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There is a really great place in Los Angeles, where you can have fun entering the world of your favorite films. It is about the Universal Studios Hollywood.

From Harry Potter to Fast & Furious, from The Simpsons to Despicable Me, there are many films that come to life in this spectacular amusement park.

If you are in Los Angeles you can't really miss the opportunity to literally dive into the magical world of cinema!

What is Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood is a large theme park dedicated to Universal Pictures productions, which is located inside the Los Angeles studios of the famous film production house.

Universal Studios Hollywood is the largest Universal theme park in the United States, closely followed by Orlando, smaller but equally fascinating.

Anyone in Los Angeles cannot leave without first visiting Universal Studios Hollywood and its fantastic attractions.

Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets

To save some money and avoid wasting time at the checkout, the best solution is buy tickets of Universal Studios Hollywood directly online.

You have the choice between three solutions different:

  • 1 day ticket - 99,86€ - Includes admission to the park's attractions and shows for 1 day;
  • 2 day ticket - 138,06€ - includes standard admission to the park for 2 consecutive days;
  • Universal Studios Hollywood - Universal Express Ticket - € 224,89 - Includes 1 day standard admission, and 1 fast track entry to each seated attraction or show (not valid for restaurants and shops).
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Universal Studios Los Angeles is a truly huge amusement park, which hosts many attractions, each more beautiful than the other! To shoot it all, a whole day is just enough.

Here is a list of the most interesting attractions Universal Studios Los Angeles; those, in short, that you just can't let go.

The World – Famous Studio Tour

Let's start with one of the most traditional experiences you can experience in Hollywood: lo Studio Tour.

If you think, however, that the Universal Studios Studio Tour is the same as all the others, you are very wrong!

While the one from Paramount Pictures offers a more traditional experience, the one offered by Universal complements the traditional film studio tour with some of the great attractions in the amusement park.

Led by the voice of the famous face of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, in about 60 minutes of the tour, you will pass through the set of the plane crash of the film War of the Worlds, you will find yourself face to face with the jaws of the protagonist de The Shark, you will meet the giant King Kong in the adventure King Kong 360 3 – 3D, you will see the mysterious up close Bates Motel in Psycho.

In short, you will explore the television studio where some of the most famous films and TV series in the world were shot.

To finish with a flourish, you will be catapulted directly into one of its most famous and high-adrenaline attractions: Fast & Furious Supercharged.

Fast & Furious Supercharged

Located at the end of The World Famous Studio Tour, Fast & Furious Supercharged is a spectacular attraction in 4 – D dynamic and fast, which will catapult you into the heart of the spectacular adventures of Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner and their band of reckless friends.

King Kong 360 3 – D

Another great 4 - D adventure that you can experience within the Studio Tour, King Kong 360 3 - D, will take you to the film dedicated to the most famous gorilla in cinema.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

At Universal Studios Hollywood you have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter.

You will discover the secrets of Hoghwarts, the most famous school of magic in the world, visit the shops of Hogsmeade and have fun on the two fantastic attractions dedicated to the adventures of the cute wizard.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

It is an exciting journey within the walls of Hoghwarts, which will take you, among others, to Dumbledore's study, in the classroom of Defense Against the Dark Arts, the Gryffindor common room, the Room of Requirements.

Flight of the Hyppogrif

The Flight of the Hippogriff is an exciting flying journey around Hoghwarts Castle.

The Walking Dead Attraction

Are you passionate about the apocalyptic scenarios of the television series The Walking Dead? Then you can't skip the attraction dedicated to it!

Get ready to play the role of survivors and to face the zombies that will appear in front of you along the way.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

If, on the other hand, to win your sympathies were the strange yellow creatures who act as assistants to the evil Gru in the film despicable Me, you can't miss the adventurous Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction, a fantastic one race in 3 – D through the laboratory of the most evil villain in the world.

Jurassic Park-The Ride

The attraction will close on September 3, 2018. In its place, in 2019, the Jurassic World Ride will arrive

Get ready for a close encounter with the dinosaurs of the famous Jurassic Park film production!

Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride

If The Mummy is at the top of your favorite movie list, don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in its monstrous world with this fantastic attraction.

Transformers: The Ride 3 – D

Fight the Decepticons alongside Optimus Prime in this fantastic 3 - D adventure in the world of Transformers!

Super Silly Fun Land

80 different water games, fun dry games suitable for children of all ages and the fantastic Silly Swirly Fun Ride are the ingredients that make up this fantastic attraction suitable for young and old dedicated to the world of Minions.

simpsons ride

After dreaming of wandering its streets, now you finally have the opportunity to explore the city of Springfield with The Simpsons Ride attraction.

Dreamworks Theater Featuring Kung Fu Panda

The latest attraction of the amusement park, arriving on June 15, 2018, Dreamworks Theater featuring Kung Fu Panda will take you to the magical world of Kung Fu Panda with Po and his friends for a sea of ​​4 - D fun.

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Water world

An exciting 20-minute show where you can see up close how adventurous scenes set near the water are shot, with stuntmen, explosions and amazing stunts that you wouldn't believe if you didn't have the chance to see them with your own eyes.

Special Effects Show

Discover all the secrets of Hollywood special effects in this exciting show held by highly trained stuntmen.

Universal’s Animals Actor

Even the four-legged actors have a show of their own, at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Meet the characters

The Transformers, the Minions, the Simpsons, Spongebob, Shrek and Fiona, Scooby - Doo and Shaggy and many other characters roam Universal Studios Hollywood!

Ask staff members when and where your favorite characters will appear and don't miss the chance to take a picture with them.

Universal city walk

Universal Studios City Walk is a fantastic promenade which is located right at the entrance to the park where more than 30 restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas and more than 30 shops are located.

Once your visit to Universal Studios is over, you can stop here for some shopping, a snack and more fun.

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Lots of fun makes you hungry. But don't worry! In an amusement park as big as Universal Studios Hollywood, you are spoiled for choice!

The Three Broomsticks

The world famous Harry Potter venue is a reality at Universal Studios Hollywood!

In addition to tasting the legendary Butterbeer, here you can enjoy many typical English dishes quali “The Great Feast”, Fish & Chip e Shepherd’s Pie.

Cross Burger

You can't really say you've been to Springfield if, before you leave, you don't taste one of the great sandwiches del Krusti Burger.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the original and tasty meat burgers (Krusti Burger, Clogger Burger, the Ribwich, Sideshow Bob Foot Long and Heat Lamp Dog), and to quench your thirst with a sparkling Buzz Cola.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Cletus’ Chicken Shack

If you like chicken, the Cletus Chicken Shack is the place for you! Here you can enjoy numerous dishes, from sandwiches to sticks, all of them based on chicken.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Luigi's Pizza

If you fancy a nice pizza, you can enjoy it in Springfield's most famous pizzeria!

In the restaurant of Luigi Risotto you can enjoy many varieties of pizza, including those for those who cannot eat products with gluten and for vegetarians.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

Inspired by the famous TV show, this colorful van offers its patrons some very tasty Mexican tacos. You can choose from Korean meat tacos, chicken tacos, carne asada and more.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Lard Lad Donuts

Do you fancy something sweet? Then the donuts Springfield's most famous place is the place for you! Here you can enjoy delicious donuts, delicious smoothies, soft cupcakes and many other sweet treats.

Suds McDuff’s Hot Dogs

From Marge Simpsons' legendary Pretzels to Krusty's Non Kosher Hot Dog Combo, Suds McDuff's Hot Dogs offers the best of the best in hot dog, and not only!

Hollywood & Dine

If you want to taste the best dishes in Hollywood, you should definitely visit this place: hamburger, sandwich, salads, pizzas e Funnel Cake are just some of the dishes that you can enjoy at Hollywood & Dine.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream

This is the right place for those who want to enjoy a good and refreshing one gelato.

Despicable Delights

You want to taste some of the desserts Minions' favorite delicacies banana-based, like Freeze Ray Smoothie or Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bana Treat? Then don't forget to visit this place!

