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I went to Geneva with my family to visit my relatives. Together we visited several very interesting places.

1 day

The first day we went to the Salon de Auto Geneve (motorshow). Where have we seen cars of all kinds, some very particular and futuristic, the ones that intrigued me the most. Others that have struck me are those inspired by the machines of the last century, for? in a "modern" version. Once we finished visiting the huge hall, in the evening, we went to a pub to eat some delicious cheeseburgers.

2 day

On the second day, however, we went to visit the Grottes de Vallorbe. They are absolutely, to say the least, spectacular! Obviously I had put on some warm, comfortable clothes and boots. To get to the ticket office you have to do a stretch on foot, already? from here the travel begins, you enter the nature more? pristine and you breathe clean air. At the entrance of the caves we find a beautiful waterfall and a river that you can? observe well because of the bridge, even if when? in full I think it's scary. Once we entered the caves we discovered that inside there are several places to visit. One with all the minerals and stones from all over the world and another area, inaccessible, where they keep the typical cheeses of the area with a strong smell but with an exquisite flavor.
We then come to the real caves, which many years ago (I don't remember the time) were inhabited by a particular bear of which one can? observe a skull. All the way? it was like walking in a parallel world, where stalactites and stalagmites are the masters. Stairs where to climb and continue the path, without for? getting tired and then an absolutely pure air. There was also a particular area with a light show. In short, I did not want to go more? from those caves. Wonderful.

3 day

On the last day we visited a few places in the center of Geneva. The square with the statue of the famous Frankenstein intent on walking, very suggestive, I? liked a lot. Then the markets in the square. The Geneva Cathedral that I loved as the Gothic and Neoclassical churches are my favorite ones. Then we saw the famous flower clock found in the English garden. And then the lake, that absolutely could not be missing, beautiful and also the particular Jet d'eau, this fountain with a huge jet of water. Did we also see the place where Elizabeth of Bavaria, known as Sissi, was murdered to commemorate the empress there? a commemorative plaque and a monument. Then we saw the United Nations Office in Geneva and CERN, the latter two we have not been able to visit, unfortunately, why? they were closed.

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