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We arrive in the early afternoon at the airport? Adolfo Su? Rez,? Only to take the luggage from the conveyor belt we walked a corridor of about 1 km.

In organizing the trip we had evaluated the idea of ​​taking the metro (you can easily take it from terminal 1/2), but I won't tell you the difficulty? in making us understand by an? employee of the electronic machines, can I explain ?.

First you need to buy a rechargeable card that can? contain max 20 trips at a cost of 1.20 euros for each, plus? 3 euros for each tax to leave the airport and the card costs 5 euros.

We having already? one topped up with 12 tickets we just wanted confirmation? of having to? reload another 8 for then? take 3 single tickets since we were 23, that's what it said? it seems obvious and obvious? .but the Spanish chick who among other things didn't say a word in English kept saying no!

In the end we went back in search of the exit to take the taxi, getting lost I don't know how many times? (? If a camera filmed us like? Those of airport security would have made a report to the authorities?

After two hours at the airport we got on the taxi, cheers!

1 day

We arrive at the hotel at 17, an excellent hotel in a central location, booked as a hostel, but in reality? it had quadruple and double rooms with private bathrooms. Clean, modern and perfectly organized at a cost of 20 euros per night in quadruple, and 32.50 in double.

The sweet to savory buffet breakfast was 7.50 payable locally; optimal solution for those who want to make sandwiches for lunch.


We were deposited the luggage? Pleasantly? greeted by a? downpour that forced us to take refuge in a room spotted in the few meters we managed to do

? ham paradise? !

Minimal place, very spartan, adorned with hams everywhere. ??

Waiting for it to stop? we fooled the wait by eating and drinking sangria for a few euros!

Refreshed and the magnanimous weather we set out towards Puerta del Sol, a short distance from our hotel and the gran via.

IS? one of the most? of Madrid, represents the 0 km from the road network? and the center of the New Year celebrations.

Was there an entrance to the casino in our programs? in the second evening, we anticipate the late hour and here we are to challenge fate!

2 euro gift voucher? and how do the worst longshoremen position ourselves in front of the slot machines? .with two euros c ?? who has won 50!

2 day

Wake up early, we only have 12 hours to visit Madrid.

The rain doesn't give up, but neither do we! Equipped with umbrellas and k way, we start walking following the map and the program.


1? stop Plaza de Espana

A large square in the center of which is a fountain with a statue dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish writer and novelist, and at the base two statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Two important buildings overlook the square: the Tower of Madrid and the Espana building.

Honestly, it didn't strike me very much,? Was it natural to make a comparison with Piazza di Spagna in Rome? But you know we Italians are like that, we criticize despite everything!

We continue towards the Royal Palace

Residence of the Spanish royal family,? also called Palazzo d? Oriente.

The palace today? used exclusively for ceremonies and conferences, as the monarchs live in the Zarzuela Palace on the outskirts of Madrid.

The palace ? imposing and elegant pity that inside it is not possible to take photographs.

The palace can you? visit for free from 16 to 18 pm on weekdays, but you have to arrive no later than 17 pm The rain unfortunately makes everything very sad, Madrid is cold and gloomy!


Adjacent to the Royal Palace c ?? the? Almudena Cathedral.

Cathedral dedicated to the Virgen de la Almudena. Started in 15th century French Gothic style inside and neo classical outside? ? been? consecrated on June 1993, by John Paul II.?

Much criticized, why? ? a mixture of various styles, but certainly beautiful.

Its interior? full of colored glass that with the sunlight give a touch of color to the white columns. Plaza Mayor? the fourth stage.

The main square of Madrid. It is surrounded by a quadrangular building, red with Nordic style roofs. Along the four sides there are shops and bars.

Like all the squares in Madrid, this too? spacious and? full of people.? Unfortunately, the gray of the sky made it less beautiful than it is.

? 5? San Miguel market stop

A covered market of the early 900s where all there is? who is exposed? in an elegant and certainly captivating way.

At any time you go? impossible not to be dazzled by so many sweet and savory delicacies. Tapas with burrata, paella of all kinds, cold cuts, chips and all sorts of fried food !?
6? stage, Retiro Park

118 hectares of greenery, trees and artificial lakes where you can? rent the rowboat and relax. Areas dedicated to activities physics. Immense meadows where you can lie down and do nothing!



7? stage ,? Palacio de Cristal

Inside the Retiro park, is this glass building with a Victorian-style metal structure.

IS? surrounded? from horse chestnuts and an artificial lake.

Currently ? seat of contemporary art exhibitions.

8? and 9? stop, Prado and Reina Sofia museums

Being Wednesday? we are on the days when the Prado and Reina Sofia museums are free (one from 18 to 20 pm and the other from 17 to 19 pm)

Unfortunately, no photos can be taken. But surely for whom? an art lover is not? to lose Picasso's Guernica in Reina Sofia and Caravaggio's David against Goliath in the Prado.

Always free admission for? minors and students up to 25 years old.


10? stage, piazza dell? Oriente

Times are tight now ,? returning to the hotel we pass by Piazza dell? Oriente, adorned with statues of the various kings of Spain.

While walking we photograph everything? what for us? beautiful, palaces, buildings, shops and particular streets, is with the desire to see how much more? possible.

We try to grasp the particular, despite the tiredness we walk to the bitter end. About 10 km without using means of transport.

Only cos? can you? admire every glimpse, every corner where you can find yourself just by chance!

Finally the sun comes out, now setting, but it is enough for us to see the Madrid we expected. The buildings kissed by the sun certainly have a completely different aspect.

In all this we can even book dinner in a typical restaurant searched on Tripadvisor.

Marina Ventura the name ,? paying 21 euros for a paella for two people, excellent with fresh fish and large portions and three liter jugs for 13 euros each!

Cost of the trip:

Return flight: 40 euros

Overnight: 20 euros per night in quadruple room per person

Museums: free admission

meals: 7.50 breakfast + 35 euros total for two days?

Steps:? Infinite!

Total cost:? 130 euros per person for two days


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