Vacation in Formentera: why this island is so loved and everyone wants to go there

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Holidays in Formentera

Formentera is one of the islands most nominated by gossip magazines and TV programs because it is one of the favorite destinations of VIPs. If the island is also chosen by those who could afford Caribbean paradises, it is clear that it is a magical and special place. Formentera is an unspoiled island where the desire for relaxation, contact with the natural landscape and fun become one for a unique and unforgettable holiday.

Those who want to fully enjoy this pearl in the middle of the sea, however, do so many times as part of a cruise. The island, in fact, is not very big and a day is enough to visit it and enjoy the perfect climate and the splendid sea. Formentera is an unmissable stop, in fact, in the best Mediterranean cruises and tours that pass in that area, preferring it over the nearby islands, although equally famous. In spring or summer the resort gives its best because the climate is ideal for enjoying days at sea or walking to discover the beauty of the island.

What makes Formentera special?

The first thing that makes the island special is the environment. Its inhabitants, in fact, are very careful to ensure that the beauty of its beaches, nature and the sea are preserved. The goal therefore is to offer more and more services to tourists, but always with an eye to sustainable development. The fact that the island remains the paradise it is means that the goal has so far been achieved. The only way to reach Formentera is by sea and only from the port of La Savina. The fact of having a single point of docking and access to the island allows to preserve its natural beauty, because the remaining beaches are, in a certain sense, isolated.

If you think that the white beaches and the crystalline sea are only in the Caribbean, you will have to change your mind because Formentera has all the credentials to compete without problems. Above and below sea level, the location is special. Its sea, in fact, is also a real attraction for diving enthusiasts, thanks to an enviable variety of underwater landscapes. Diving in Formentera is in fact an essential stop for those who love this sport.

It is no coincidence that the marine reserve in this area is the only area in the Mediterranean to be UNESCO heritage to protect. On most of its coasts there are no buildings and nature is wild and unspoiled, it is a real paradise on earth for tourists who are pleasantly surprised where they turn their gaze. There is not much to say about the sea and the beaches because it is enough to look at a few photos to let them speak.

Travel to Formentera: cruise or plane?

The ideal way to visit and enjoy Formentera is on a cruise. The island, as anticipated, has only one port and no airport, so it can only be reached by sea. Getting there, therefore, is rather complicated for tourists, not to mention that the boat trip from Ibiza is very expensive (after all, it is the only access!). Docking in this location with the cruise allows you to experience the island, visit its beauties, explore its beaches and natural landscapes, returning in the evening to your five-star ship which allows you to have all possible comforts. A perfect holiday where you only need time to go to bed after a day in Formentera, to find yourself in the morning in a new wonderful place to be explored.

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