French Street Bistro

If you want to indulge a quick snack with a sandwich or a salad and a slice of cake or a pastry, the French Street Bistro is the place to be.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Mel's Diner

Inspired by classic American Diner 50s and 60s, in this place you will find the classic dishes of American cuisine: burgers and fries, chicken sandwiches, chicken sticks, onion rings, milkshakes.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

grill square

This is the place for fans of the grilled food.

Here you can enjoy all the dishes that are traditionally cooked on the barbecue: burgers, pork and turkey accompanied by delicious fries and excellent salads.

To conclude, a greedy and decadent Funnel Cake Supreme.

  • gluten-free
  • vegetarian dishes

Panda Express

Sushi, California Rolls, Rainbow Rolls and a fantastic Orange Chicken with an excellent Asian sauce are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy in this entirely dedicated place to Asian cuisine.

  • vegetarian dishes


Can't wait to enjoy a fragrant Cinnamon Roll? Or maybe a nice homemade ice cream?

If you feel like it una pausa golosa, Cinnabon is the right place for you!

Universal Tower Snack Bar

Located at the base of the Universal Studio Tower, the Universal Tower Snack Bar is the place to go for a quick snack.

I Bar

If you want a drink or a super quick snack, you can enter one of the many bars scattered around the park:

  • Hog’s Head;
  • Moe’s Tavern;
  • Duff Brewery Beer Garden;
  • Gru's Lab Cafe;
  • Jurassic Café;
  • Studio Cafe;
  • Palace Theater Cafè;
  • Mulligan’s Irish Pub;
  • Starbucks;
  • Magic Neep Kart.

Opening Hours

- park hours they vary according to the days and the season. To make sure you know the correct ones, visit the dedicated page of the official Universal Studios Hollywood website.

When to visit them?

If you don't plan your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood carefully, things could get hot… and crowded!

Here are some tips not to find yourself trapped in kilometric queues under the scorching sun to be able to visit an attraction.

The periods to avoid

Universal Studios Hollywood is a popular destination not only for tourists from America and abroad, but also for those who live in and around Los Angeles.

Here are the periods in which to visit the park could prove to be a really difficult task:

  • on weekends in general;
  • during Christmas holidays;
  • during the spring break and Easter holidays;
  • on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Veteran's Day;
  • when some new attraction is inaugurated.

The best times to visit Universal Studios Hollywood

These, on the other hand, are the ideal periods to visit Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • weekdays, particularly in January, February, September and October and in the second half of August;
  • the first days of March and the second half of April;
  • the first half of September (excluding Labor Day).

The best times of day to avoid the crowds

When you decide to visit Universal Studios Hollywood you must also choose the right time of day to avoid the crowds.

If possible, find yourself in front of the park gates as soon as they open, and head straight to the most popular attractions, such as Harry Potter or The World Famous Studio Tour, or you risk spending a good part of your visit stuck in a few lines.

Also the afternoon, around 16:30 pm, or closing time, are good times of the day to visit the park.

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Where are they and how to get there?

Universal Studios Hollywood is located at 100 from Universal City Plaza to Universal City.

To reach them the most suitable means of transport are the car and the Metro. Here's how you need to go to get to Universal Studios Hollywood:

By car

And Hollywood

Take 101 Hollywood Freeway North to Universal Studios Boulevard. Turn right on Universal Studios Boulevard and follow signs for Universal Studios Hollywood.

Santa Monica

Take 10 Santa Monica Freeway East and follow this road to 405 Freeway North. Take the exit for 101 Ventura Freeway East / South (follow signs for Los Angeles); follow this road and then exit at Lankershim Boulevard, following the signs for Universal Studios Hollywood.

Dal Los Angeles International Airport

Follow signs for 105 Freeway and take 105 Freeway East to 110 Harbor Freeway North.

Pass the Downtown area and take the 101 Freeway North. Continue to the intersection with Universal Studios Boulevard, then turn right on this road and follow the signs to reach Universal Studios Hollywood.


