Two days to discover the Ligurian capital

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It was not my first time in Genoa. It was, however, the first time that I "faced it alone".
Could I cos? enjoy the city? in full autonomy, deciding what to visit and at what time of day.
I decided to do two days to not miss the points pi? important of the city. What? ? happened ...

1 day

During the first day I dedicated myself to the historic center and all the important museums and buildings of the city.
First the museum of the Royal Palace: a succession of fantastic, perfectly furnished rooms that take you back in time.
Then the Salita di Santa Brigida, not well known but highly recommended for its fantastic pastel colors.
I then reached the center and admired the beautiful Cathedral of San Lorenzo and its gothic facade.
A few steps c '? the magnificent Piazza De Ferrari, the famous square which has an authentic bronze fountain in the center. On the same square you can? admire the Carlo Felice Theater and the Ducal Palace.
Inside the Doge's Palace, very special exhibitions alternate at various times of the year: I had the pleasure of admiring the one dedicated to De Chirico.
After a quick glance at the Arc de Triomphe (yes, Genoa also has one) and the narrow streets typical of Liguria, I reached the Royal Road which, with its buildings, is one of the world heritage sites of humanity. of Unesco.
I visited the three main buildings, namely Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria-Tursi and I found them truly unique (recommended !!).
I concluded with a dinner based on trofie with pesto.

2 day

How to start a day in Genoa if not visiting the Aquarium of Genoa?
Yes, I went back a bit like a child and I admired one tank after another, walking calmly to study the details that come from the bottom of our seas.
Sharks, rays, moray eels, crustaceans, dolphins and much more.
In my opinion ? a destination that, despite the excessive prices, deserves to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.
Later I took a look at Genoa from above. I then reached the Balcony Spianata Castelletto and I stayed there? for at least half an hour to take lots of photos.
For the afternoon I chose Boccadasse:? a village of sailors located in Genoa, after having traveled about 3 kilometers along the seafront. It is worth it, both for the small beach in which to swim and for its pastel colors and very instagrammable.
2 days in Genoa? He deserves them quietly!

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