spend the evening at the salon of artists and intellectuals (the Fuse) which is periodically held at Vancouver Art Gallery. If, on the other hand, your favorite pastime is sport, you cannot miss a match hosted at the BC Place Stadium. Here, both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics were held and today you can watch exciting home games by the BC Lions (American football) and the Vancouver Whitecaps footballers.

If you want to step back into Vancouver's past, the There was a House Museum it is the right place: here are preserved numerous relics and artifacts that belonged to wealthy citizens of the past and realistic reconstructions of the houses of the pioneers. TO Yaletown, you will see instead the mythical engine n. 374, the wagon that transported the first pioneers, kicking off the rich history that has animated Vancouver's past to today's industrial center. The fil rouge that is not lacking in the various evolutionary stages of this city - but of course, of any in the world - is the criminal history, of which an interesting review is preserved at Vancouver Police Museum a Gastown.


A Gastown the old historic core was built and today it is a lively, colorful and very lively area due to the Chinatown which is one of the largest in North America. Gastown owes its name to Jack Deighton, aka "Gassy", a sailor and steamship captain from Yorkshire, who arrived in 1867 to open the first bar in this area, where a statue in honor of him now stands. Access is through the extraordinarily decorated door (Chinatown Millennium Gate), and the neighborhood becomes even more sparkling and vibrant on the occasion of the Chinese New Year (which falls between January and February) and the summer night market. An oasis of silence, stillness and meditation will certainly be appreciated: therefore, note the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, a garden structured on Taoist symbolism.

commercial drive

No less lively will be the atmosphere you breathe in commercial drive, the area that gives Vancouver a multicultural character due to the successful mosaic of cafes, bazaars and restaurants from all over the world (including Spain). On the other hand, the openly bohemian mood that characterizes will be more artistic SoMa (South Main), while that of Kitsilano will be decidedly more eccentric, inspired by the hippy world of the roaring 70s, which borders to the north with two beaches, Kitsilano Beach and Jericho Beach along the coast of the English Bay, with Alma St. a west, Burrard St. to the east, and with 16th Ave to the south.

Il Museum of Vancouver it hosts interesting testimonies of the pop culture of the 50s and of the counter culture of the 60s; of a completely different opinion, but no less exciting, the visit to theHR Mac Millan Space Center: leave aside for a few hours the romantic, artistic and visionary settings that the surrounding neighborhoods have offered you and sharpen the skills, intelligence and technique to pilot a spaceship on Mars.

You will not be able to say that you have visited Vancouver if you do not allow yourself an interesting visit to the museums thatUniversity of British Columbia hosts: majestic rhododendrons and the enchanting winter garden are the main attractions of the UBC Botanical Garden where you can also enjoy the interesting "walk" among the peaks of the rainforest with the Greenheart Canopy Walkway; modern Tesei you will feel wandering in the hedge maze of the Van Dusen Botanical Garden, from which the Nitobe Memorial Garden awaits you to relax after the exhilarating mythological experience.

Finally, an exceptional collection of native artifacts, but also reconstructions of the original landscape of the city and subsequent human settlements, including the outposts used in the fur trade, will be offered to you to retrace the history of this extraordinary city from that which is listed by many as the best museum in Vancouver, the Museum of Anthropology.

No less interesting will be the surroundings of Vancouver: in the residential suburb of Burnaby there is the largest shopping center in British Columbia (Metropolis at Metrotown) where it will be difficult to leave empty-handed; while in the southern suburbs, a Stevenson, an old fish processing establishment will be delightfully informative about this activity that has contributed to Vancouver's economy in the past.

In addition to commerce and industry, there is certainly no lack of nature just outside Vancouver: in the northern part, a few kilometers away are the natural beauties of the Mt Seymour Provincial Park and Grouse mountain, as well as the record-breaking rope bridge (tallest and longest in the world) that plows through the troubled waters of Capilano Canyon.

The largest metropolis on the Canadian west coast awaits you to offer you an unforgettable stay, with interesting museums, exciting sports matches and atmospheres from around the globe, against the backdrop of a panorama second to none.

When to go

The best time to visit Vancouver is in Spring (March to May) or Autumn (September to November), due to the mild climate.

Events in spring:

International Dance Festival (Marzo)
Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival (Marzo-Aprile)
Vancouver Sun Run (May)
International Children’s Festival (Maggio)
EAT! Vancouver (Maggio)

Events in autumn:

Bard on the Beach (June-September)
International Fringe Festival (September)
International Comedy Festival (September)
International Film Festival (September - October)
International Writers’ Festival (Ottobre)

Vancouver Airport Transfer: Sky Train that takes you to downtown Vancouver in 26 minutes.
Ticket: children under 5 travel for free.

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