Unusual and secret Paris: 15 places to visit

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Paris is not alone Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Mouling Rouge e Luvre Museum: the splendid French capital has a series of less famous and absolutely unmissable attractions for those who prefer get out of the big tourist circuits. Here's to you 15 unusual and secret places in Paris which are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.


  1. Lafayette Galleries
  2. Rue de la Roquette
  3. Musée du Parfum Fragonard
  4. Deyrolle
  5. Romans remains
  6. Passage du Rocher de la Sorciere
  7. Canal ST Martin
  8. Defense
  9. Le musée du Fumeur
  10. Maison du Haut-Pignon, the oldest house in Paris
  11. The Great Pagoda
  12. Carnavalet Museum
  13. Père Lachaise Cemetery
  14. Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine
  15. The small statues of liberty
  16. User questions and comments

1 - Lafayette Galleries

Famous Parisian commercial group that manages the eponymous department stores, equipped with a splendid stained glass dome as well as a rich example of Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau. From the top floor you can enjoy a splendid view of Paris.

2 - Rue de la Roquette

Today Rue de la Roquette is one of the centers of Paris nightlife, but it comes from a sad past: in the th century they used to parade those sentenced to death destined for the guillotine, who were locked in prison before their execution. The street divided the women's prison from the men's one.

3 - Musée du Parfum Fragonard

The Musée du Parfum Fragonard is one of the few museums in the city with free entry. Located in a splendid Napoleonic-style hotel with charming decor, the museum is dedicated to the oldest French perfumeries and preserves a wonderful collection of perfumery items.

4 - Deyrolle

One of the weirdest things you can do in Paris is to go to Deyrolle, a shop / museum specializing in taxidermy, entomology and natural curiosities. Here are some examples of exotic animals.

5 - Roman remains

Paris is full of traces of its Roman past: there is a colosseum, ancient baths, remains of walls, columns and carved stones. Everything is scattered around the city. The crypt of Notre-Dame itself is a splendid example of Roman history.

6 - Passage du Rocher de la Sorciere

The famous Montmartre hides a secret: moving away from the streets full of tourists you reach the Passage du Rocher de la Sorciere (passage of the Rock of the Witch), consisting of a huge boulder in which, according to the legend, the remains of a witch who lived in the large house above the rock, called "witch" by the children of the neighborhood, are kept. It is said that crossing the gate you are hit by a spell: who feels like trying?

7 - Canal ST Martin

In Paris it is possible to admire Free Street art: the best place to embody this type of art is the Canal St. Martin, one of the liveliest and most culturally open areas of the city. Packed with great restaurants, art and great shops graffiti, this area is also ideal for spending an evening with friends sipping a bottle of wine on the edge of the channel e relaxing. Here different types of Parisians meet, including artists. Finally, the St. Martin Canal is an excellent starting point for visiting some of the most evocative areas of Paris on foot.

8 - La Défense

Paris also has its own skyscrapers: a few minutes outside the city is the most important business area in Europe, La Défense, with ultra-modern architecture and striking buildings that you wouldn't expect to find in Paris.

9 - Le musée du Fumeur

Here is another very curious place in Paris: let's talk about the smokers museum, with an exhibition that collects objects, plants and works related to smoking. The exhibition of prints and other items related to tobacco comes renewed every year. A real must for fans of the genre.

10 - Maison du Haut-Pignon, the oldest house in Paris

This house, in which the famous lived alchemist Nicolas Flamel, lived between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, is located in Rue de Montemercy and is not easily found, even with a map in hand: the street is a small side street of Rue de Temple. Little remains of the building in its originality: it remains there targa in which are reported the words of the alchemist, who had built the building with the aim of welcoming the poor by asking for a prayer in return. This is believed to be the oldest house in Paris (1407).

11 - The Great Pagoda

In the middle of the bois de Vincennes, the largest green area in Paris, is located there Great Pagoda, which houses the largest statue of Buddah in all of Europe, with a height of 10 meters. The statue is the work of the sculptor François Mozés, and is completely covered with gold leaves. The building is very impressive and is 28 meters high.

12 - Musée Carnavalet

Opened in 1880, this fantastic museum illustrates the history of Paris from its origins to the present day. It is located in a splendid palace dating back to the th century, and is a must for both Paris lovers and beginners.

13 - Père Lachaise Cemetery

This is the most important cemetery in Paris, and celebrities such as Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Amedeo Modigliani. Built in the Napoleonic era, they pass through it every year 3 millions of visitors.

14 - Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine

This museum houses the oldest European collection of very rare surgical instruments: with its over 1.500 pieces, the exhibition is organized in chronological order and there are for example also the medical bags used during the battle of Waterloo.

15 - The small statues of liberty

In Paris there are several copies of the Statue of Liberty, in a smaller format: a specimen, about 11 meters high, is located on theAllée de Cignes, a narrow islet within walking distance. Two other specimens, much smaller, can be found in the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Musée d'Orsay.

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