Urbino: between climbs, descents and students

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Urbino, ancient capital of the Duchy of Montefeltro,? a town nestled in the beautiful hills of the Marche.
During one of my long weekends I was in Emilia-Romagna, right near the Marche border, so? I decide to go for a ride in the city? birth of Raphael.

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Urbino? famous for being one of the most? important centers of the Italian Renaissance, of which it still perfectly preserves the inheritance? architectural, and to count more? students who inhabitants around the city.

This ? in fact one of the most? important cities? Italian universities, and one of the most? beautiful, I would add! In short, it will be? that I saw where my psychologists studied in Florence, but the University? of the Carlo Bo Studies? a whole other story.
Now let's go back to the visit for ?. After parking outside the walls, I reached the beating heart of Urbino: Piazza Rinascimento. The square houses the Palazzo Ducale, commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro and built in the fifteenth century, and the Cathedral, built in the neoclassical style. From here I decide to move in a casual way, letting myself be inspired by the tiring alleys. Yes, why? Urbino rises on a hill and its streets are a continuous ups and downs ... in short, for students residing in the city? the activity physics ? included and free!

Shortly after, I come across the Oratory of San Giovanni, which contains beautiful frescoes, in the house where Raphael was born, in the monument dedicated to him and in some alleys with curious and unusual names. For example, along one of the main streets there are two, one facing the other, called Via Volta della Morte and Via Balcone della Vita.
If after all this road between climbs and descents you are still not tired then you cannot miss a visit to the Albornoz Fortress, located on the highest mountain. top of Urbino, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Before arriving I had read something about the history and beauty of this city, but believe me, no book can? prepare yourself for the amazement you will feel when you find yourself in front of this majestic Renaissance village, so you have only one option: run and visit it!

Something more: if you are in Urbino? a meal based on crescia sfogliata is a must. This kind of flatbread, in which lard is added to make it? Browse ?,? the specialty? of the area and becomes even more? special if filled with typical Marche meats and cheeses.

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