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San Francisco is one of the most popular destinations among tourists visiting the West Coast. Every year millions of people find themselves walking along its famous ups and downs and to enjoy a dream panorama there is nothing better than a walk on the Twin Peaks.

These are two hills that offer a 360 ° view of the Californian metropolis, from the top of which you can admire the whole bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower.

It may not be one of San Francisco's best-known or most publicized attractions, but it definitely deserves to be visited, if only to take selfies with an incredible landscape behind it. So here's how to get to Twin Peaks and what things there are to see.

What are Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are two small hills approximately each other 280 meters above sea level and arise in the geographic center of San Francisco, not to be confused with Downtown, the city center.

As the name suggests, there are two twin hills which are 200 meters away from each other and are called Noe (to south) ed Eureka (North). They are located not far from the Castro district and are slightly higher than Mount Davidson, the highest hill in the city.

Twin Peaks is also the name of the residential neighborhood of the same name at the foot of the hills. There Twin Peaks Boulevard it is the panoramic road that allows you to reach the top along a curved path.

On the sides of the road that will take you to the two hills there are elegant residences and modern terraced villas that are very colorful and lively. On fine sunny days you can see San Francisco from above in all its beauty.

Given their position, the hills almost make up one climate barrier. The west side is more frequently subject to fog and strong winds, while the east side is generally warmer and sunnier.

San Francisco Urban Tour: Castro and Twin Peaks

What to see on the Twin Peaks

From Eureka Hill you have a perfect view of the Dowtown area and the San Francisco skyline. You can also see both the Golden Gate Bridge and the whole bay on which the city overlooks.

On the other hand, from the Noe hill you have a better view of the more residential districts. Let's see what are the main attractions not to be missed once you arrive on the Twin Peaks.

Christmas Tree Point

Christmas Tree Point is the most important viewpoint on Twin Peaks and is immediately adjacent to the main car park. Fog permitting, it is possible to glimpse the tallest skyscrapers in San Francisco and much of the bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge.

From this area you can also see the Van Ness Avenue, a wide artery that then joins with US Route 101. Today it is a very commercial street, overlooked by large hotel chains.

Another attraction you can admire is the Sutro Tower, a radio-television antenna almost 300 meters high. Built in 1973, it has a very futuristic look and owes its name to Adolph Sutro, former mayor of San Francisco.

Mount Sutro

As urbanized hills, the Twin Peaks do not offer real paths to explore, with the exception of those connecting the observation points.

If the two hills have a rather bare terrain, the neighbor Mount Sutro it is covered with a rich eucalyptus forest, where the San Francisco fog keeps the humid microhabitat.

Mount Sutro is a kind of small oasis, far from the chaos of the city, where you can walk in peace in the shade of fresh vegetation.

Much of the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve belongs to the University of California which allows you to visit it for free by walking along a series of trails. Among them you will find the Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro Loop, an 8-kilometer route that allows you to climb both peaks.

If you decide to start the walk from the Twin Peaks car park, you must descend from one of the two hills and follow a path that crosses the green areas near the streets of the neighborhood, before climbing Mount Sutro thanks to theHistoric Trail, a path that offers you a beautiful panoramic view.

How to get to the Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks can be reached both by car and by public transport. If you have rented a car, it will be sufficient to set the navigator, entering as address 501 Twin Peaks Boulevard.

You will then have to go Market Street going west and then continue up Portola Drive for 4 kilometers. Finally, take Twin Peaks Boulevard following the green signs. You will find yourself in the Twin Peaks parking lot.

Those who instead move with i public transport they will have to do a little more effort as the buses arrive at the foot of the hills. Therefore, you will have to go up on foot.

The closest neighborhood is Castro, which you can reach with the L or M lines of the Muni Metro. From here you can take the line 37 Corbett dei bus Muni on Castro Street and then get off at Burnett Avenue & Crestline Drive.

This same line also crosses the Haight-Ashbury district and if you want, you can catch the bus at stops on Market Street.

Finally, those who do not have a car and do not want to use public transport can always opt for the taxi. Starting in a central area like Union Square, the ride will cost you around $ 20.

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