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Wardrobe: New York is characterized by the change of seasons, with a very harsh climate and abundant snow in the winter and stifling heat in the summer. The weather is often unpredictable, with March and August being the wettest months. A good rule of thumb is to take a sweatshirt with you even in summer because every place you enter there is the air conditioning at full throttle.

Shoes: generally when you go to New York you walk a long time, so a good rule of thumb is to have comfortable shoes such as. those from tennis. It is also customary for New Yorkers in suits to have sports shoes, so don't worry if you are not very elegant.

Electric current: in the United States the voltage is 115-120 V unlike the European one which is 220. So for the American sockets you will need an adapter that costs a few euros and which can also be found here in Spain in electronics stores.

Taxi: A taxi ride from the airport to downtown Manhattan generally costs about $ 45. However, it is a good idea to negotiate the taxi ride before departure. Absolutely avoid unlicensed taxis that have neither a meter nor the required safety measures. Taxis are called by raising an arm, but be careful that the service light is on (which means it is free).

Tax: it is good to remember that the prices displayed in the shops in New York do not include taxes: with the exception of clothing and shoes, you will therefore have to add 8,875% to the price you see displayed.

Mance: in restaurants, in taxis and in most places it is practically mandatory to leave a tip which is around 15% of the total. At the hotel, bellmen generally take $ 1 per suitcase.

metro card: if you have to stay in New York for a week it could be very convenient to buy the weekly Metrocard at a cost of $ 31 which allows you to take all the buses and subways you want.

Student discounts: with the “international student card” they are entitled to discounts at many tourist attractions. To make the card, visit this page: Student card

Le credit cards MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted almost everywhere.

phone it is advisable to avoid telephone calls from the hotel which are usually expensive. Only triband cell phones can be used in the United States; however, it is cheaper to buy a calling card and call from public telephones. To call from Spain you need the prefix 039.

Banks hours: New York banks are usually open Monday to Friday from 9am to 15pm, except holidays.

Stamps: to send a postcard from New York you need a 70 cent postage stamp. while for a letter the minimum is 80.

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