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    USA on the road: customized car tours

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    In the United States of America, on the road is much more than a way of conceiving a holiday: it is in fact an aspect that deeply characterizes the essence of the American lifestyle, characterized by constant travel and a desire for discovery. Going through the endless roads of the nation, crossing immense plains, amazing natural parks and futuristic cities is a type of travel that is for many synonymous with freedom and adventure, a unique experience of its kind. If you too are dreaming of a holiday in full style USA on the road, we point out today the possibility to buy personalized car tours directly from a tour operator, a more convenient alternative to organizing a Fly & Drive USA on your own.

    For those who intend to cross the States in auto there are numerous packages with pre-established itineraries aimed at practically all areas of the USA (East, West, South, North-West and Coast to Coast), with considerable flexibility (from 7 to 22 days depending on the tour) and with the guarantee of an experienced operator, with years of experience in the sector.

    Also it comes to customizable tours: in fact, you will have the possibility to choose from over 50 and introduce variations according to your needs, taking advantage of particular means, for example motorcycles and campers.

    The package includes overnight stays in a 2/3 star hotel, information material, rental with GPS, health and kasko insurance, on-site assistance, and Esta practice. Prices start at 1250 euros.

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    • Why choose a car tour?
    • Tour for single zone
    • What is included in the packages?

    Why choose a car tour?

    The fascinating part of each on the road americano resides in the possibility of freely exploring the territory, running around the streets of the States without having to bend to the needs of an organized tour, however, at the end of the day and after hours of driving, it can be tiring to have to think about organizational aspects (for example accommodation or study the route to take for the next stage).

    So being able to count on a series of quality accommodation facilities in a safe and tested path can be important, giving that ingredient of relaxation and safety to a journey that could otherwise become tiring. In practice, leaving for your on the road, you will not have to worry about whizzing along the American Interstates and Highway towards the predefined stops of the route, the rest will already be conveniently organized. Now let's see which areas the packages are aimed at.

    USA on the road tour by geographic area

    As mentioned, the choice is very wide, covering almost all of American soil (including Alaska) but not only Canada.

    Zona East

    In this region you can explore the area of ​​New England (with its rugged and romantic beach and the characteristic colors of the autumn foliage), the most important cities of the East Coast (New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia) and also give yourself the opportunity to trespassing into Canada, discovering other fascinating cities and natural wonders. To learn more, we recommend some articles that could help you in the planning phase:

    • Our article on how to organize a tour in New England.
    • All itineraries dedicated to the East Coast.
    • The in-depth sections dedicated to New York, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia.
    • Our guide to visiting the wonderful Niagara Falls and an itinerary that includes the main attractions of the Atlantic side: New York Boston Niagara Falls: a 10-day on the road itinerary

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    West area

    The area of ​​the most famous US natural parks in the world (the Grand Canyon above all), of the gold rush and of the most fascinating US state, California, with its sunny beaches and irresistible coastal cities. You can include in your road trip all the main attractions of the area: from the discovery of the history and culture of the Navajo Indians, to itineraries designed to make the most of the main national parks (not only Grand Canyon, but also Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Antelope Canyon or Arches National Park), the most important destinations in California and the entire West Coast.

    Again, we leave you some useful tips:

    • our guide on how to organize a tour in California
    • a west coast tour with pre-defined stages that you can take as a starting point for your USA road trip
    • A selection of the best roads in California
    • All West Coast itineraries

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    Southern area

    If you want to absorb all the charm of the Deep South, with its characteristic rural landscape of the American countryside and its musical traditions, you can choose to venture to discover the roots of Rock, Jazz and Blues, without neglecting to stop in Tennessee, the home of Jack Daniel's and whiskey. But there is much more: how to overlook the infectious charm of New Orleans and its eccentric carnival? What about Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, or Savannah?

    And finally… aren't we forgetting something? Right! Unforgettable Florida. In this beautiful land you can tan on the beautiful beaches of attractive Miami, the solitary Florida Keys islands, the pristine nature of the Everglades and the famous Orlando amusement parks (DisneyWorld above all).

    Here are some useful tips:

    • How to plan a Florida tour
    • Our section dedicated to New Orleans
    • An interesting travelogue in the deep south of the States: Between Mississippi Blues, Jack Daniel's and the Louisiana Swamps

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    North-West area

    The immense natural expanses of the North West USA

    Untamed nature between the United States and Canada and cities of particular charm are the main ingredients of the routes in the Pacific North West area, the Rocky Mountains and Real America. The highlights of these itineraries are certainly the national parks of Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton and cities such as Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Vancouver.

    This is certainly a less traveled area than the more traditional West Coast, yet it offers hidden gems as far as the eye can see. If you want to have an idea about it, take a look at this itinerary in 3 parts:

    • Unknown Wonders of America: An Unusual West Coast Itinerary
    • From Crater Lake to Lava Lands: An Unusual West Coast Itinerary Part 2

    • Da Painted Hills a Grand Prismatic Spring: itinerario West Coast parte 3

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    All America: Coast to Coast

    These are the longest itineraries, suitable for those who want to cross the States on the road from one shore to the other (the famous Coast to Coast), or on the legendary Route 66, to penetrate the most authentic heart of the USA, crossing immense plains, arid deserts, wonderful national parks, ghost towns and the most futuristic metropolises. Obviously in this case you will have to prepare for a fairly long journey but the beauties you will see will surely pay off.

    Also in this case we do not want to let you miss our advice:

    • All the tips for planning a Coast to Coast USA
    • How to organize a Coast to Coast by motorbike
    • How to identify your itinerary and route on Route 66

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    The complete list of tours

    The packages available are many and of various kinds and are managed by our affiliated tour operator. You can find them all in our section dedicated to US Tours,

    What is included in the tours?

    Packages include:

    • hotel accommodation in 2 or 3 star hotels, with the possibility of choosing a higher category by paying a supplement.
    • the car rental fees, which include kasko insurance and the GPS navigator.
    • medical insurance included in the registration fee.
    • on-site assistance.
    • informative material.
    • Esta USA form

    Not included in the offer 

    • transcontinental flights to / from Spain
    • airport fees
    • lunches, dinners, tips and various extras
    • various supplements based on specific needs

    To request information on these packages designed to explore the USA on the road you can contact the tour operator that organizes and manages them directly by clicking on the button below:

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