Unknown and isolated, this is the most sustainable country in the world

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Azerbaijan, already famous for its pleasant climate and rich in natural resources, guards a secret territory and for many unknown, but who knows how to surprise as few destinations in the world can do.

Its name is Nakhchivan, one of the most isolated outposts of the former Soviet Union, in this place very few travelers have dared to go. The Azerbaijani enclave, wedged between Turkey, Armenia and Iran, also known as Land of Noah, has no land borders with Azerbaijan, the only access, in fact, is by air.

The richest historical, scientific and cultural heritages of Azerbaijan were formed on this very land; in fact, there are numerous biblical references that they see Noah buried in this territory, precisely in the south of the region, an area that has now become a place of worship.

This land, rich in architectural and natural wonders, has also conquered a place in the world for its own exemplary management of the environment. Anyone who knows the area can confirm that there is no waste on the street and all places, public and private, are clean, well managed and organized.

Respect for the environment is a serious matter for local residents, that's how they are linked to nature who developed cave therapy, known as speleotherapy, a particular therapeutic treatment based on the exploration of natural caves, in order to cure some diseases of the respiratory tract.

The fact that Nakhchivan is the cleanest city Azerbaijan, and the entire Caucasus, is also confirmed by a detailed report published by the Norwegian Committee in Helsinki. All thanks to the locals who volunteer to clean the streets on clear days, cut trees and weed.

This activity has its origins in a practice rooted in the Soviet era, called subbotnik: a now archaic concept of voluntary and unpaid work.

The current activity of planting trees, especially to replenish the forests that were burned for fuel during the blockade, demonstrates how important and respected the environment in which these people live is.

This action confirms how much the inhabitants of Nakhchivan are fond of their land and consider this as an asset to be protected and preserved today, tomorrow and forever.

Mountain Lake Batabat, Nakhchivan – Fonte iStock

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