Il Parking Fee at Universal Studios Hollywood is of $ 25,00 if you stay in the park from opening until 18pm.

Parking from 18:00 to 22:00 costs $ 10,00.

with the meter

To get to Universal Studios, you have to take the Red Line of the Metro and get off at Universal / Studio City station.

Free shuttle

The pedestrian bridge located at the intersection of Lankershim and Universal Hollywood Drive allows you to reach the departure point of the free shuttle Universal Studios Shuttle, which stops directly in front of the main entrance to the Studios.

The service operates 7 days a week, with a bus departing every 10/25 minutes from 7:00 am until about 2 hours before the park closes.

History, curiosities and information

When was Universal Studios Hollywood born? And most importantly, when did they become the home of one of the most famous and visited theme parks in the world?

The history of Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Pictures is a film production company that has more than 100 years. His studios, located in Universal City of Hollywood, Los Angeles, are among the "big six”Of the city, and have contributed to consecrate it as a cinema mecca.

Already in the 1915 Carl laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios, opened the doors of his ranch, Universal city, to visitors, who, for themselves 15 cents, they could watch the filming of the films.

After the era of silent cinema, the doors of Universal Studios were closed to the public, because the hum of the voices of the audience prevented the crews from correctly recording the sounds.

He was alone in 1961 that visitors were able to return to visit the Universal sets, boarding the buses of the Gray Line company.

In 1964, the buses were replaced by the quieter trams. The first official studio tour Universal Studios cost only $ 2,50 per person.

The transformation had begun. Universal Studios Hollywood were increasingly abandoning the classic studio tour to approach the birth of one of the largest and most spectacular theme parks in the world.

In 1967 it opened its doors Universal Entertainment Center and the famous one took off stunt show set in the far west that remained a trademark of the park until 2002, when it was definitively canceled.

In 1986 Universal Studios inaugurated their first real carousel, the King Kong Ride. In subsequent years, they also came Earthquake, E.T. Experience e Jurassic Park: The Ride; the latter is the attraction that, most of all, has consecrated the transformation of Universal Studios Hollywood into a fantastic amusement park.


Here are some curiosities about Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • the tram used in the 60s for the studio tour was called Glamourous Tram. The tour also included lunch;
  • the prime guide on the studio tour were the operators who worked for the studios and the relatives of the actors who acted in the films of Universal;
  • the first attraction completely separate from the studio tour was The ET Adventure, which opened only in 1991;
  • some attractions are housed in real recording studios;
  • some attractions are used for making films;
  • sometimes the attractions become more famous than the films they are inspired by;
  • in 2008, a huge fire destroyed the original carousel dedicated to King Kong and several sets, including the one of the back to the future of which today you can still see, during the studio tour, the clock tower;
  • the park celebrate anniversaries of the release of the most important films of Universal. Like the one of Jurassic Park, which in 2018 accomplishes 25 years;
  • during the year, at Universal Studios Hollywood, several are held special events, come le Halloween Horror Nights e Grinchmas.


Here some other information on the park which can come in handy when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood.

Child switch

If you are visiting the park with children that they cannot get on the attraction you are queuing for, two other adults in line can wait with them in a dedicated room while you get on the carousel; on your return, those who have kept the children company can get on the carousel directly without having to get back in line.

Skip the lines

If you are holding a Universal Express ticket you can skip the queue once for each attraction.

Studio Tour in other languages

The studio tour is also available in Spanish and mandarin.

How long does it take to visit the whole park?

To be able to see all the attractions of Universal Studios Hollywood it takes at least a full day.

What attractions are not recommended for pregnant women?

For their safety, pregnant women are advised to avoid the following attractions: The Studio Tour, Jurassic Park © - The Ride, Transformers ™: The Ride-3D, The Simpsons Ride ™, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Revenge of the Mummy℠ - The Ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ™ and Flight of the Hippogriff ™.

Strollers and wheelchairs

Inside the park it is possible to rent both strollers and wheelchairs.

XFinity Wifi

The park offers its visitors a service of Free WIFI named XFinity Wifi.

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