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Now I go back in time to tell you about the most exciting and fascinating journey of my life, undertaken in September 2005, to go to the USA, specifically to New York!
It was my dream for a long time and just got me? presented the opportunity I took advantage of it,? lasted only a week but only the fact of being there? ? was splendid.

1 day

In the first place I was alone and this allowed me to go where I wanted, to organize myself and manage my visits to the most famous places in the city in full autonomy.
I don't know where to start, try? from the beginning ... the first day when I arrived I felt so small, surrounded by the smallest skyscrapers? beautiful and tall that I had ever seen ... I climbed the Empire State Building since the Twin Towers, unfortunately, were already? been affected by the sad events of 2001.
From up there? the view takes your breath away, the cars seem tiny and you can see all the bridges that connect the island of Manhattan to the other neighborhoods, Central Park, the statue of Liberty? a unique overview of the metropolis.

2 day

When you walk through the clean and wide streets of the Big Apple, do you feel like you are in a movie, do you feel like a citizen of the world thanks to the many ethnic groups you meet everywhere, people always go running, drinking those coffees? horrible in thermal paper cups,? a river of crowds that never stops.
From 10.00 in the morning the taxi lines are endless, the traffic? frightening! But I preferred to walk through the many blocks and savor every corner of the city? without getting carried away by the means,? was much more? electrifying!
The thing that struck me? that despite being a city? immense, in the parks, even in the most? small like Madison Square Garden, squirrels come by to get food, they are so cute and beautiful!

3 day

The third day I entered the park more? largest I've ever seen, Central Park, I was truly amazed, with its ponds, romantic bridges and elegant skyscrapers that overlook it,? a green lung where people leave the office even during their lunch break and relax listening to music, reading a good book or simply eating and walking, wonderful!
There are also carriages that take you for a ride around the park, allowing passengers to have an experience out of time.

4 day

I was lucky enough to be able to dine on a Hudson boat and ride around the Statue of Liberty in the evening with all the lights on. it was so suggestive ... if one suffers from seasickness, I do not recommend it why? traffic on the river? intense and you feel the movement a lot.
I was staying near Times Square, the largest square. colorful and famous of New York,? amazing to see street performers performing there? despite the thousands of people who flock to it every day! But every Avenue / Street, every neighborhood are characteristic and worth visiting, I have seen Chinatown, Queens but I haven't been to Harlem and the Bronx why? being alone I was a bit afraid and not even in Little Italy why? it seems that most of its inhabitants have moved to Manhattan and is no longer? cos? interesting to visit.

5 day

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge? on the one hand it was a bit impressive why? ? very long, the soil? composed of wooden slats, you walk to the top? of the bridge while the cars travel below us and the train below.
Since the sky was black and I was afraid of getting wet, I had to go back without being able to visit the other side, what a pity! In reality? the rain did not take long to arrive cos? I had to buy an umbrella to get to the hotel without getting wet from head to toe ... worth it!

6 day

The next day I visited the cathedral, the library, and in the evening I went to Broadway to see the musical "Mamma mia!" what me? loved it.
Everything you see there ? cos? different that attracts you, even if they are the Macys department stores that offer 7 floors with every type of article, from clothing, to shoes, to bags, everything in short, but if you want to see the shops with the most? prestigious then the "Fifth avenue" there can? offer the best shops, and, with a little pride, I can say that Italian fashion reigns supreme there, with Gucci, Armani, Ferr ?, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and many other designers.
The Queens neighborhood? been redeveloped and, even if its buildings have kept the facades with the typical red bricks, in reality? the former factories have become studios of photographers, artists, painters, sculptors, in short,? it has become a very lively area full of willing young people who dedicate themselves to all kinds of art.

7 day

What else to say? A city? unique in the world, where do you feel free and happy, at least? cos? that I felt when I walked through those long streets ... ah, don't forget to stop at the Rockefeller Center, where in December they set up the ice skating rink with the wonderful Christmas tree full of lights!
I want to go back as soon as possible why? me? entered the heart ...

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