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Last summer I satisfied one of my curiosities: to see the world of the Maya!
Here is my travelogue in the Yucatan: Caribbean Sea and Mayan culture. A mix of elements that offer many ideas and always with something to see,? a continuous discovery!
My trip to the Yucatan? lasted two weeks: departing from Italy we arrive in Cancun, after which the stops were Playa del Carmen and Tulum, used as excellent bases to move to various places on the peninsula.


1 day

Once you have landed at the Cancun airport, you will have to deliver the documents completed on the plane to customs, but remember to keep the part they leave to you, will you need it? on the way back. Leaving the airport there are all the buses of the ADO line that take you all over the Yucatan and the rest of Mexico.
First destination Playa del Carmen: very crowded seaside town but good base point to visit more.
I do not recommend staying on th Avenue, which is excessively chaotic.
As the first day, most likely it will be? half a day seen the flight, rest on the beach.

2 day

Playa del Carmen
There is no particular attention here, but the beach and the sea are guaranteed! The beaches are both free and equipped with various services.

3 day

Chitchen Itza - Cenote Azul - Valladolid
Now that you have recovered your energies, we leave for the Mayan world: Chictchen Itza. There are ADO buses that will take you there, but also organized mini tours or the car rental option. I had chosen a mini tour organized by the hotel. The first stop along the way? at the Cenote Azul: a spectacle of nature to dive into! The cenotes are caves with fresh water, typical of the Yucatan, looking out from above you will see clear water and the roots of the vegetation that stretch towards it. It is accessed inside with ladders and, with ap? of courage, dive in!
Then you will arrive in Chitchen Itza: remember to bring water and mineral salts with you, why? you will walk a bit in the forest, it seems there is no air! The show then for? ? awesome: ? she the most? famous Mayan pyramid, imposing and lonely in the middle of the forest. All around the archaeological site has other areas with remains, the playing field and the cenote where human sacrifices were carried out.
In the middle? afternoon will you move a few kilometers in the city? of Valladolid:? a former Spanish colony, it still bears its characteristics. It has a large central cathedral and side streets filled with low colored houses.

4 day

Cozumel Island
From the port of Playa del Carmen take the tickets to the island of Cozumel. They leave about every 30 minutes and you will arrive on a small island with a beautiful sea. From the port of Cozumel we took a taxi to Playa Palancar (about 20km): an equipped beach, however with few sunbeds and umbrellas, isn't it? certainly crowded! The sea ? very nice and if you manage to arrive early in the morning (by 10 am? enough) you will be alone.

5 day

Playa del Carmen - Tulum
With the ADO buses, move to the second leg of the journey which? Tulum. I had arrived in the late morning and given the heat I opted to continue the day on the beach: in Tulum c '? Playa Paraiso. I loved that place! White sand, crystal clear sea and long palm trees.
For Tulum, move either by taxi or by renting bicycles, there are excellent cycle paths.

6 day

Ruinas arquelogicas
Tulum also has important Mayan ruins: they are located in a very large park, with walking iguanas and a scorching sun. Here you will find the famous pyramid overlooking the sea: it was a watchtower for the Maya people, who in reality? lived within the peninsula.
Bring your costume with you why? right there under c '? a beach and you can? take a bath!

7 day

Playa paraiso
Total relaxation on the beach in the beautiful Playa Paraiso!

8 day

From the ADO bus station take the one to Cob ?, in an hour's journey you will arrive at another important Mayan archaeological site. It is a very large park, in the middle of the forest, and bicycles can be rented at the entrance. I never thought of cycling there, in a Mexican forest at the foot of the pyramids!
It is all well indicated, after a couple of km you will arrive at one of the largest pyramids. ancient. On this you can? go up, even if there are no protections, but do it:? a unique experience being on the roof of a pyramid in the middle of the green!

9 day

Bacalar: laguna de los you're colores
Leave early in the morning why? this trip takes about three hours, but you will arrive in Bacalar in the lagoon of the 7 colors, so? call for the various shades of blue! Imagine you!
They also organize various boat trips to better see the lagoon:? very large, you will probably only see a part of it, but will you be surprised ?!

10 day

In Tulum and its surroundings there are many cenotes: these small underground freshwater lakes.
I recommend hiring a scooter and visiting, or better diving, in a couple. You pay a small ticket at the entrance of each one, equip yourself with swimsuit, fins, and everything you need to swim in this beautiful nature!

11 day

Tulum - Cancun
Once again taking an ADO bus you will return to Cancun. I stayed in the city? and not in the hotel area what? a long street full of resorts, luxury hotels, shops and clubs. In my opinion there are no particular attractions in Cancun, but? certainly a good base to visit the other areas before leaving.
After we settled in the hotel we went to Playa Delfines: no? easy to find the beaches in the midst of all those buildings, you really have to go around them.

12 day

Isla Mujeres
You will not easily forget Isla Mujeres: white beaches and crystal clear sea, background music and kindness. To get there, just go to Puerto Juarez (Cancun), the colectivos buses arrive there, and then about every 40 minutes ships leave for the island.
I have been to Playa Norte:? adorable! Few sunbeds on the beach, with a small bar behind it full of fresh fruit and cocktails!

13 day

Holbox Island
Isla Holbox too? an incredible Caribbean island: long tongues of sand in the middle of the sea, a dream!
Nothing more to say about this marvel. A p? pi? far from Cancun compared to the previous one, but more? that is never worth it!
Precisely for this reason it would be better to stay on the island at least one night.

14 day

The Coloradas
Rent a car for a day, leave early in the morning for las Coloradas:? a golden beach in front of a pink lagoon! Nature in all its forms always surprises!

In short, the Yucatan enchanted me! The nature, the sense of lightness, the smiles ... Every now and then I find myself looking at the photos and I smile again remembering those days of full happiness!

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