Vacations in Marsa Alam, Egypt: dangerous or safe?

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marsa alam is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt, in which you can decide to stay for one relaxing holiday but also the discovery of many natural beauties. This town is bathed by the beautiful waters of the Red Sea, which are inhabited by species of colorful fish of various sizes; then you can also admire some species of sea ​​turtles, sponges and last but not least the fantastic barrier Reef which is located in Marsa Alam.


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Marsa Alam: from fishing village to tourist resort

This place, until about twenty years ago, was just a village where families made up of fishermen lived, whose trade was based only on their work. Today, however, thanks to rapid urban and economic development and the opening of an airport structure, Marsa Alam has been completely transformed, to the point of becoming one of the busiest tourist spots in all of Egypt and a holiday destination requested by all those who want to plan trips in a warm and welcoming place where, every day, different types of playful and exploration activities can be carried out.
During a holiday in Marsa Alam there are several things you can do: for example, during the day, it is possible relax on the beach, spending hours in the sun or swimming in the clear waters of the Red Sea. Furthermore, lovers of the seabed can play scuba diving during which you can admire the beauties found in these waters up close. Marsa Alam, of all the cities of Egypt, is the best place to practice diving. This area of ​​the coast, in fact, unlike others, including Sharm el Sheikh, has not yet suffered the damage caused, voluntarily or not, by mass tourism; for this reason, during diving you can admire the coral reef which, in Marsa Alam, still retains its natural beauty. While diving, less experienced people may choose to be accompanied by an experienced instructor, who explains what to do during the dive and stays with his client the entire time. Furthermore, in addition to the reef, the fish and the sea turtles, if you are lucky, you can see some schools of dolphins, which pass through the Red Sea at certain times of the year.
In the evening, however, you can dine in one of the typical restaurants which are located in the center of Marsa Alam and then you can take walks in the town or on the beach.
But, when organizing one holiday in Marsa Alam, you can also decide to stay in one of the many resorts which have been built over the past few years. These hotels are large in size and within them customers can take advantage of various services; the Gorgonia Beach Resort in Marsa Alam, for example, as well as other resorts, offers access to the beach and swimming pools equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, to the gym and sports fields that are located in the village, such as tennis courts, basketball courts , volleyball and bowls. Furthermore, during the year you can find some advantageous offers to leave for Marsa Alam. These offers are proposed by both travel agencies than from sites that organize online travel. Each type of offer, in most cases, includes both the return flight to Marsa Alam than the stay all inclusive in one of the many hotels. This kind of offer can be found especially during the winter months, when holiday prices are lower; in the summer months, however, prices are certainly higher but it is still possible to find some affordable vacation packages.

Is the Red Sea dangerous?

Although many countries in Africa and the Middle East are strongly discouraged due to the not-so-peaceful climate of these areas, in resorts such as Sharm el Sheik, Marsa Alam and tourist areas of Upper Egypt, the threshold of attention does not seem alarming. Caution is always recommended, as although subject to control by the authorities, they cannot be considered completely immune to threats.
From our website of the Farnesina it is possible to inquire about the state of alert of all countries, including Egypt, with constant updates and all the information on visas, latest events and accidents, necessary precautions.

Plan your holiday in Marsa Alam: flights, hotels and exclusive offers

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