Turks and Caicos, Caribbean: where they are, when to go and what to see

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Probably when you hear about the crystal clear sea, palm trees, fishing villages and towns with colonial buildings, the first thought goes to the Caribbean islands, coveted by snorkelers and water sports enthusiasts as well as less adventurous typesinstead, lovers of days on the beach between sun and cocktails. However, even in the Caribbean there are totally unexpected places, places that know how to amaze for their uniqueness: this is the case of the islands of Turks and Caicos, so different from most of the atolls bathed by the Caribbean Sea. If you have not heard of them or have the slightest idea how to get there, this article is the one for you: we will tell you specifically where they are, how to reach them from Europe, as well as having selected some of the main points of interest for you. interest that is worth visiting once on the islands.


  1. Travel informed: useful information
  2. Where are
  3. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  4. Which island to go to?
  5. 8 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  6. What to do in Turks and Caicos: excursions and tours
  7. How much does a vacation in Turks and Caicos cost? Prices, offers and advice
  8. User questions and comments

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 32.000
  • Capital: Cockburn Town
  • Languages: English
  • Local currency: US dollar (€ 1,00 = 1,14 USD)
  • Weather: basically humid and hot for about 12 months, with temperatures that can vary from 19 ° to 35 ° C throughout the year
  • vaccinations: no vaccination required
  • Entry requirements: Passport, return or onward flight ticket
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where are

    Turks and Caicos make up a Caribbean coral archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is made up of two macro-groups of islands: Grand Turk Island and Salt Cay Island; that of the Caicos, on the other hand, groups 28 small and slightly larger islets and dream atolls. As this is an overseas dependency of the UK, the official language is English, while the current legal system is based on the Common Law established by the motherland. In particular, the island of Grand Turk is the political, administrative and cultural center of the entire archipelago and it is also here that the capital is located, Cockburn Town, the seat of government since 1766.

    How to reach us

    • From the main European capitals: the same is true for the connections guaranteed by the main European capitals. For example, departing from London with British Airways, you can reach New York in 8 hours, and then take a direct flight to Grand Turk directly from the Big Apple.

    When to go? Info on climate and best time

    • Weather: it is mainly hot and humid all year round, with the alternation of two seasons, the hottest one from May to October (when there is more rainfall) and the "coolest" one from December to March. The temperatures are quite high, so much so that the daily average in summer is 28 ° C and 23 ° C during the winter months. However, the presence of breezes from the United States can lower the perceived temperatures, making the climate pleasant almost all year round. Consequently, the sea water also maintains a rather high temperature that coincides with an average of 28 ° C. Finally, keep in mind that rainfall is lower here than in the rest of the Caribbean, with an average of 120mm of water falling in the wettest month (which appears to be November). However, pay attention to the risk of tropical hurricanes that can hit hard and suddenly during the summer days.
    • Best time: from January to April, when the climate is pleasant without the risk of rain or excessive heat.
    • Period to avoid: from August to October, when tropical depressions and hurricanes can easily occur.
    • Advice: it is necessary to bring both light clothes suitable for sunny days on the beach, and some heavier garments (jeans, sweatshirt, sweater) for the evening or periods of greater humidity. Do not forget at home even a scarf for the windiest days, a k-way or a raincoat, sunscreen, insect repellent and ... obviously everything you need to immortalize every moment of your dream vacation.

    Which island to go to?

    The archipelago consists of about forty islands and atolls, here are the three main ones:

    1. Grand Turk: is the main island of the Turks. Here is the airport that allows greater connections with the continent, also here is the capital, Cockburn Town and the most important nightlife venues. Choosing to visit Grand Turk means opting for an authentic place, where white beaches such as talcum powder, restaurants of typical Creole cuisine, museums but also lots of entertainment can coexist.
    2. Salt Cay: is the other large island that makes up the Turks group. Quieter than its "neighbor", Salt Cay is a small oasis of peace, much sought after for lovers of naturalistic sites but also of whale watching, here it is possible to spot humpback whales, the same ones that emigrate in some months of the year. towards Greenland and Iceland.
    3. Providenciales: is a small island located between New York and the Dominican Republic. We recommend it especially if you want to withdraw from the rest of the world at least for a few hours. Its beaches are the most beautiful in the entire archipelago, and on the island you can also rent wonderful villas overlooking the sea (if you are traveling in a group it can be an excellent solution).

    8 things to see: beaches and places of interest

    1. Grace Bay Beach: it is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Providenciales, always highly sought after for its emerald water, the reef not far from the shore and the 6km of white sand.
    2. Half moon bay: after Grace Bay Beach, it is the second most popular beach for tourists in Providenciales, accessible by sea. In fact, many opt for the rental of a kayak, with which to explore the nearby coastline.
    3. Mudjin Harbor: it is a small promontory of Middle Caicos that divides the bay in two. The peculiarity of the place, easily reachable also by car, is the wild state that characterizes it (don't forget your camera in the hotel or you will regret it).
    4. Taylor Bay Beach: in the center of Providenciales, it is a heavenly place that you will never want to leave. It is not uncommon to spot stingrays near the shore.
    5. Gibbs Cay: this beach of Grand Turk is very popular, however the amount of tourists does not undermine the beauty of the place, characterized by soft white sand and transparent water. Here, too, there is the possibility of spotting rays.
    6. Chalk Sound: it is a Providenciales lagoon where the colors of the sea and those of the sky seem to blend together. If you are undecided about where to stay on this island of a thousand shades, opt with your eyes closed for a villa overlooking the lagoon.
    7. Leeward Beach: very similar to Grace Bay Beach which is nearby, it is actually much less crowded. Highly recommended for snorkelers.
    8. Sapodilla Bay: this beach has everything you could wish for a stay in the Caribbean, wonderful sea, palm trees, shallow waters for the first few meters, jet skis, lush nature.

    What to do in Turks and Caicos: excursions and tours

    How much does a vacation in Turks and Caicos cost? Prices, offers and advice

    Although the Turks and Caicos Islands are not among the most popular Caribbean destinations (unlike the Bahamas, Cuba and other more popular locations), theThe presence of the US dollar as the official currency makes living costs slightly higher than one might think, although choosing to eat often street food or in restaurants that are not too chic, the costs of the food are still affordable (equal to € 10,00 / 15,00 per meal). As far as accommodation is concerned, all-inclusive resorts are very popular, although other cheaper options are still available (apartments, B & Bs, etc.). Furthermore, the fact that only 8 out of over 40 islands are inhabited also requires any costs for excursions and / or transfers by sea in case you feel like exploring the surroundings a bit. The main costs of the trip will be those of airline tickets: this is why we advise you to research an advantageous offer well in advance without waiting for unlikely last minute discounts.

    • Hotel and b & b starting from € 100,00 per room -
    • starting from € 600,00 -
    • 15 days / 10 nights from € 2.700,00 per person -

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