Trento, the city where you live the longest in Europe

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Magical, romantic, fairytale-like and beautiful is Trento, a wonderful city in Northern Italy that also wins an extremely interesting record: that of being the place where you live longer across Europe.

A truly splendid location in our country and intrinsic to an important history made up of encounters and clashes: for centuries an autonomous city, then Habsburg, then Italian. But despite this, there is always harmony in Trento, thanks to the delicate relationship between nature, architecture and city art.

Perfectly admirable atmosphere in its regal Piazza Duomo with the Basilica of San VigilioPalazzo Pretorio and the Civic Tower and with the green mountains of Trentino behind it. Then there are important museums both inside and outside the city, such as the Muse and MARCH of Rovereto, then do a few kilometers and find yourself immersed in unspoiled nature, spectacular not only for those who love winter sports but also for those who simply want to enjoy it with the gaze.

But who was it to claim that Trento is the city where you live the longest in Europe? TheEurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, through its Regional Yearbook 2020. A ranking that highlights the places in Italy (and throughout the Old Continent) where you live better and those where poverty and social problems are make the quality of life rather low.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, Umbria, the Marches and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano are included in the 'top 5 'of European regions with the highest life expectancy for men. Trento is in first place, with a life expectancy of 82,7 years, followed by the region of Madrid (82,5 years), the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (82,3 years), Umbria (82,2, 82,2 years) and the Marches (78,2 years). The European average of life expectancy is XNUMX years.

For women, however, the Eurostat statistics they indicate the Madrid region in first place (88,1 years) and with a European average it is 83,7 years, therefore higher than men. Although the most favorable regions for women are mainly the Spanish and French ones.

More complex situations are those that occur in Campania, Sicily and Calabria which appear to be among the top ten EU regions with the largest share of the population a risk of poverty. The black jersey of the ranking goes to Campania, with a rate of 41,4 percent.

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