Two friends in Lisbon

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Take two friends, a shared dream and tickets to Lisbon, I think there is no need to add anything else to describe the adrenaline and excitement for this new adventure, I just say that the feet were stamping in the plane until we touched Portuguese ground ! Lisbon welcomes us with an intense light, which immediately captivates us, the city? ? full of authentic places and it's not just the colors that bewitch, but a combination of flavors, smells, and decadence. Any corner? a discovery, not to mention the charm of the buildings covered with the typical azulejos (decorated tiles) that give a cheerful and lively touch to a city? somewhat nostalgic.

1 day

Do we run into the narrow alleys of the city? aboard a very nice green convertible car that looks like something out of a cartoon! Thanks to Joao of Go4Lisbon all this? it immediately looks familiar; from the imposing Praca do Comercio in Baixa with its Triumphal Arch, from which the Rua Augusta begins, which joins it to the Pra? a do Rossio, up to one of the most? panoramic views of the city? the Miradouro Porta do Sol, with a breathtaking view of Lisbon. Speaking of Miraudoro, the Miradouro de Graca is also worth a visit and a hundred photos (!), Out of the chaos of tourism with a clear view of the Lisbon rooftops.Our small and nice convertible also accompanies us in the alleys full of history of Alfama, this ? by far the most? historic and typical of Lisbon, survived the earthquake of 1755, offers incredible views and a delicious Ginjinha! Impossible to walk through the narrow streets populated by characteristic taverns and not hear the melody more? famous of the country, fado, the song of destiny and love, indulge in this music will be? an authentic Portuguese experience, besides Bacalhau of course !!

2 day

Between a curiosity? and some little secrets revealed here we are at a time of Bel? m, here an obligatory stop in the Pastelaria de Bel? m, to taste the Pasteis de Bel? m, before leaving anyone advised me to taste this dessert and I, now, cannot do less,? a real pleasure, but be VERY careful they can be addictive !!!! After the greedy stage and a full stomach, Belem must have no secrets for us, so Mosteiro dos Jer? Nimos to admire the Manueline-style church and cloister, stroll through the flower beds of Pra? A do Imp? Rio, up to the Monument Geographical Discoveries and the characteristic Torre de Bel? M.

3 day

New day and new stage, we move away from Lisbon to reach, with Lisbon Riders, Sintra, here get ready what will it seem? enter the kingdom of fairy tales with fairytale castles that will leave you amazed! The pi? known ? the Palacio de la Pena, lush details, enchanting gardens, towers and panoramic terraces,? here we gave away the series? princesses for a day? !!! Quinta da Regaleira is also worth a visit, a particular residence immersed in a park permeated with mystery, do not be impressed if you happen to? to discover underground hiding places and labyrinths. Cabo de Roca is undoubtedly large, a terrace overlooking the ocean where a large engraving reminds you where you are:

? Aqui ... Waves on the ground if acaba eo mar how? A ...?
This is the writing that makes you understand the uniqueness? of the place: cliffs, a strong wind and then the ocean in its immensity. Cabo de Roca? the charm of being in the far west of Europe, the thrill of being in the most? close? to America. And finally, to conclude the tour on the outskirts of Lisbon, we visit Cascais, an ancient fishing village, very quiet with very nice views. like its little beach, you can breathe the relaxed air typical of a vacation spot.

4 day

Our eyes have dreamed a lot, between fairytale places and alleys full of history, but our beloved capital of Portugal? cos? surprising what will you do? travel the world with your feet on the ground, do not be alarmed if for a moment you believe you are in San Francisco, the April 25th bridge? ?almost? the photocopy of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the next moment even in Rio de Janeiro with the splendid reproduction of the? Cristo Rei ?, also very similar to what you can? see in Brazil!

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