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Passion for the Nordic countries? started a few years ago, but given the high costs for a young traveler? always remained a dream in the drawer, until April 2019. Two days before leaving I found a low cost flight to Norway, obviously I could not let it escape, it was my first trip alone, in the North, in a hostel.
I was ready to change.
Where I stayed: Saga Poshtel Oslo Central. I recommend it to everyone as it is very clean, modern, young and helpful staff, abundant breakfast, tidy rooms and bathrooms, central location.
Many museums were closed for works, I recommend waiting for the restoration to take full advantage of your holiday and check the days of free access and consult the various markets / exhibitions present.

1 day

I landed in the morning at Torp Sandefiord airport, being quite far from the center, the best solution? comfortable and fast? been taking the free shuttle to Torp station and from there? take the train to Oslo S. (takes about 2 hours), despite the distance already? by train you can admire the Nordic landscapes with resistant snow even if it was April.
Leaving the station, I admired the city traffic and headed to the hostel. Have I started to discover the city? wandering through the streets and amazed by the surrounding silence, why? the cars are mostly electric.
I recommend walking through the residential streets and admiring the buildings, passing through Karl Johans Gate (shopping street) until you reach the royal palace in all its splendor and stopping at the Parliament (located halfway).

2 day

I decided to dedicate the day to Norwegian nature by heading to? Stensj? Vannet a lake outside the city ?, I got there on foot in an hour and a half, if like me you love you lost to photograph and see the streets with characteristic houses do it, otherwise there are the means. On the way back I went to the botanical garden (free) and the adjoining park and found some murals.
A must-see 22 July Center in memory of the 2011 attack, continuing towards the national gallery, the Nobel Peace Center and the museum of modern art.
One of my favorite areas? was Aker Brygg where can you? admire the sea sitting on the benches,? a lively area between locals and tourists traveling by sea. Arrive at the end of the street and walk under the "bridge of shirts" in the most? hipster.
Returning to the beginning of the street you will see the Opera House in front of you: a modern and elegant structure, climb up to the roof without fear, wait for the sunset and the night lights.
Every evening at sunset I went there, even staying two hours, the cold did not stop me in front of so much splendor.

3 day

One word: Vigeland Park. A majestic green area with a park, ponds and the main entrance full of sculptures on the sides; inside there are other realistic human sculptures that symbolize bonds and emotions and the column of bodies one above the other.
I spent a lot of time there, I wanted to photograph all the sculptures but there were too many ... I had an equally large place to visit where, despite the map, I got lost: the Var Frelsers cemetery with the graves of important people like Enrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch.

4 day

They will not be the classic photos of the Norwegian fjords, but in its small way Oslo also has splendid sea views, take the ferries or organized cruises where you will be given information on the places you will see; despite the blankets that you will find, the wind can? be very strong therefore? cover up!
I got off the ferry and headed to the Akershus fortress, also for free and I highly recommend it to enjoy the sea view.
my last day was over, it was time to go back to Torp and say goodbye to Norway.

- 3 days of visit are enough
-Check the temperatures, bring clothes to keep you warm and take a good look at the distance from the airport to the center
-Get ready for high prices, inquire about the best places? cheap to eat
- organize cruises in time
-lose yourself and find out

Oslo is worth a visit, but still looking for the real Norway the adventurous one.

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