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Responsible tourism: useful tips

Who among you knows the meaning of responsible tourism? Responsible tourism or sustainable tourism is a approach to tourism based on respect and protection of the environment in particular linked to the ecosystem. We have repeated several times, for example, that the waters of Formentera are so crystal clear thanks to the presence of the prairie of the Posedonia Oceanica, an endemic marine plant that serves, among other things, as food for fish. Or we talked about the Saline, the island's nature reserve. The beaches of the island have remained unchanged for years despite the influx of tourists and the evolution of tourism, and it is necessary to ensure that this earthly paradise continues to remain so. It is very important that there is a strong and lively civic sense: avoid leaving garbage around or cigarette butts. At the Bartolo kiosk for example, and in many others they have made ashtrays with recycled cans of drinks.

Some practical tips instead to fully enjoy the beauties and magic of the island:

  • respect the traditions and culture of others. In almost all the beaches naturism is practiced so you should not be "scandalized" if you see people who do it. Those out of place are those who do not tolerate this habitual and increasingly widespread practice on the island.

  • consult the weather forecast to understand which way the wind is blowing in order to choose the ideal beach. There is always a sheltered beach and where the sun shines, just look for it.

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