Valentine's Day in Verona: what to do, offers and restaurants

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Valentine's Day is upon us, and the time is perfect to organize a nice one romantic weekeend in Verona, the city that was the setting for love story par excellence… that between Romeo Montecchi and Giulietta Capuleti.
Today we offer you some tips to spend your love stay in the city.


  1. What to do for Valentine's Day: ideas and events
  2. 4 romantic things to do for free or almost in Verona
  3. The best romantic restaurants in Verona
  4. Offers Flight + Hotel San Valentino in Verona
  5. Climate and weather
  6. User questions and comments

What to do for Valentine's Day: ideas and events

A city like Verona is ideal for meeting the needs of the most romantic couples. The fact that Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet, a love story that, although tragic, is of a crazy romanticism certainly cannot be ignored. Surely a short tour between the places of the two lovers (from € 30,00) is a must for couples who have not already done it a thousand times.

But on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the city is dressed in lights and decorations that perhaps not even at Christmas: it is Verona in Love, a series of events and appointments that celebrate love ... in the city of love! Basically, guided tours are also organized in museums with "paths of love": Juliet's tomb, Profane Love at the Castelvecchio Museum, and even competitions, treasure hunts and much more.
Here are some romantic activities and ideas for Valentine's Day!

1 - Romantic tour of the places of Romeo and Juliet

Following in the footsteps of one of the most famous love stories of all time is an activity that can only be done here, in Verona. Then put on the shoes of the two Shakespearean lovers for a couple of hours and, accompanied by a guide, you can admire the most important stages of history. What then, it is still a tourist tour in a city that is also much more, so certainly there will be no lack of ideas for historical and cultural digressions. In fact, we will visit Juliet's House, the Verona Arena (starting point of the tour), the tombs of lovers, all seasoned with the story of tragedies, love and family feuds.

  • Cost: starting from € 40,00 per couple (with local guide)
  • Info: starting from the Verona Arena (Get directions), tours last two hours and depart at 10:00, 15:00 and 16:00
  • Book online: private walking tour in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

2 - Food and wine tour with tastings

Verona is not just Romeo and Juliet and it's not just the Arena. Food and wine in these parts plays a fundamental role, with specialties from generous territories such as Valpolicella. Without forgetting the Venetian traditions such as focaccia, Venetian wines and Amarone.
The ideal is certainly to be followed by an expert guide, who can indicate the places and specialties, as well as tell the origins, the peculiarities, to "season" the tour as it should. Among ancient shops, historic wine bars, cafes, your Valentine's Day will take on extraordinarily aphrodisiac contours ...

  • Cost: starting from € 200,00 per couple (with local guide, lunch included and tastings)
  • Info: we leave at 10:00 am from the center of Verona, the tour lasts 4 hours so comfortable shoes are recommended. Lunch is included in the package.
  • Book online: food and wine walking tour with unusual places

3 - Excursions on Lake Garda, Sirmione and Grotte di Catullo

Sure, it's not time to bathe, but the charm of Lake Garda knows no seasons. If you have already walked the length and breadth of the city on foot, if you have already visited the places of Romeo and Juliet, you can plan a day or half day excursion on Lake Garda with a stop in the delightful village of Sirmione, right on the shores of the lake.
Let's add some more romance? Well, then stop at the Grotte di Catullo, a truly magical place, surrounded by legends, mysteries, an archaeological area of ​​2 hectares to be discovered.

  • Cost: starting from € 150,00 per couple
  • Info: the price obviously varies depending on whether you are leaving independently or with organized tours. Sirmione is about 40 km from Verona
  • Book online: From Verona: 4-hour tour to Sirmione and Lake Garda

4 romantic things to do for free or almost in Verona

  1. Improvise Romeo and Juliet in the house of lovers: oh Romeo, Romeo, why are you Romeo ?! Here, let's say that if the girl is on the balcony and the boy below, this scene has more effect. Nice, romantic and ... almost free! The ticket costs around € 6,00 - Get directions
  2. Touching Juliet's left breast: ok, no it will be a strictly romantic thing, but while you're there, you can't help but do it. In fact, it is said that it brings luck, and especially in love. Never let it be ... - Get directions
  3. Participate in the Juliet and Romeo Half Marathon: on the occasion of the week of Valentine's Day, a series of programs that are part of Verona in Love follow one another in Verona. Among these, a lovers' marathon, which usually takes place on the Sunday after Valentine's Day.
  4. Eat Juliet's Baci and accompany them with a glass of Amarone: after a romantic tour of the city, after taking a thousand selfies between the bridges, the arena, the Scaliger Arches and company, stop for a moment to drink a glass of original Amarone della Valpolicella and a typical sweet ... which one? But Juliet's Kisses, what questions!

The best romantic restaurants in Verona

  1. The Desco, via Dietro San Sebastiano 7, historic center - Get directions
    average price for the Valentine's Day menu € 250,00 per couple
    tel: + 39 045 595358
  2. Borsari 36, Corso Porto Borsari 36, Arena District - Get directions
    average price for the Valentine's Day menu € 130,00 per couple
    tel: + 39 045 8000779
  3. Secret Wine Shop, vicolo Samaritana 10, Centro Storico - Get directions
    average price for the Valentine's Day menu € 90,00 per couple
    tel: + 39 045 8015824

Offers Flight + Hotel San Valentino in Verona

  • starting from € 58,00 -
  • 2 nights in b & b / hotel from € 169,00 per couple -
  • Return flight + 2 nights / 3 days from € 329,00 per couple -

Activities and packages that you can book right away

Climate and weather

  • Weather: Verona in this period is rather freezing and fog is not rare. However, the rains are infrequent and snowfalls very rare
  • Average temperatures: min 0 ° / max 9 °
  • Recommended clothing: warm coats, wool hats, scarves and gloves, but don't overdo it underneath, otherwise you will suffer from the heat inside the premises. A sweater or a padded sweatshirt will do just fine. Don't forget the umbrella

Other tips

Verona is easily reached from all over Italy thanks to the Catullo airport, which is just 12 km from the city. From there there are shuttles every 20 minutes at a cost of € 6,00.

Regarding hotels, the costs for accommodation in the center are certainly high in this period, but not prohibitive. If it's within your budget, our advice is to choose a hotel or b & b in the center, you will have a significant logistical advantage. Alternatively, one located in slightly outlying areas is fine too, but perhaps near a bus stop.

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