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And here we are at the first motorcycle tour in France! After having bought the Yamaha TDM 850, our Grace, we decided to inaugurate it immediately with a not too long trip since it was the first time we were on a motorcycle trip. We left on July 22 in hopes of finding good weather but we had no luck ...
We arrived in Genoa and then we continued to Turin and, when we stopped to eat something, it had recently rained and it was also cool. We crossed the Fr? Jus and after less than 100 km we arrived in Chambery.

1 day

The first day we visited this small town surrounded by mountains, very green, full of flowers and parks and its buildings have the typical French style, very nice and refined, I love it!
In the evening, unfortunately, it rained heavily and we were forced to have dinner and immediately return to the hotel ... the following morning we woke up with a beautiful sun and a surprise, the market! There were stalls with all kinds of food, and then there was the covered market where people rushed to buy everything they needed for the weekend, its narrow streets, its cozy shops, the scents of lavender, spices, croissants and chocolate have literally won us over.

2 day

We left the next day for our main destination, the city of Lyon, third in France by number of inhabitants. Honestly I was a little disappointed, maybe I had too many expectations and I didn't find something that particularly fascinated me, apart from the "old Lyon" which? very characteristic and the boat trip along its two rivers, the Saone and the Rhone.
The main square, place Bellecoeur is huge but there is not even a fountain, I found it too empty and distracting, in short, it didn't hit me.
The buildings are very beautiful and above all they are in perfect condition, the streets are not too clean but the old quarter is full of tourists who eat along the street where all the tables are placed and you can breathe such joy! It is a very lively neighborhood, there are many offers for lunch and dinner but they are not cheap at all and you don't eat well ...

3 day

On the third day we faced a strenuous climb to reach the cathedral of San Giovanni and 'the Catholic church of the city' and dominates the medieval and Renaissance quarter of old Lyon, at the foot of the Fourviere hill, on the edge of the Saone. The basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere is even more beautiful, in neo-Gothic architecture that stands at the top of the hill and can be admired in all its splendor from the boat.
On the way out we reached it on foot but on the way back we went down with a kind of funicular.
In a couple of days we visited it, too bad it was raining in the morning and also in the evening so we had to give up the bike and take the metro. After a couple of days we left for Avignon, a city famous why? it was the seat of the Popes, truly spectacular!

4 day

The Palazzo dei Papi is one of the largest and most important medieval gothic buildings in Europe, it takes your breath away for its majesty!
It overlooks the Rhone and its historic center is very nice and lively, in those days there was the "fair of theater artists" and we found many posters advertising numerous events in the various clubs of the city.
Eating in Avignon is cheaper, there are many proposals and the various shops selling lavender and souvenirs of all kinds remind us that we are in the Provence region.

5 day

We left again descending from this timeless and full of charm city, up to Cannes on the French Riviera, a city we had already visited but which manages to surprise us every time for the mild climate, the sun and the crowd of tourists who flock to it. its narrow streets. We slept one night here and then went home.
Lyon disappointed me a bit as I had many expectations that were disappointed, but the old town is characteristic and worth a visit, a couple of days are enough. But Avignon is truly beautiful and I am happy to have had the chance to discover it.

See you next trip !!

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