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Croatia, with its beautiful coastline, beautiful natural landscapes and medieval towns,? one of the most? popular for summer holidays. Despite being a fairly small country, Croatia can offer varied and extraordinary views. To the north you can find high mountains, lush forests and gurgling streams and waterfalls while, if you go south, you can see the rocky coast, the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the countless islands. In this diary I will tell you? of each stage made during my trip, starting from Zagreb and ending in Split.

1 day

Departed at night with the ferry from Ancona, we arrive in Split early in the morning. We waste enough time trying to collect the rented car, after which? we set off towards Zagreb. In the late afternoon we reach the Croatian capital and enter the city? high for dining and for a short night visit. Very special are piazza Jelacic, via Tkalciceva and viale Strossmayer where, in addition to being able to admire an extraordinary street art,? You can refresh yourself in the numerous excellent restaurants, pubs and cafes.

2 day

The following day we dedicate ourselves entirely to discovering Zagreb. I have to tell the truth, initially, it did not leave me very enthusiastic then, as I slowly visited it, it really fascinated me. We have explored almost all of it on foot, moving around the city. old and the city? high and although not very large, I found that Zagreb has innumerable cultural and historical heritages. Piazza San Marco, the Cathedral, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the parks of the so-called? Green Horseshoe? are the most? beautiful in the city.

3 day

Before leaving Zagreb, we decided to go to the Botanical Garden. ? a garden with free admission in which? can you visit more? of ten thousand different plant species. Personally, I was not very passionate about it, though? if you are looking for a place to relax and stroll,? one of those places that must undoubtedly be visited. After this visit we headed towards Zadar where we spent 2 nights. Considered one of the cities? pi? beautiful of the Dalmatian coast, for me Zara? been, among all the cities? visit, the one that disappointed me the most. ? a city? which still feels the effects of the? Homeland War ?, yet something historical still exists, such as the Cathedral of Santa Anastasia, the Forum, the Church of San Donato and the Piazza dei Cinque Pozzi. Definitely not to be missed are the Sea Organ, where you can listen to the harmonies of the wave motion of the water and the Greeting to the Sun, a? installation that offers a very particular play of lights at night.

4 day

Our itinerary included a visit to the island of Pag, unfortunately, due to bad weather we had to opt for something else. So we decided to venture into the Velebit nature park to visit the Cerovac Caves. I was completely conquered by these caves which, in addition to being one of the most? important archaeological sites in Croatia, offer breathtaking natural scenes of stalactites and stalagmites. To reach them you have to take a path in the woods with a considerable climb. Nonetheless, these caves are worth the effort and are certainly worthy of being advertised more. by the Croatian tourist board. Inside the caves it is very cold, the temperature is around 7?, So opt for comfortable and warm clothing. Don't you do like us who, taken aback, we had to adapt with leggings and sweatshirts bought in the first bazaar found in the city? pi? close.

5 day

On the fifth day we left Zadar and went to the Krka National Park located in the Sibenik region. ? one of the most? frequented in Croatia and to access it? It is necessary to take a boat that falls within the price of the entrance ticket. We visited the Skandinski Buk waterfalls which, like the other imposing waterfalls that make up this park, are composed of travertine and limestone deposits accumulated over thousands of years. They are really beautiful and? It is also possible to take a bath. In addition, there are many animal species in the national park that can be observed by walking the trail that surrounds the falls. After our excursion to Krka, in the late afternoon we went to Sibenik where we stopped at a beach to enjoy a few hours of relaxation by the sea. Did we stay overnight in this ancient city? and even though we only made an evening visit, I found it very nice and characteristic. Walking on foot, you will discover a wonderful old town, made up of small alleys and stone houses, which make it truly suggestive. Undoubtedly, the Cathedral of San Giacomo, a world heritage site, deserves a visit. UNESCO.

6 day

Saying goodbye to Sibenik we head towards Dubrovnik. In August ? a real effort to visit this locality? how long ? crowded with tourists. Despite us? did I LOVE this city? in all its parts. There? a lot to visit and will be? also for this what? the place pi? known of Croatia. The city walls are among the best preserved in Europe and it generally takes longer to walk through them. 2 hours. In some points they reach 25 meters in height and from there? you can admire evocative views, such as the characteristic red roofs of the town houses. I recommend that you start early, perhaps before opening, to avoid the queue at the ticket office. Also equip yourself with water and a hat, why? during rush hour it is very hot. After the tour of the walls, we enjoyed the historic center, visiting the most? known as the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, the Pile Gate, the Rectors' Palace and the Great Fountain of Onofrio. If you are a Game of Thrones lover like me, you can't miss a walking tour in the locations where? the series was shot. In the evening we stayed in Cavtat, a town near Dubrovnik.

7 day

On the seventh day we begin to feel the tiredness of this journey, in fact we leave Dubrovnik to head to Split. We decide halfway? way to stop on the coast of Mimice to stay a while? at the sea. The beaches in Mimice are composed of pebbles, do they have a? spotless water and a shallow bottom. Sar? also for this reason that they are mostly frequented? from families with children. Towards sunset we set off towards Split, where we spent the night.

8 day

The last day ? it was a real tour de force. In the morning, we returned the car and therefore we visited Split on foot under a scorching sun. Split? a city? viva, which overlooks the waters of the Adriatic Sea and acts as a transport hub for the Dalmatian coast. In my opinion I have found this city? too commercial and careless, as far as its historical riches are concerned. Among the most famous monuments famous c ?? the Diocletian's Palace, also a patrimony of Humanity? UNESCO, now incorporated by buildings and local tourist catchers. This imperial residence, like its basements, are quite well preserved. However, if you do not come with a tour guide, it will be? very difficult to visit this place since? there are very few information boards. Very nice ? the seafront and the Cathedral of San Doimo which, unfortunately, we were unable to visit since we had to board to return to Italy.

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