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Herds and prairies, cowboys and Indians are the first things that come to mind at the word Texas: this state, on the border with Mexico, is certainly all this, but it can be much more and reserve surprises that are as unexpected as they are pleasant.

One of these is certainly The Texas Renaissance Festival, an event with a typically Renaissance flavor that animates every year (from 40 to this part) the eight Saturdays and the eight Sundays of October and November, giving life to unique reconstructions, different every weekend.

As soon as you set foot in The Texas Renaissance Festival (to be precise, it is a theme park with an area of ​​over 220.000 square meters, as much as Gardaland, approximately), modernity gives way to the setting of a XNUMXth century European village: period buildings and shops, framed by a luxuriant flora, are the backdrop to ladies and knights, craftsmen and jesters who, in finely reconstructed clothes, animate the life of the village.

On each of the opening days, the park offers its visitors about 200 costumed performances, each time inspired by the theme that dominates the weekend; this year's programming catapulted the visitors of the first appointment (11 and 12 October) into the Oktoberfest celebrations, on 18 and 19 October the park hosted elves and wizards, fairies and spells, while the following weekend (25 and 26 ) couldn't help but celebrate Halloween.

November opened with the pirates (1 and 2), followed by the Roman celebrations dedicated to the Bacchanals (8 and 9).

The last three events of the season are expected to be really exciting: the weekend of November 15 and 16 will bring visitors to the height of the barbarian invasions, on November 22 and 23 the bagpipes and the typical costumes will make the atmosphere very Scottish while the grand finale is entrusted to Celtic Christmas, on the occasion of which the park will be open from Friday (Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day) and will take on a typical Christmas setting.

In addition to visiting the park, at the Texas Renaissance Festival you can participate in competitions and competitions (in line with the setting of the single weekend) as different from each other as exciting to look at: to give an idea, you can participate in the costume contest worn (like the worst barbarian disguise) or to a food contest (eat as many spaghetti as you can without using your hands, on the weekend of the bacchanalas) or a dance one (interesting to see how that one will turn out to the sound of Celtic music).

Between one competition and another, there is no lack of theatrical performances of thwarted loves or enthralling duels between knights; you can enjoy a pleasant walk among the over 350 shops, on the hunt for truly original souvenirs (not only candles and musical instruments, but also potions and weapons); with a little luck, it can happen to attend a wedding (true!), celebrated in costume between king and queen, knight and lady, and, finally, end the day in style with the fireworks show.

Special attention is reserved for the little ones: the Texas Renaissance Festival offers competitions and games, shows and activities dedicated to them, capable of truly leaving them speechless.

If, therefore, the idea of ​​savoring a truly unusual Texas graces you, the park awaits you at Todd Mission, about an hour drive from Houston, until the end of November: not bad to treat yourself to an original Christmas gift!

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